There is absolutely no fighting back!

In less than an hour, there were 50 or 60 cannons in the positions of two Japanese artillery regiments, which were destroyed by tanks and self-propelled artillery. The Japanese artillery only blew up seven self-propelled artillery of the revolutionary army, and the tanks were very unscathed. This was the first battle of tanks, and the troops had no experience in dealing with tank warfare.
At this time, the tank regiment has already hit less than 500 meters away from the two brigades, and the two brigades are landing. The third brigade has been suppressed and the narrow area next to Kaohsiung Port can’t move!
At this time, the tank didn’t bombard the tank surface with heavy machine gun fire, and a new round of outbursts was launched. Crazy shooting was so close and so dense. The heavy machine gun fire was simply a death warrant for Yamaraja to shoot the Japanese troops at the front of the position into pieces and go to see them!
It is unrealistic to think about withdrawing troop carriers now. With more than 10,000 troops and huge weapons, how can it be possible to withdraw troop carriers in a short time but stay here?
Isn’t that death? These killing machines have never seen this Chinese tiger. When did they make such a powerful weapon?
Kazuo Kimura shouted wildly, "Order the troops to retreat! Come on! Retreat to the west immediately! "
The Japanese army in appall has already broken up and got the order from Kazuo Kimura. After the defeat, they fled for their lives in all directions, and there was nothing to die for.
Chapter one thousand and forty-five The first world war
It’s too sad to open a main division of the Great Japanese Empire, and the fire of the Chinese Revolutionary Army has not been able to survive for two hours, and it has been defeated like a mountain!
Now Kazuo Kimura even has a dead mind. Does this * * * * * still make people live? Once he returns to the Japanese Ministry, he will have to cut his own belly if he doesn’t order it. He has already lost the dignity and pride of Emperor * *!
Can you really blame Kimura Yifu?
It’s too bad to blame him. Hunchenglv arrived just in time to catch them landing. The first two brigades haven’t finished preparing yet, and even the artillery uniforms haven’t come. Some Japanese troops don’t even have guns around. Chen Hai Hunchenglv caught them off guard!
Besides, even if you are prepared, what can you do?
You know, tanks have been produced more than ten years ago, which is completely ahead of an era! Flexible and mobile, powerful armor and new artillery, this is simply the nightmare of all the army in this era! Don’t say it’s a Japanese main division, even the German main army, and there is hope to escape here!
Chen Hai, the tenth division of the Japanese army, laughed so hard that he couldn’t even close his mouth while you were ill that you didn’t beat Reservoir Dogs while waiting?
Chen Haida shouted, "Let the self-propelled artillery regiment immediately occupy Kaohsiung Port, and the Central Guard Corps of the Tank Regiment will pursue the Japanese army. We have already smashed them this time and captured their division leader alive!"
Two tanks and the Central Guard Corps roared and rushed out in the direction of the Japanese main force’s retreat.
Most Japanese troops fled on two feet, but the Chinese Revolutionary Army was driving tanks and cars! Now Hunchenglv can be said to be the world’s first mechanized unit. Where can two legs run over four wheels?
From Kaohsiung Port, the Chinese Revolutionary Army pursued all the way out for more than twenty miles. At the end, it directly surrounded the first and second wings of the Kimura Yifu Division Headquarters, followed by a unilateral massacre!
Tanks rolled over, and Japanese rifles were directly crushed into patties before the fire came. In the distance, Japanese heavy machine guns hit the tanks, and sparks scattered everywhere, so there was no effect. Instead, they were blown to pieces by tank artillery shells, and the heavy machine guns never stopped spewing flames around!
Surrounded by four thousand people from two wings of the 10th Japanese Division, almost none of them escaped. Together with the division headquarters, they all died with the head of Kimura Yifu Division, an unknown mountain!
The battle lasted from the midday war until four or five o’clock in the afternoon. The entire Japanese 10th Division was completely defeated by three brigades, and the first and second brigades were scattered. The head of the division, Kazuo Kimura, died, and the deputy head of the division, Xiao Ye Ichiro, died. The chief of staff of the division, Xiaohe Saburo, was captured. The first brigade commander, Oshima, was captured in the wild!
A main division has been fighting for less than a day, and the top commander has only one deputy chief of staff and two brigade commanders, which is even more deadly!
By dusk, Jiang Qiuhe, deputy chief of staff, packed up the defeated troops and gradually gathered them together. By this time, the army had left Kaohsiung Port for nearly 50 miles, and all the soldiers were exhausted and vomited blood all the way. Don’t say that there were soldiers in heavy weapons and even rifles were thrown away!
It’s never been so miserable. When has a main division been defeated by less than 10,000 people and lost so miserably?
Jiang Qiuhe’s two brigade chiefs were defeated on the hour together with more than 20,000 kaohsiung defenders. Now there are only less than 10,000 guns and less than 10 artillery shells. However, even a battery of artillery guns can’t be formed with a hundred rounds, and only a dozen heavy machine guns are left. Now they can’t match each other with a rifle. Is this still a division? It’s a brigade. The combat power is far better than it is now. Don’t say that the first division of the people participated in the Wufeng Mountain War. Even if they sent a regiment, they could clean up these beaten soldiers.
Jiang Qiuhe, the two brigades, look like tears. Tears have already run dry.
What kind of troops are these? Don’t say you’ve seen them, but you’ve never heard of them! Jiang Qiuhe is used to studying in Germany, and he has never heard of such an elite force in Germany!
Even Cang Lang, the Chinese revolutionary army, is cannon fodder in front of this army. How can you fight when you are armed to your teeth?
