It’s also his will.

Even his appearance, name, sound, ideas, the road he has traveled … are all the same.
So what does it mean for outsiders to seek his strength?
Represents turning itself into Olga’s [double body] [body]
Olga never mind that other guys want to copy their own strength or steal their own names.
After all, others bring their own dry food in an attempt to help him.
He certainly has no reason to refuse.
Learn from me and die.
People like me have to die, too.
This is a very simple truth
that’s it
In an instant, I accepted the power of Ortega [Wan Tiancheng] and ushered in a face transformation.
Change in figure, appearance, strength, personality, etc.
I don’t know when to get up from the ground.
With a wave of your hand, you will erase the number of those lucky people left beside you.
Then on the spot, they dissipated into this piece of [time] structure, which made them stronger.
And Olga just cleaned up this "complete time cage" and "busy" is staring at everything with a smile.
Under the flowers, he slowly opened his hands and posed for a gesture of embracing everything and said to himself in a low voice.
"Right …"
"Creation again …"
Chapter 153 【 Ideal Dream Country 】
What is the complete [time cage]?
For many people, it must be a big one
Can act as a shelter
Can serve as a base
Can serve as a testing ground.
Can act as a big camp
There are many choices.
after all
No, not yet.
It’s not big enough
Moreover, it can produce self-sufficient organisms with sufficient resources automatically.
Plus the expanding size
It just looks perfect!
Can let several strong looting.
I don’t know how many forces. Billions of eras are based on eternal foundations.