"Do you want to play, Qiao Yun?" Strangely, he held down his regular breath and hit the tip of Qiao Yun’s nose.

"How do you recognize me?" Qiao Yun has changed the line and should not be recognized. "It’s boring to stop playing."
Just now, I wanted to touch a stranger with my lips, so I don’t want a man like that.
It’s really boring to be caught in a second.
Mo ran gasp lightly sigh "what will attack me? Haven’t you tried yet? "
"What temptation" suddenly suppressed Qiao Yun, but the party was still waiting for the answer. "Well, I admit that I want to try you. If a stranger threatens you, will you choose to resist or obey?"
Actually, Qiao Yun wants to try out the degree of acceptance of the strange boys.
Mo ran chuckled, "What will happen if you obey and what will happen if you resist?"
"Yes," Qiao Yun replied with a stiff neck. "If you obey my horse and pull you into the blacklist, my brothers have nothing to do. If you resist me, I will-"
"Well," stranger nodded, "in fact, I was doing it before, and I just dried it today."
"What made you think of doing this?" Qiao Yun asked
Smiling strangely, "In memory, the Bank gave you the cloud and gave it to me less."
Qiao Yun slightly dazed slowly said "oh good".
Mo Ran raised his hand and rubbed his hair. "By the way, don’t you have something to say to me?"
Yeah, Qiao Yun put his hands away and looked up and said, "Don’t you have something to tell me, too? You go first."
Strangely but didn’t answer took a few steps to stop and slowly say "ok, I’ll go first".
"Qiao Yun, when I leave school for a while on Monday, I will represent C University to participate in the National Computer Competition. After that, I will go directly to the Perfect World Academy of Fine Arts for further study."
Qiao Yun came to say yes, it’s good to participate in the national competition, but the last sentence … why didn’t he understand it?
Qiao Yun reacted and asked, "How long is a while?"
Strangely answered "half a year"
"…" Qiao Yun was silent.
Strangely asked, "What about you? Do you have something to tell me?"
Qiao Yun shook his head mechanically. It’s really very mechanical and very stiff.
"no, no"
Mo Ran doesn’t feel right. "What’s the matter? It’s only half a year. I’ll be back in half a year."
Qiao Yun mechanically "well" for another "good half a year"
"-what school is that?" Qiao Yun tried to smile but found that the radian of the corners of her mouth was stiff and closed it again.
Mo ran into his eyes and said, "I’m studying 3D game design, and you know that the academy is D, and I still have some shortcomings in 3D."
Another stiff "Oh" Qiao Yun asked "When did you decide to go too suddenly?"
"Freshman" said strangely, "I made an appointment for further study in my freshman year and didn’t go until after graduation. I didn’t expect to receive a notice from the college that I would enter the school this week."
"Freshman," Qiao Yun repeated with a look on his face. "So you decided it in your freshman year."
Then why are you bothering me? That he didn’t export is unwilling to send a cold before.
Mo Ran is now sure that Qiao Yun is wrong.
If usual, Qiao Yun must clap his shoulder and say, go ahead, brother, support you
But now Qiao Yun’s eyes seem to be red.
He frowned slightly and moved a little forward. "Qiao Yun, are you hiding something from me?"
"No, I can’t hide anything from you." Qiao Yun turned his back to the stranger’s eyes and couldn’t help but feel a surge of heat. "No, it should be said that I can have anything on my mind. I don’t have anything at all, okay?"
How can you not see it so clearly?
Qiao Yun has always been strong.
"Qiao Yun" Mo Ran raised his hand and curled up his fingers, and he was in the middle of "I-"
"You what you" Qiao Yun interrupted and turned around and said, "Just go. What are you telling me? I’m one of your game partners and I won’t talk to you."
Strangely, his eyes twitched as if he had been stabbed. "If you want to say that, then I won’t go."
Qiao Yun is dazed.
Mo Ran continued, "Half a year’s course is a big deal. I can’t teach myself for one year. I can’t spend two years. I can’t spend three years. I won’t go."
"-if you’re not happy, I won’t go."
"Mental derangement" Qiao Yun turned around during his recovery. "Are you really awesome enough to teach yourself?"