Directly from the windowsill to see the blue snake fall to the ground that moment suddenly turned into a Tsing Yi woman.

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"Just save being in the same room with you idiot and being dyed by your naive stupidity."
Wearing a bun, dressed in Tsing Yi, and a sword at the waist …
Xiaoqing, who has become more and more like a "person", conveniently pushed the door and Pei Wende disappeared from his sight before objecting.
"You …"
Some in distress situation watched Xiaoqing leave back Pei Wende always felt that the other party seemed to be deliberately avoiding himself.
[Is it because I asked about the’ double major’ before? 】
A thoughtful blink of an eye has realized something. Pei Wende has a whisper in his heart.
[This guy … has learned to be shy now? 】
Meanwhile, in Li Yanran’s boudoir,
Xiaoqing almost pushed the door and left the wing. At the same time, Li Yanran suddenly closed his eyes and rested.
Look a little confused cast a glance out of the window direction Li Yanran feel just that moment inexplicably felt a familiar throb.
It’s a kind of dangerous breath that seems to be engraved in the depths of the body, like natural enemies.
"This is … what’s going on?"
Li Yanran knows that it is definitely not his illusion, because this kind of foresight has saved her several times in a row.
"Is dad warning me?"
Is just a thought Li Yanran like realized what close your eyes again.
But this time, instead of sleeping, she took the initiative to mobilize the vast vitality instilled in her by Shan Jun.
It’s like a tiger patrolling its territory overflowing and spreading with that vast vitality. Everything in Li’s house is quietly fed back to Li Yanran’s mind.
However, according to Li Yanran’s perception, she didn’t find the familiar throbbing source just now.
It’s like that moment throbbing is really an illusion.
Chapter 15 vest line, dragon breath
"I’m so dead that I can’t believe you remember my breath."
Indifferent main house corrugated Xiaoqing glanced at Li Yanran’s boudoir and turned his attention to a mansion somewhere on the other side of the county.
"That idiot?"
With this breeze blowing through the original corrugated Xiaoqing blink of an eye disappeared.
When Xiaoqing appeared again, she had already appeared in the quiet street, and a small blue snake climbed out along the shadow of her feet.
-daoist magic, busy!
Xiaoqing, unlike Pei Wende, is never wary of things that may be dangerous.
As early as when Pei Wende encountered a mandrill, she was vaguely aware of the sudden appearance of evil spirits in the mountains, which may have caused Pei Hui to be unable to escape at that time.
However, Xiaoqing was still a pure snake demon at that time. She simply regarded Pei Wende as a chance for herself, but she didn’t care much about the cause and effect.
And Xiaoqing Pei Wende is getting deeper and deeper. Now it is even more impossible for her to provoke Pei Wende’s brother and sister at will just because of her own speculation.
After all, Xiaoqing is wet behind the ears and not stupid.
If I guess it is a heavy blow to Pei Wende.
However, if you speculate that it is wrong, even if Pei Wende doesn’t say anything, it will definitely affect the mutual affection.
In fact, Xiaoqing has never been that silly and sweet role.
Xiaoqing, who has his own ideas and positions, knows that Pei Wende is as close as he is, and after all, he has the identity of a transvestite.
Ordinary relatives and friends also need daily maintenance.
Not to mention Pei Wende, a natural person like himself, has subtle opposing attributes.
If you don’t handle it properly, it will be easy to decouple and alienate-in Pei Wende’s words, it is "love and kill each other"
"So why do I mean that stupid idea?"
Mouth gently muttered Xiaoqing’s every move, but fully said that she tried her best to get the idea.
Xiaoqing’s face was distorted and alienated when she took the first step forward, and soon she became a young face somewhat similar to Pei Wende’s.
Not only that, but also the female characteristics on Xiaoqing’s body surface quickly faded with the change of appearance and shape.
In the blink of an eye, the original Xiaoqing disappeared and was replaced by a young boy in Tsing Yi who looked very green.
-thousands of painted skins, green skin!
This picture looks like Pei Wende, who is a few years younger. Xiaoqing got the war profit from Li Fugui, the ghost of Shanjun and Li Yanran’s real father.
Nai, since Xiaoqing really took shape, this painting with its own acupoints and veins has become a chicken rib.
Say ability?
Although thousands of painted skins are invulnerable and fire-and-water-proof, they are still far from Xiaoqing’s own green scales.
Xiaoqing, who was damaged by carelessness, had to spend time and energy to repair it, which was too low in cost performance.
To say that you have your own acupoints and qi veins?
Xiaoqing, who has already succeeded in taxiing and has Pei Wende, a "moving treasure trove", needs to refer to this thing?
Even Xiaoqing herself almost forgot that there was such a treasure in her hand.
"It’s really a long-lost sense of bondage …"
It’s rare to sigh with emotion that Xiaoqing didn’t realize how exaggerated her growth in recent years until she wore this skin again.
A few years ago, I needed to do my best and cherish the treasure very much, but now it has become a mere "disguise" identity prop.
Xiaoqing wearing this skin is no longer Xiaoqing, but a new ghost-painted skin.
No matter ability or characteristics, people can see through this almost perfect disguise.
Even if Pei Wende, who has practiced Eye-Eye Communication, doesn’t know in advance that Xiaoqing has such a painted skin, I’m afraid it’s hard to see the flaw.
"It’s like this. It’s a little too eye-catching …"
Pack up your highly recognizable green snake sword and see Xiaoqing rubbed his cheek and then continued to mutter
When I first made this thousand-faced painting, Xiaoqing map saved trouble and directly referred to Pei Wende’s appearance at that time.
This led her to become a teenager in Tsing Yi, just like Pei Wende a few years ago.
The only thing to be thankful for is that the painted leather body has no yin and yang.
Therefore, Xiaoqing’s incarnation as a Tsing Yi teenager is only a somewhat similar Pei Wende, but it is a completely different person.
Inherited the ghost disguise and the ghost ability …
Xiaoqing should not take off this painted skin herself. She is a painted skin now and has all the abilities of painted skin.
Just like now …
Sasha Vujacic …
It’s like the sound of leaves being crushed, and it’s like the claws rubbing against the ground …
Xiaoqing incarnates as a teenager in Tsing Yi, and she previously points out that those green snakes have instantly changed their appearance into an evil spirit that seems to be imprisoned and bound by painted skins.
That snarling, ferocious horror face is even more evil than the real evil spirits.
"If you don’t touch the guy who wants to cross over to chat when he sees the evil spirits like that fool, no one should be able to see the flaw."
Xiaoqing has full confidence in her disguise.
But just in case, she still opened her mouth and spit out a mouthful of dense fog when she left.