I don’t know how much Zhou Cuifen coaxed compared with her mother.

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Zhou Cuifen’s family doesn’t think that her daughter’s choice is too bad. This Kimmy "son-in-law" is a big city person who still has money to run a big car and earns 1,000 yuan a month.
Besides, Zhou Cuifen’s family thought that it would be nice to force Tong Fei to divorce after the banquet was put on.
Give birth to a big fat little also afraid of Kimmy don’t want to divorce? If Zhou Cuifen’s first five brothers don’t divorce, they will force him to divorce!
But now the Zhou family hasn’t pushed too hard
Zhou Cuifen laughed. "That’s also my son’s cheap daughter. You can’t have it."
"Don’t worry, Luo Qianqian and I are honorary couples now. My heart is on your side! Besides, we also hosted a banquet for your relatives to eat before, and no one gossiped about it. Who knows that this place is thousands of miles away from Takeshi? You are the only one in my wife! I’m Cui Fen’s darling! "
Kimmy winked at such a handsome face and told some sweet words. Zhou Cuifen was so happy that his unhappiness vanished.
Kimmy rushed over and hugged Zhou Cuifen.
"Triffin, I miss you so much. You don’t know that I’ve been thinking about you all the way-"
As he spoke, Kimmy began to take off his clothes in less than two minutes, regardless of the fact that it was already cold in the northwest this season.
"Don’t hurt my son. It’s been seven months-"
Knock, knock, knock.
Suddenly, the door came and knocked at the door.
Then came a man’s voice, "Open the door! □□!”
This statement was invented by Ji Shu, and Xu Gang and others all thought it was very good. This statement has not been widely broadcast yet, and Ji Shu thought of drawing lessons from it.
Kimmy is not happy to find a blanket to put on, and he is not in a hurry to get dressed. It’s no big deal for a big man.
When he thought about it, he shouted, "Coming! This point is actually □□! "
However, as soon as he opened the door, a man pushed it open and knocked Tong Fei one meter away.
"Who the hell am I?"
Kimmy swore, but he hasn’t come yet to look at everything in front of him and feel that there is white light in front of him.
It’s a camera flash
In this blink of an eye, Qian Guijun took more than a dozen photos and photographed all the corners of the room.
I don’t know how many photos Zhou Cuifen and Kimmy took.
"Take pictures? !” Kimmy then drink a drink.
Soon Kimmy’s face felt irritable.
"Who fan me? Cui Fen is calling the police! "
Zhou Cuifen stupidly.
She didn’t know how to call the police at the moment because there was no words in the room.
Now go upstairs. Will these people let me?
Kimmy looked intently at one of his own and it was Luo Qianqian.
First he was shocked, then suddenly he swore.
"I depend on Luo Qianqian, you are a woman who actually ran here? What’s the matter? Capable? "
He took a glance at Xu Gang "yo, don’t you also steal Han and find a lover to come over? You can see this man is so old? "
Luo Qianqian obviously can’t stand the tension. No one can stand the humiliation of the people who used to sleep with her.
Jishu took a glance at Luo Qianqian secretly nodded to encourage her.
"Kimmy, I married you for so many years. Where am I sorry for you? You find a little wife to insult me? Our daughter is just one year old! Have you forgotten my pregnancy and bleeding? "
Kimmy face a little ashamed look all have no.
"What’s the matter? Every day at home, you force me to ask you to borrow some money from your developed friends to invest in my business, and you don’t want to go. Since you don’t treat me as your husband, what’s the problem with finding other women? "
Behind Zhou Cuifen saw this group of people clearly and sorted out the situation.
This is the real wife, Luo Qianqian, who has come to catch the rape.
"I’m not a little wife. You know I’m pregnant! I don’t know how much cheaper than your daughter Jingui! And we have a banquet in the village. After you divorce, we can go through the formalities! "
Zhou Cuifen rushed to the front of Kimmy with a belly.
Luo Qianqian bit her lip and choked back tears and said, "Do you mean that when you married me here, you even had a banquet wedding with another woman?"
She said baba, stuttering and watching Jishu.
Ji Shu nodded slightly.
Kimmy smiled coldly and curled his lips, which seemed disdainful.
"What’s the matter? Didn’t I get my marriage certificate from you? Is it illegal to hold a wedding banquet here? I don’t know how many cart drivers have a little wife outside. I’ll pay you back 5 yuan a month. Aren’t you satisfied with being such a person in charge? Must divorce, right? "
Luo Qianqian can’t cry.
But she has finished more than half of it.
The video recorder in Ji Shu’s bag has recorded everything.
Both of them, including Kimmy and Zhou Cuifen, admitted that they had a banquet and lived together as husband and wife.
Such evidence is irrefutable.
Kimmy will commit bigamy when the new regulations are introduced in January.
Of course, this means that Luo Qianqian cannot divorce at present.
Jishu hold Luo Qianqian up.
Luo Qianqian looked at Kimmy weakly.
"What’s the matter with no gas? Still reluctant to divorce! You women are divorced and don’t even have a roof over your head. "
Kimmy laughed and stared at Luo Qianqian and suddenly stretched out his hand to hold her.
"You are a dog without me! If it weren’t for seeing that you still have a serious job, I would like to divorce you now! "
Jishu opened Kimmy’s hand.
Kimmy immediately nu looked JiShu.
This woman’s hand is vicious, and a red mark immediately appeared on his hand.
However, Kimmy recognized that this was Ji Shu, a former female worker of No.2 National Cotton Factory.
It’s the myth of the second factory
Everyone knows that she is developed now.
The people in the factory are fantastic, saying that she bought a big house in Shanghai and there are hundreds of people in the car company who are big bosses.
Kimmy raised his hand and dared not move Jishu after all.