The ship Yuexiu Fu sighed a little listlessly and fell to the corner when the signalman came running. "Commander Ge Ge is in a hurry!"

Masao Kitano took the newspaper, glanced at its signature, and even glanced through it. He directly crumpled it into a ball and threw it into the garbage basket a few meters away. He glared at the signalman. "If there is such a newspaper again, just dispose of it like this and don’t bother me again!" I turned my head to look at the close chess game and smiled. "The more you ship, the more you made a mistake."
Ship Yuexiu Fu said that "it’s just a matter of getting entangled in corners."
Masao Kitano said, "Give you a chance to regret chess or you will regret it."
Ship Yuexiu husband said "regret playing chess"
Masao Kitano thumped a ping-pong, "You lost in the encirclement and suppression!"
With this fall, the original was entangled with the black dragon vertically and horizontally, and several small white dragons became a python in a line. As soon as the two small black dragons were ground to pieces, the black side immediately lost.
The boat Yuexiu Fu smiled but couldn’t stop jumping wildly. He was wrong. This humble loophole was caught and the horse was finally beaten badly ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
Chapter 53 The Battle Cloud in the Strait (2)
A large number of pictures and materials of the Jakarta Massacre quickly occupied the core positions of news in various countries through the Japanese invasion, and illustrated pictures appeared in newspapers in various countries. The video screens of Jakarta were flattened, and the ruins of Jakarta were full of floating bodies. The bodies of black rivers were lying in the wilderness … This terrible scene was beyond the psychological endurance of people living in a peaceful environment. Those developed countries in Europe and America did not know how many idle people were. The ladies and gentlemen looked at the video screens and trembled. The street was holding a newspaper. It’s not uncommon to vomit while walking. These bloody images have a strong impact. They are also chased by the Chinese army like a lost dog. President Suharto finally made a visible appearance to his people and spoke to the world. This man is estimated to be a little incoherent even with anger, fear and excitement. He cried for a while, scolded for a while, roared for a while, was excited, was neurotic and exaggerated. Even if Hitler was invited, he would be dumbfounded!
"China is the most evil country in the world …… they just found an excuse and flagrantly invaded a major country and the capital of this country carried out a brutal massacre! Jakarta is gone! The number of casualties in the claw depression is displaced! Even I, the president, almost died at their hands! They plundered and destroyed ancient religious temples, and the overwhelming gunfire leveled a place of interest! Beasts, soldiers and even road ambush machine guns will kill refugees car after car! "
"I don’t know how many people have been killed in this previous disaster so far; I don’t know how many soldiers were tortured and killed by them after they laid their weapons; I still don’t know how many towns they destroyed and how much wealth they looted! I know that if the world adopts a tolerant attitude towards China’s aggression and this torrent of death rushes across Southeast Asia, then the whole of Southeast Asia will become a place of death-this is by no means an alarmist! "
President Suharto screamed at the top of his lungs, and some people were shocked. The lucky ones’ self-report was even more tearful. A five-or six-year-old girl was at a loss and said to the camera, "My school is gone, my teacher is dead, my family is dead, and my friends are dead …" A pair of big eyes with holes and that confused expression is really heartbreaking. NATO countries have always talked about "people are above the Lord". Almost every national organization and anti-war organization has organized a huge anti-war demonstration. The line "China withdraws its troops from Southeast Asia" and "the executioner must be tried by the Hague court" have merged into a law to stop the flood from sweeping the western world. In just one day, at least 15 countries have indicated that they will temporarily recall them.
Ambassadors to China have even announced that four countries have broken up directly, without saying anything about severe sanctions before sanctions!
Compared with the western world, the reaction of Muslim countries is more intense, the religious sentiment is the most fanatical, and the anti-celebration in the Middle East is more intense. Several Arab youths took to the streets and shouted down the pagan slogan, burned the Chinese national flag and surrounded the Chinese consulate. Some extremist religious organizations began to besiege Chinese citizens. When an extremist religious organization roared "Jehad (that is, jihad)", those bloody Arabs roared "Jehad! Jehad! Jehad! " I can’t wait for Ma Xianghua to go to war so that they can join the army and March to East Asia to kill those Chinese heretics! Trapped by this wave, Saudi Arabia and other countries have recalled their ambassadors to China, and OPEC, as expected by Masao Kitano, has announced severe oil sanctions against China. Before the satisfactory explanation of the Jakarta massacre, not even a drop of Middle East oil will be transported to China through the Hogmuz Strait!
It is impossible for this wave not to affect China’s foreign relations, and the situation deteriorated sharply, which inevitably dragged down the economy, especially after OPEC began to launch oil sanctions. At one time, there were rumors in China that Liu Zhe Jakarta had killed too many people, and the Chinese should send him to a military court to quell public anger … The prosperous development situation was disrupted and everything became frantic.
Zhongnanhai looked at all this coldly, but the political pressure was so terrible that it crushed the backbone of a country. However, the Republic was not afraid of having a hard shake with NATO and Warsaw Pact, and the Republic was not afraid of the pressure of a country. Zhongnanhai was psychologically prepared for all this when Liu Zhe killed. It was just that the impact would be so great. In an emergency informal meeting, the Minister of National Defense asked, "Did the chairman recall Liu Zhe to give him a punishment to ease the pressure on a country?"
Deng Lao wanted to shake his head. "No, I’d rather let the tiger return to the wild than withdraw from his post from the tiger’s position. It’s not advisable to punish him, although it can ease the pressure on the country, but it will also dampen his spirit." I smiled. "It’s really painful to play against an opponent who knows his way of thinking very well. Those three evils may even meet a strong enemy this time."
