There are quaint Four Treasures of the Study and a painting on several sides of the case.

Painting peach blossoms and plum blossoms is beautiful and elegant.
It’s just a glance that makes people feel at peace
Leaf came in with the wind.
"Guest, please sit down."
The young man appeared with a warm smile and a chair made of peach and plum.
Leaf sitting in front of the wind looked at the man didn’t speak.
The young man laughed. "Dare you ask the name of your guest?"
"Leaves follow the wind," he replied.
"My name is Su Mu"
The man said, "I can feel that you are also a person who is blessed by the gods."
Ye sighed gently with the wind and shook his head. "I can also feel that you are not actually Su Mu, right?"
Some strange words made "Su Mu" instantly change his face.
He suddenly raised his eyebrows and his eyes were black as ink.
Then, as a matter of fact, the black law scattered around the chair and wrapped the leaves in the wind!
A period of gloom rang in the thatched cottage.
"Jie Jie"
"It’s a big meal to send the door to Heaven!"
A few cases, the brush rose and the tip of the pen suddenly exploded and covered the leaves with the wind, and an extremely powerful attraction suddenly appeared.
Just when it succeed on its own.
Sigh lightly
Gray ripples ripple out from the position of leaves in the wind and directly disperse the black rule wrapped outside.
Even the brush on the top of the head suffered a strong impact
A few hairs and inches of broken fine powder are floating in the sky.
"How is it possible!"
"Su Mu" looked at all this with dismay.
And the leaves look as usual with the wind.
In fact, when he came in, he already saw the young man sitting inside, but he didn’t have the slightest breath of "people"
It’s just the consciousness of the brush.
"You Fanai, let me tell you. Where is the real Su Mu?" Ye asked with the wind.
However, "Su Mu" does not seem to be reconciled.
It became ferocious and roared-"It’s not over yet!"
Say that finish the surrounding environment suddenly a dark.
In a flash, the leaves came to a strange world with the wind.
The world is made up of ink and wash, and the intertwined laws of heaven and earth are a cage of terror. Even if the monks come in during Mahayana, I’m afraid they can’t get out.
"You really don’t want to talk?"
However, the leaves are always indifferent with the wind.
"Jie Jie"
There was a gloomy smile in response to him.
The ink mountains in the distance began to creep like pythons.
The leaves melted into ink with the wind, forming the sea and corroding everything!
"Wait for the pain!"
The sound of the pen echoes in heaven and earth.
Ye lost patience with the wind.
"In that case, die."
His face became cold, and he leaned out of his palm and scratched his fingers in vain.
Instantaneous terror to let a person palpitation power crashing blast!
The grand ink and wash world began to crack rapidly at this moment!
It’s a breath when the world reaches its limit.
"Hua!" A leaf returned to the thatched cottage with the wind.
He held the writing brush in his hand.
Chapter 15 Zhongzhou Master
"What do I always feel that I am so close to?"
After refining the "inside information" again, Su Mu asked Cangsheng Pen.
More than two thousand years ago, at the beginning of refining, he really felt that his talent and physique were making crazy progress.
But as time goes on, this progress is getting slower and slower.
Especially in the last few hundred years, almost no change has been felt.