Jiang Qiuhe said miserably, "Two immediately send a telegram to Commander Heimuzhen. Hurry up and report the situation here to prepare Commander Heimuzhen. Otherwise, once this army is attacked before and after, it is afraid that both divisions will be wiped out …"
The head of the 29th brigade, Koizumi Taro, said bitterly, "How can we send a telegram in Mandy Sakura J? Even the telegraph was destroyed in the war. It is impossible for us to report it …"
Jiang Qiuhe’s face flushed with blood, but at this time, he didn’t dare to spit it out, and his morale was distracted. If he vomited blood again, it would be over. Jiang Qiuhe severely squeezed the blood and roared, "If there is no telegraph, then immediately send a riding agent to the north without delay, and give the news to Commander Blackwood at the shortest time, otherwise our army will be finished and the empire will be finished!"
The little dog Taro quickly replied, "Hay!"
Chen Hai in the south is now in high spirits. It’s a wonderful battle. It’s a unilateral massacre! It’s so enjoyable! Small day, you also have today!
At present, the battlefield statistics have been preliminarily worked out. More than 5,000 Japanese soldiers were killed, more than 2,000 people were seriously injured, and nearly 3,000 people were captured. At the same time, nearly 40 artillery shells of various types were seized, and nearly 10,000 heavy machine guns were not counted!
The most important thing is that in the first world war, two major generals were captured and two lieutenant generals were killed. This is an unprecedented victory, and the Republic of China has never won a big victory since its founding!
Chen Hai roared, "Someone will immediately send a telegram to the President, the General Staff and the Chief of Staff of Chiang Kai-shek! Our army defeated the enemy’s tenth division in World War I, killed the division heads, captured the deputy division heads, and captured the division chiefs of staff and brigade heads, hahaha! "
Chapter one thousand and forty-six A leave, kill!
Zheng Keshuang, head of a tank regiment, asked, "Brigadier, do you think the 10th division has been broken up by us now? Should we join the invasion as Wufeng Mountain? After all, Chief Jiang’s current strength is insufficient, and the Third Division of Taiwan Province is just a stand. If it takes a long time, I’m afraid they won’t be able to support it? "
Chen Hai sneer at a way: "that’s natural. Let’s make a surprise attack. Take immediate action while Heimuzhen hasn’t got the exact news yet! Where has the tenth division fled now? "
Zheng Keshuang replied, "The brigade commander has now made an emergency March in the direction of Wufeng Mountain in an attempt to catch up with us and arrive at the main force of Heimuzhen in Wufeng Mountain to copy the website."
Chen Hai said, "Order the Central Guard Corps of the 1st and 2nd Tanks to March at a high speed and continue to pursue the artillery regiment of the 10th Division. Don’t follow too closely. There are Japanese troops to land behind. If there are Japanese troops landing for help or transporting supplies, stop them on the spot! Don’t let them near Wufeng Mountain. The two Japanese divisions in Wufeng Mountain have now become our food, and we must not let them fly again! "
Chen Hai ordered three regiments to go at a high speed and chase down the beaten army of the tenth division!
The 10th Division of Hunchenglv is only a dozen miles away from each other, fleeing in panic. Although the 10th Division has held back all its strength and fled to the north, where can it catch the mechanized troops like Hunchenglv so quickly?
It’s not bright yet, so Hunchenglv chased the 10th Division.
Kill the rise of HunChengLv word behind the fire toward the 10th division will die!
Led by beaten army, Jiang Qiuhe, the two leaders, are fleeing desperately. They are scared of the dead, and they are chasing here so quickly. It is at least 70 miles away from Wufeng Mountain! It’s terrible. Once these 10,000 people are surrounded, none of them will want to live!
Jiang Qiuhe was so scared that he couldn’t hold back a mouthful of blood anymore. The heads of the two sides quickly stepped forward to hold Jiang Qiuhe and asked, "What should Jiang Jun do now?"
Jiang Qiuhe said urgently, "Order all our artillery heavy machine guns to stay with pheasant United to stop the rest of the ministries from marching immediately. If you can get out of here alive, that’s victory and run!"
Jiang Qiuhe threw a United surplus heavy artillery behind a heavy machine gun and stopped himself, leading thousands of people to flee desperately in the direction of Wufeng Mountain!
A wing is now less than two thousand people, and with artillery and heavy machine guns, it is a little more than two thousand people. How can it stand up like a wolf?
Chen Hai shouted, "Don’t stay and bypass the Japanese tank guard regiment of the second regiment before the siege of the first regiment of tanks. Let’s not let any of them get away!"
A group of dozens of tanks did not hesitate to crush the pheasant United. Without attacking, the Japanese army was frightened out of my wits just by firing a few guns. The tanks have caused a fatal shadow to them, not to mention rejecting the enemy. Seeing them, they have already scared two wars.
In less than half an hour, more than 1,000 Japanese troops were divided into several pieces by the tank regiment, and the powerful source of firepower was the death sickle!
In an instant, hundreds of Japanese troops were already dead, and the remaining Japanese troops had no courage to resist the tank fire. They threw rifles and surrendered, kneeling down and did not dare to move!
In the distance, Zheng Keshuang hesitated slightly and asked, "What about the captives, Brigadier?"
Chen Hai face a cold way "a not to kill! There are no extra troops to guard the prisoners. If they are old, they will be unlucky. They will be ordered not to let go of any firepower! "
This place has become a bloody slaughterhouse, and the Japanese army is waiting to be bombed to harvest their lives.
This is a slaughterhouse in front of which Jiang Qiuhe and others led thousands of Japanese military fields, which was not much better. After seeing it, a tank regiment and an infantry regiment followed. Jiang Qiuhe was in despair, and it was far from Wufeng Mountain. This is the real way to enter the underground!
Jiang Qiuhe gnashed his teeth and roared, "Let the army flee in all directions, and the department should be able to escape to the Wufeng mountain knot …"