The Chief of General Staff said, "Masao Kitano is now the commander of the Expeditionary Force in Japan. He was a rare strategist in Japan during World War II. Ishihara’s favorite pupil was a rare strategic master in Japan. This man was known for his calm and meticulous logical thinking. He was once called a’ logical machine’ by foreign experts. It is said that he was a vegetarian and never ate meat or killed anything in his life. This man spent most of his life studying China’s war against Citigroup and China’s war against China, so he hit our key with one hand."
The minister of industry said "there is a surplus"
Deng Lao said, "Great, just enough."
The foreign minister hesitated to ask, "What about diplomacy?"
Deng Lao said, "Keep silent and keep the country quiet. Even if foreign countries turn over the sky, they can’t resist us … The will of the Republic is not dominated by the state!"
The foreign minister said, "The blow from the other side seems so fierce that our diplomacy almost collapsed, but there is still a huge loophole."
Everyone is interested in "what loophole?"
The foreign minister said, "Iraq and Iran! The war between these two countries has reached the most tense point, and they can’t do without our weapons! OPEC gives us a radical salary, and we can also find compensation for these two countries. We need to increase arms exports to these two countries in exchange for enough oil to meet part of the needs of the country …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
At first glance, everyone thought it was a good idea. The Arabs didn’t have the guts to confront us head-on. The oil sanctions didn’t matter much to us, but it was also good to open a gap. OPEC, like the king, was determined to ask them to lift the oil sanctions for several months. But don’t forget that Iraq and Iran are both oil-rich countries. If these two countries want to continue to increase their oil exports to China, the whole of Arabia should be hit in the face. On the one hand, they vowed to impose severe sanctions. On the other hand, there are ships carrying oil to the East … Arabs have always been in a mess. I believe that the probability of success of this plan is not generally greater than that of joining Israel, which will kill them! Hum, you have a good plan, I have a wall ladder, and I have to pay a little price for bossing the Republic!
The Republic quickly sent representatives to Iran and Iraq for in-depth communication on the issue of weapons for oil. It is said that the negotiations are like this.
The representative of China said, "The world is not willing to sell oil to us now. We are counting on you!"
Iran and Iraq "don’t expect us. We also want to tell you that our transaction must be temporarily suspended … There is no way. Who told you that Jakarta killed so many Muslims? The whole Islamic world is furious. If we don’t make a statement, we will be isolated by the Islamic world! Brother, understand. We can resume trading in two weeks at most. "
China stands for "What? Interrupt the transaction? Recover in two weeks? As I say, if you interrupt, don’t get back into trouble! It happens that we have a large number of tanks and armored vehicles to export. You don’t want us to sell them to Iraq (or Iran)! "
The representative of China "also brought 150 long-range self-propelled guns"
Iran and Iraq "If we don’t join the oil sanctions against China, we will be punished by Allah!"
The representative of China "added 30 33 mm long-range rockets"
Brother Iran, please stop. Can’t we pay for it? Can’t the original price rise by another five percentage points? We really can’t export this oil to you now! "
On behalf of China, "there are a number of new guys with supersonic and subsonic anti-ship missiles."
Iran and Iraq "I ….. we can’t sell our Muslim brothers with weapons … but we really need these weapons ……"
On behalf of China, "We also intend to export a batch of short-range ballistic missiles with a range of 300 kilometers."
Iran-Iraq "Who? I asked you what claw depression is? Can you eat it as a meal? "
After a round of rolling negotiations, the representatives of the two countries completely realized Saddam Hussein’s ideal and Khomeini’s ambition. They sold their teammates. OPEC was dismayed to find that after it announced oil sanctions against China, more oil was exported from the Middle East to China, but they did nothing about it! Because of the efforts of these two pig teammates, OPEC oil sanctions soon became a laughing stock. After a month, they had to be unhappy and announce the lifting of sanctions. They didn’t catch a hair and lost a lot of oil revenue. Not to mention making the world laugh enough, they were unlucky enough.
During the fierce battle in the field of public opinion and diplomacy, China and Japan launched a bloody and dark secret war in Southeast Asia. Neither of these old enemies had confidence to bite each other to death, so they were cautious and didn’t weigh much, that is, they killed a few people and set a few fires …
Chapter 54 The Battle Cloud in the Strait (3)
Although he deliberately suppressed the influence of different homophones on the expeditionary forces, Liu Zhe still felt that his country had brought great pressure. He did not regret that if he was given another chance, he would still kill in Jakarta so that the Jawa people could remember the next generation, but he always felt guilty about his country.
Now, his opponent is an expert in strategy, and the enemy is steady and ruthless, and he takes the key point directly. The big article about the Jakarta massacre made the Republic extremely passive, while three divisions and two brigades in Japan displayed huge forces. The coast of northern Canada was isolated from the expeditionary forces, and the sea and land traffic in these two cities made the expeditionary forces inevitably impetuous. The cruel and abnormal Japanese army left a painful memory for the Chinese nation. Now hundreds of thousands of Chinese in two Chinese cities have become Japanese soldiers. Can we not worry about it? Liu Zhe was surprised to find that he was in the wind before he really fought. In the face of such an opponent who is more cunning than a fox and more forbearing than a poisonous snake, he has a powerful feeling that he can’t make it out. It’s really not his specialty. His specialty is Pojun’s killing generals. Forget it. Leave this big problem to Liu Weiping
Now Liu Weiping is watching the massive anti-China demonstrations in the Middle East without blinking, watching the five-star red flag being burned and the bricks, eggs and raindrops flying to the consulate. This scene makes the staff members hate their teeth itch, but he looks at it with relish and praises from time to time. "It’s amazing. I didn’t expect that Japan still has such a powerful role. It’s a trick to use its strength to almost make the Republic of the Middle East stand on its feet again!"