This recruit Xu Mo and others expected that everyone was not too sorry, but when the other monk came to the island, everyone was in a state of upheaval, which was somewhat beyond everyone’s imagination.

All kinds of brilliance, light and shadow are shining constantly, flying swords, chariots and implements are floating and flashing, and half a handle of the battle flag is erected, and there are unexpectedly forty or fifty forces near the periphery of Tianji Island.
There are so many banners, and the number of them is natural. There are more than a thousand monks, and the strength is different, but there are already many Godsworn brothers in China, and there are many Godsworn brothers!
Not only that, but also the number of monks who hide their breath is at least similar to those who give off their breath
In this way, nearly 3,000 monks are madly flocking to Tianji Island!
Not only Xu Mo and others, but also the evil spirits’ double statues changed slightly, because they saw even the proud sky in a large group of masters and saw the scorching sun. One of the two swordsmen, Johnson, was the one who burned the Yang sword and the other one repaired it, which was even more profound and powerful.
Chapter one hundred and sixty-two The situation is sinister
"Is it impossible to eradicate my lonely island by adding such a mighty team to the digital repair?" Xu mo low curse a complexion is extremely ugly.
The leader of Lingming said, "In this situation, unless it is the hands of two predecessors, we will be destroyed by the other side."
The magic cloud and blood wing said to this, "This place is our foundation, and the master has a life to hold this place, even if there is a strong enemy approaching, he will persist until his return."
Xu Mowen nodded deeply, and the spiritual leader was silent. They didn’t turn their backs, but the situation was too bad.
"Kong Xiu has gone to invite evil spirits and two predecessors left. We should discuss as quickly as possible, just like dealing with such a strong enemy. The other side is extremely fast. You see that Johnson at the level of Ling Xu has already suspended the remaining monks in the square miles of Tianji Island. It’s like a peak sexually rushing in, that is, a wick of incense kung fu can surround Tianji Island."
Anger, annoyance, depression and other emotions come to the fore. I didn’t expect such a situation to come so quickly.
Training monks and cultivating forces are all white. This is a prelude to expansion and killing. However, it has always been said that it is necessary to establish the array first and then gradually develop the forces. The spiritual leader, Xu Mo and others are not in a hurry. On the one hand, they have their own self-cultivation and can be promoted. After all, they have reached the realm of Lingxu. If they can have virtual masters to show them progress, it is just around the corner.
In addition, for example, the pre-ghost Sect and the pre-ghost Sect have different foundations, and there are still some ghost Sect masters who are not good at it.
If you fight hard, you can save your strength and recuperate, and gradually develop your forces. Then you will be able to compete with each other. Isn’t this a wait-and-see situation?
It is absolutely unacceptable.
"Tell all doors to prepare for battle!" Xu mo’s cold words
The leader of Lingming, also with a heavy face, said, "Lingming ancient religious practitioners are ready to fight to the death at any time!"
Magic Cloud and Blood Wing, Lu Frost, Li Mountain bodhi old zu and others are all gearing up, but this fighting spirit is not to slaughter the enemy’s pleasure, but to brew anger or to say that it is forced to fight, and everyone is angry.
There’s nothing wrong with the other side. It’s obviously a premeditated thing. It’s impossible to give up easily. Maybe even the number of experts in Tianji Island has been estimated in detail. Otherwise, would it be possible to send out several experts in Lingxu?
It’s not easy to burn Yang Jian Zun alone. It’s not known to outsiders that even the proud sky is even more difficult to chew on bones and body repair. It looks like Ling Xu’s appearance is real and hard, but no one has ever seen it.
The five old men around him are even more powerful. It is estimated that even the evil spirits are not as old as the five old men.
Since Lian Tianzong’s deputy patriarch came forward, it represents Lian Tianzong’s position and all kinds of petty attachment also make this force look extremely difficult to deal with.
The gray and black shadows flashed, and the two figures slowly fell. It was the two evil spirits who honored each other.
Looking at the evil statue in front, he smiled and said, "It seems that so many factions have been inspired. It is really a good relationship to be separated from each other." This good word is naturally quoted with irony.
The magic statue also sneered, "Even the Tianzong people are a little interesting, but there are still a few familiar faces in this time. Why don’t we get rid of each other together?"
He said that Xu Mo and others immediately raised their hopes. You know, these two are the absolute Johnson-level strong Taikoomen ruling and trial. The two elders claimed to be Taikoomen duo, but they can’t and heard that the evil spirits and Xiu Yuan are more than that. Both of them have powerful means and their joint power has soared.
However, Evil Zun obviously doesn’t care much about this matter. It seems that he doesn’t want to mind his own business. The general tone is indifferent. "Since Lu Li hasn’t returned to this matter, we’d better stay out of it. Since these little guys are from Lu Li, you and I can watch the battle."
So say immediately let spirit ghost hierarch and others are stunned at that time I don’t know what to say.
Even the hearts of all people are vaguely unhappy for evil honour.
However, if I want to come, I will also send so many masters to the other side for such a big battle. If it were him, Johnson would naturally feel extremely difficult and could not go all out because of some young players.
Even if they are separated from their masters, it is not necessary to attack them like this. The most they really fight is to be separated from each other to help them ensure that they can leave or leave.
Say that finish two people seem to reach a tacit understanding, the general figure flashes and then disappears again. They feel a burst of language, even Kong Xuan and Kong Xiu, brothers and sisters who have just arrived here, are also impressive.
"Give up this place and hand over all the magic weapons of Dan medicine to leave alive or kill!" At this time, a broken sound came through the island of Tianji so that everyone could hear it clearly.
Eyes slightly narrowed, Xu Mo and others are all killing people, and they are born with murder in succession.
Even Kong Xuan and Kong Xiu’s brother and sister are angry and want to shoot.
There are still some injuries before the bodhi old zu in Lishan, but what old injuries can we care about in this situation? If Tianji Island is completely breached, will the other party leave any survivors easily?
At that time, the evil spirits will naturally leave easily, but the rest will not be so lucky. If you don’t say this, you will die without any value.
Because the whole island people are expecting to land and leave Xiucheng, several small forces will gradually grow up and become full-fledged, so that even if they die, they will be able to stay in the immortal world instead of being besieged and killed by the group Xiucheng as it is today.
At this time, the calling person is banned by the law of Tianji Island. Besides, this person looks very ordinary and plain with a dagger, and the Guanghua dagger doesn’t look like a top player.
At first, the leader of Lingming thought so, but then he frowned and immediately said, "This man is also an unborn master, and he is not inferior to even the strong ones of Tianzong!"
Chapter one hundred and sixty-three Defensive disintegration
Xu Mo flew out and jumped out to the outside of the ban and said directly to the ordinary man, "I wonder if I can tell you my identity?"
The leader of Tianji Island knows that the prohibition control law can naturally escape to the outside of the law in an instant without affecting the stability of the large array, but it is quite dangerous to leave suddenly like Xu Mo.
However, if the other party responds to the island in this way, the other party will not hesitate to make eye contact with Xu Mo, which is both a negotiation and a fight.
When everyone is ready to fight for it, the messenger will fight for more.
"Damn the jade slips I heard in an emergency, I have already crushed the symbol and tried several times to get a response from the master?" The magic cloud blood wing is anxious, but there is no good way
At this time, it is not only the magic cloud and blood wings, but also the rest of the people are anxious.