"Hello, uncle" went to a small room behind the canteen. Lin Jin greeted the person in charge. When he met him, he sat down on a side chair before leaving, and he was shameless to rub tea and drinks here.

"Good smoking?" Uncle, the person in charge, looked a little busy. He took out a pack of fifteen cigarettes from his pocket, lost the table and bowed his head as if he were writing something.
Lin Jin is also not polite. For this person in charge, he has long been familiar with swaggering and taking two cigarettes off the table and stuffing them directly into his pocket.
He hasn’t smoked for a few days. He has no addiction to cigarettes. Although he can smoke, he is always unfamiliar with the street. One cigarette shows that he is a "gangster". Don’t look at his face and be bullied. You really dare to come.
Anyway, when she was outside, Lin Jin always winked at herself and pretended to be particularly fierce, especially her watery eyes, and she even narrowed her eyes and frowned slightly, so she was not very polite when she spoke.
"It’s about time. I’m going to get busy."
"Go ahead"
Lin Jin got up and walked towards the back door of the canteen. Far away, he saw a lot of takeout divided into AG dormitory buildings and put them there at will. Before leaving at will, he nodded with a worker. He consciously put the takeout on the floor of G girls’ dormitory in the red box next to it.
He delivered takeout part-time and didn’t have a bike, but building G was far away, so he was able to trot all the way for half a kilometer, then adjusted his clothes as before, coughed a little, lowered his head and hurried in from the gate. The aunt of the boarding house noticed that someone looked up and found that the hair in the room was really short and didn’t look like a sister.
"hey! That classmate! " Although Lin Jin is taking out food, it seems obvious that she is a part-time classmate "come here"
Lin Jin put on a confused face and walked before, and a string of crisp women jumped out of his mouth. "Aunt? What’s wrong? "
"It’s okay, it’s okay." Aunt was embarrassed and waved her hand. "Your hair is too short and I’m still a man."
"Well …" Lin Jin made a face of nai expression. "I’m going to deliver takeout."
That was close. Fortunately, I can fake it.
Lin Jin kept patting his chest as he walked towards the building.
Before he came to the girls’ dormitory to deliver food, he also encountered this kind of thing. In the end, no matter which aunt in the boarding house fooled him, everything was attributed to the results of chatting and practicing at will in a summer vacation in high school
Once, before seven Shan Linjin came, he had roughly memorized seven single dormitories and made an optimal road map for himself. Just as he was remembering the road map in his head, he bumped into a girl who was light and gentle.
"Are you all right?" Lin Jin is still a girl’s voice, reaching out and smiling at the girl who is sitting on the ground. "Sorry, I want to worry."
"ah!" That girl jumped up like a rabbit, shook her head wildly and blushed. "Nothing … I’m fine."
This girl is like a rabbit. Lin Jin’s eyes are full of laughter. If she is in normal times, I’m afraid she will speak and flirt, but now she is rushing to deliver takeout, which means nodding to her. "So I will continue to deliver takeout?"
"Well …" The girl looked like she had a bad fall. She kept covering little ass with her hands behind her back. "You go."
Sure enough, it’s better to be a man, but what will I touch? What goddess cultivation plan?
Lin Jin thinks that the younger sister just now is very popular with him. She is long, beautiful and gratifying. If she is like a rabbit, if she meets her earlier, she will definitely haunt her. Even if she can’t be his girlfriend, she will become her best friend.
Then bully her every day ~
Full of malice, I suddenly sent it from the second floor to the sixth floor. General Lin Jin’s girls’ dormitory should be that kind of particularly dirty, which is even dirtier than boys’ dormitory. However, since the delivery, it has been found that only a few girls’ dormitories will be like that. Most girls’ dormitories will be messy mainly because they will have pets, but after all, there is not so much foot odor.
Once, he delivered takeout to a boy’s dormitory, and the smell of his feet was so strong that he almost died. Fortunately, even if he put the takeout away quickly, he would really faint if he stayed for a while.
Delivery is always full of sweat, and every time I go back to the restaurant after delivery, I hardly even have a sip of tea at most, so I have to continue to deliver it without sitting hot, and I have to be tired every time.
Finally, at eleven o’clock, Ban Linjin took more than seventy pieces of salary, and the whole person staggered towards his dormitory.
He didn’t think he would be so tired even if he sent it for longer. Usually, the six-hour part-time job is usually paid 100 yuan, but this time he realized that he was physically exhausted and his speed had slowed down a lot, but he was still tired and became a dog.
"Does feminization still make me physically healthy?" Lin Jin frowned and walked slowly one step at a time, saying to herself, "But the black cat didn’t tell me this."
"It seems that he has been trapped for no reason again." He stumbled and almost tripped over the steps, but he suddenly laughed, "Memory Bread Memory Bread! Is it really like an anime? "
Chapter 12 12 Black Cat Goddess Theory
Lin Jin usually doesn’t attend classes, such as ideological and political classes, English classes, color classes, sketch classes and so on. He usually doesn’t go to classes except for a ps class.
The reason is also very simple, because the ps class classroom training building is close to the dormitory building, while his courses are far away from the teaching building, he is lazy to leave.
