And a woman beside Lu got up and said, "You guys are so fascinated by a woman."

Men surnamed Lu, men surnamed Xue, and men surnamed Dugu all laughed and said, "Have you ever heard of my fair lady?"
The woman surnamed Lu snorted gently.
All three of them are the most outstanding young talents in Youzhou at that time. They all came here to listen to a song, and the woman also came to Lujia, a big valve. She also came here to secretly go out with her brother to see the elegant demeanor of Qu Yan Yan.
Xue surnamed nan said with a smile, "I heard that there are no more than three songs a day. This song has been finished for a while. If you give my father a song after flying daggers, I don’t know if this last song can be left to us."
The man surnamed Lu said, "If you don’t make it, let Xue Xiong go to the epicenter. I think it should not be difficult for you to sing this song with Xue Xiong."
Xue surnamed man nodded his head and listened to Lu surnamed man’s words, showing eager look in his eyes, obviously enjoying each other’s words.
Someone outside said, "Mr. Dagong Wen has arrived."
Lu xing-nan got up and said, "Brother Dugu and Brother Xue will stay with us for a while before taking this Taiyuan to introduce two brothers."
The man surnamed Dugu said, "What Taiyuan Wen family is just a boring person? Brother Lu sent it away earlier."
The man surnamed Lu smiled and walked to the door and said, "I’ll be right back."
When the servant guided Mr. Lu to a wing on the second floor, he pushed the door and left. Mr. Lu smiled and said, "Brother Wen left Taiyuan three years ago."
Wing Wen Yanbo Li Chongjiu waited for a long time when he got up together. Wen Yanbo said, "Brother Lu is what I should say. I’ll introduce this Xu Xiong for you."
This man surnamed Lu is naturally Fan Yang, Lu Jia, Lu Chengqing, Lu Chengqing and Li Chongjiu. Li Chongjiu said, "It’s Xu Junshou, the commander of Gu County Eagle Strike, who asked Mr. Wen to come and see Brother Lu!"
Lu Chengqing listened to each other’s sudden vigilance, but his face remained the same. He said, "You must have worked hard from afar to have the best dining tables." To be continued …
Chapter two hundred and fifty-four Meet an old friend
Lu Chengqing speaks a language when more than a dozen women in purple dresses dance into pairs to serve food, and the dishes are full of thick soup and steaming hot noodles. Lu Chengqing sits in the main seat, Li Chongjiu and Wen Yanbo sit in his left hand, and the food cases in front of everyone are divided into five dishes: cows, sheep, tapirs and fish elk. This is the lifelong ambition of my father Yan.
Master Lu Chengqing first put a piece of sheep rib and said, "Please, two!"
When Li Chongjiu Wenyanbo moved chopsticks, Lu Chengqing put a chopstick on each dish and stopped. Before pouring wine, Li Chongjiu Wenyanbo personally poured wine to see the other party. Li Chongjiu got up and knelt away from the reed mat to show his humility.
Lu Chengqing secretly nodded at the sight of this. Although Xu was born as a soldier of fortune, he didn’t see the soldier of fortune in action. Instead, he behaved moderately and never forced an eagle to strike a lang. It’s so conceivable that Li Chongjiu, like Lu Chengqing, had taught Wen Yanbo some etiquette before. Ten years of ups and downs in shopping malls, Li Chongjiu knew the importance of business reception.
Lu Chengqing nodded and returned to the theme with a chopstick. "I wonder if you just played a song. What do you think?"
Li Chongjiu put chopsticks and said with a smile, "Lan Yi is full of fragrance, but Gao Jiezhi, who is attached to Lan Shang Jun, is comparable to you. This song can be described as Kong Zhongni’s heart."
Lu Chengqing heard that he clapped his hands and laughed and said, "It’s very wonderful." The smile on his face became stronger when he waved his hand to screen off the maid.
When Lu Chengqing picked up a towel and wiped his face and hands, he said, "General Xu is Li Shijun’s account. I wonder if you came here to see me?"
Li Chongjiu said, "I don’t dare to be a teacher. My master wants to forge ahead. Zhuojun hopes that the Lu family can help his master."
