As soon as I came out of washing my hands, my words rang. It was a short message from last month.

The simplification of’ come here’ makes people Yi Bai four words.
I’m too lazy to take care of him if I agree not to go to class.
I didn’t’ today’ and went out with Ling after a few words on my mobile phone.
"Where to?" Zinwen
"K city amusement park here is said to be new, and the amusement facilities inside are also the best and still very big," Ling looked at the list and said.
Zine doesn’t respond by speeding up to the destination.
Arrive at destination
It’s really big, compared with the school.
You can tell from the outside that it must be very lively and interesting inside.
The big sign says kk Paradise is flanked by mascots, two lovely rabbits, a man and a woman.
"Go and buy a ticket." Ling took Zin and went to buy a ticket.
~! ~! ~! ~! To divide the line ~! ~! ~! ~!
After buying the ticket, the two men went in hand in hand.
Colorful dolls with different cute animal shapes take pictures with tourists and some send oxygen balls; The amusement facilities are really as exciting and interesting as the single introduction-two more words-a lot of three words-five more words-and the super enemy looks more exciting and interesting, which makes the people who are not interested in it excited.
"Why are you here?" Familiar sound
Ling Gezine looked in which direction.
Han Rong, the master of that sound, looked at each other badly, and there was a ghost around him: feathermoon Yuyue, Kim Min-hao, cold shadow, Qin Yan, Liu Yuhuang, Ouyang Guang, and Jin Yeman, with Chen Youmei, all here.
"Why are you here?" Han Rong repeated it.
"Of course, it’s nonsense to play." Ling said with a supercilious look directly.
"Aren’t you busy?" On coldly looking at azine said
"I’m busy with what I have to do." Zin said in her eyes, "You’re an idiot."
"Ha, great, let’s play together." Ling jumped to Mann’s side and said with heart.
"Yes, it’s really nice to have annoying people." I told Han Rong with beautiful eyes.
"Are we, too?" Bud bud looked at Mann pitifully.
"Not bad," Mann said with a smile.
Zine side with a message ignored them.
"What’s the hair?" He noticed that Zin sent a text message and wanted to gather together to read it.
"Secret" Zin hid her mobile phone behind her and spat out her tongue at Yan.
"Zine is really naughty." Hao feels Zine’s head like a big brother.
"ah! Zine! What are you doing? ?” Mann saw it.
"Man is so stingy," said Zin DuDu. "It’s me and you can’t either." Man is very bossy. Let’s go and smile.
"What are you here?" Zine suddenly asked.
"This is Yan’s home," the emperor said.
"hey! ? Really? " Zine a little startled to see him "what’s the matter? Is it strange? " He saw Zin and looked at him all the time. Zin shook his head and said, "That’s awesome."
"Ha ha, I’ll treat you to whatever you want to play today." Yan said. Did I praise him?
Didi Didi
There is a newsletter. After reading it, the corners of the mouth bent thoughtfully and smiled.
154-Playground 3
"It’s not over yet and in the mood to play? I don’t know where the money came from. "Zin looked at the beautiful irony of the mobile phone and jumped into his ear.
"I haven’t done anything to be in the mood? Do you care where my money comes from? " Zine eyebrow response
You!’ "Beautiful" beautiful just wanted to scold her back when she was stopped by a cold call. "Shadow ~" beautiful coquetry retreated.
"Hey? Shadow you, too? " Zine, I found out that the shadow also shadows the black line. Are you so insensitive?
Didi Didi
There is another short message coming.
After seeing it, Zine took Ling and walked to the entrance and exit.