After discovering his physical health, Lin Jin experimented with various physical indicators, for example, arm wrestling with thin Wenxuan was later than going to the playground to run two laps. Finally, he desperately found that his body was indeed much worse than before.
Before, his strength was not great, but at least the average man looked thin and weak, and his muscles were still strong. Why can he run five or six laps on the 400-meter track without stopping? But now! Not only did only a little muscle turn into soft fat, but both hands almost didn’t win Wenxuan’s lap last night and almost didn’t die in the playground!
He felt that his life was a little gloomy.
Just ran past clutching her kidney, Lin Jin came back to the dormitory trembling, and when she entered the door, she saw Wu Min’s girlfriend sitting behind him and watching Wu Min play stand-alone games.
"Good sister-in-law" Jin barely smiled and said hello to her.
Wu Min’s girlfriend is probably called … Chen Shiqi? Lin Jin is not very familiar with her. After all, she is Wu Min’s girlfriend. If she is familiar with Lin Jin, she is afraid that her handsome appearance will seduce Wu Min and Chen Shiqi, so she has never asked her name directly. I heard it several times in chatting with Wu Min.
Chen Shiqi looks pretty, belongs to Lori, has extremely slender legs, and speaks beautifully. baby sounds’s face is also round and looks like a bag, and her personality is not bad. At least Lin Jin has not seen her lose her temper.
Chen Shiqi turned to Lin Jin and nodded, then continued to look at Wu Min’s notes. Brain Wu Min was somewhat surprised and asked, "Where have you been? I didn’t play with my brain and ran out to play at night? "
"I went running." Lin Jin gasped and sat in his chair. Although the temperature has dropped, he still feels hot and dry.
"Running?" On hearing Lin Jin’s words, Bed Wenxuan immediately exclaimed, "Are you such a lazy person to go running?"
"What’s the matter? I suddenly want to exercise, can’t I? " Lin Jin was in a bad mood when he glanced at him, and there was a trace of murderous look in his eyes.
Wenxuan body Yishan wryly and continue to play in the brain.
Lin Jinlai wanted to take a shower directly. After running, he was sweating all over, which made him feel very uncomfortable. But as soon as his hand touched the mobile phone in his pocket, he disappeared. He immediately took out his mobile phone and typed it and asked the black cat.
"Why is my body so much worse than before!"
A few minutes after typing, the black cat came in swinging from the screen and cocked his head with blurred eyes and asked, "What’s the matter? I went to bed last night. "
"I can’t get it now!" Jin Lin black face asked "what’s going on? You just let me grow breasts. How can my physique become so bad! "
"Since you want to be a goddess, why do you care so much?" The black cat has a face of koo. "And which goddess have you ever seen is the kind of muscular woman who can also fight five times?" Aren’t they all sick and sympathetic? "
Lin Jin almost lifted his mobile phone and fell to the ground, but he soon calmed down. After all, the mobile phone is his own. He continued to question the black cat, "But even the goddess should be proficient in everything, right?" ! Don’t say that playing five at least running and running a normal level is not too much! "
"Besides, I’m not asking to be a broken goddess!" He gnashed his teeth and wanted to yell at the black cat, but in that case, his roommate would think he was insane.
"Well, well, bother me every day." The black cat wagged its paws impatiently. "Anyway, the goddess in my mind is the kind that is proficient in literature and art, pure, lovely, clever and charming, and makes people want to protect themselves."
"Do you feel too idle?" The black cat was impatient and too lazy to explain to Lin Jin, "Then I’ll give you another one to enrich your life for one night."
One second, I jumped into Lin Jin’s mobile phone screen.
Temporary zoom in
Remember that girl named Rachel yesterday? Yeah, just talk to her and get closer. Leave me alone, okay?
The reward is still memory bread.
Punishment street streaking
At the sight of this uncontrolled person, Lin Jin smashed the table with one punch and made a "Mao" loud noise, which scared the three of them in the dormitory to stop moving at once and look at him.
"This M wants to cheat me again!" Lin Jin kept trembling with his head down. He clenched his teeth and murmured, "Mom hurts …"
"Jin Lin? What’s the matter? Have such a big temper? " Wu Min came up behind Lin Jin and asked, "If it’s a small problem, tell us and we’ll help you think about it?"
"No" Lin Jin walked straight out of the dormitory with his mobile phone, and he could faintly hear Chen Shiqi complaining to Wu Min that he had just hit the table and scared her.
"Memory bread …" Lin Jin grabbed the palm of his mobile phone and trembled slightly, not because of anger but mainly because of pain.
Yesterday, when Lin Jin temporarily finished the chat, she got this so-called memory bread. The effect is not bad, and it is exactly the same as that in animation. The problem is that there is one piece … and when this bread is eaten, it will be particularly clear in the head, but after half a day, there is almost nothing left.
After checking the internet, he found that the memory bread would be gone if it was digested.
In the future, he wanted to get away with it while waiting for the final English exam, but this prop with great expectations turned out to have no eggs, which made him unhappy with the black cat, plus today’s physical fitness test and the attitude of the black cat …
The mobile phone shook Lin Jin violently. She raised her hand and found that it was just the temporary urging.
With a sigh, no matter how out of control he was just now, he didn’t really want to run naked in the street. Now he also believes that this punishment will indeed appear. After all, even Doraemon’s memory bread has appeared.