Lu Chengqing’s heart was really like this. When the three men had a secret talk for a while, Lu Chengqing said that this matter was too big to make decisions without authorization. He had to repay Jia Bo before answering.
Li Chongjiu Wen Yanbo nodded his eyes. This result is not unexpected. It is Lu Chengqing’s uncle Lu Qian but Lu Chengqing’s father who also has a lot of words, but people are not Fan Yang but Hedong officials.
When I put away my business and talked about some romantic things, Wen Yanbo was knowledgeable and Lu Chengqing talked happily. When Lu Chengqing suddenly knocked at the door, he said to Wen Yanbo and Li Chongjiu, "You are not surprised that my two friends will not reveal your identity."
When Xuanmen pushed two people in tandem, Wen Yanbo immediately got up and said, "This Xue Xiong is from Hedong Xue Shi."
Hedong Xue’s family is a well-known one among the gentry in Gansu. There are many Xue’s brothers in the DPRK. His government officials are like Zan Wenyanbo’s family. All three brothers are Qing Xiangcai, and the former official doctor Xue Daoheng just stood on his own feet in Longxi, claiming to be the overlord of the Western Qin Dynasty. Xue Ju was born in Hedong Xue’s family. Of course, the most famous one in Hedong Xue’s later generations is the Xue Rengui of Tianshan Mountain with three arrows.
Li Chongjiu got up and bowed. If he didn’t guess wrong, this Xue Wanshu should be Xue Shixiong’s elder brother, Xue Wanjun, Xue Wanche, but neither the other party revealed his identity nor revealed it. It is said that it was nice to meet you. When Xue Wanshu heard that Li Chongjiu was Wen Yanbo’s companion, he casually bowed with a bow. For Wen Yanbo, it was a formal worship.
Lu Chengqing behind Xue Wanshu said that Brother Dugu was slightly surprised by Li Chongjiu, but I didn’t expect to get to know him.
Li Chongjiu, the other party, was stunned when he met each other, but he seemed to forget who the other party was for a while, so he started to think. This made Lu Chengqing and Xue Wanshu see Lu Chengqing laughing. "Brother Dugu, is there an old friend in Zhuojun for a long time?"
The surname Dugu Man smiled but still didn’t remember who Li Chongjiu was.
"Sister Qi, why are you here? Didn’t I let you have a room?" Lu Chengqing’s face is somewhat unhappy. If her mother, who has always paid attention to family style, knows about it, she will be unhappy.
Nazhi saw Li Chongjiu, his sister, and suddenly turned red and bowed his head.
When this lone man saw Lu Qi’s look, he suddenly patted his leg and said, "I was afraid of being tired because of drunkenness and whipping a famous horse. I remember that you are the former Li Fa-zhu of Baima Temple who talked for half a day."
Who is Li Fazhu?
Now, the name of the whole heaven and man can be unknown. Once the Wagang army breaks the eastern capital, Shi Biao will be the Lord of heaven.
Lu Chengqing and Xue Wanshu knew that this person was familiar with Shi Biao, and they all showed a look of shock. After re-examining Li Chongjiu, they seemed to get to know each other again at the same time.
Lu Chengqing said, "It’s not that my sister loves her body every day, but it’s hard to make a fake come true. I was drunk and whipped a famous horse for fear of feeling tired. I heard my sister say that this is a cloth, but I didn’t expect it to be Brother Li."
Xue Wanshu said, "I’ve heard this poem, too. I think the person who can write this poem will not be neglected by the things in the pool in the future. Please give me another pat."
Li Chongjiu also liked to pay a bow when he saw that Xue Wanshu was open-minded
But at the moment, the solitary Saburo in front of the White Horse Temple was indignant. What was in the pool was just a humble cloth when the White Horse Temple was in those days. It is obvious that he is still dressed in such a poor way after six years.
The solitary saburo then asked with empty hands, "When the White Horse Temple was in a hurry, I didn’t know that Brother Li had a good eye?"
Li Chongjiu hasn’t seen this solitary saburo for six years, and it’s not the same as when the young man was calm. Look at his waist, leather bag and bearing. It seems that he is also in the generation, but this person’s shallow worries are still easy for Li Chongjiu to see through.