At this time, it is the period when the road view is weak. The auxiliary has not come home yet, and the salary package has not been folded. The two self-contained decorative eyes can’t control the river view.

Perhaps it is because Silas finished fighting crabs that the ES road duo didn’t have much defensive psychology, so the blind monk Ning Wang actually successfully completed the detour and successfully came to triangle grass on ES road.
At this time, Wei Lusi and Nutan, who were pressing the soldiers in front of the IG tower, did not realize that the danger was approaching, and they seemed to be immersed in the joy of suppressing the world champion road.
When Ning Wang came to the back position, Ah Shui gently coughed at Baolan and marked a signal to get him ready to cut Wei Lusi.
After being beaten once before, sapphire was honest. Many of them were beaten into half blood, and sapphire actually felt that she had a high degree of control over monkeys, and she actually had manipulation ideas in her heart.
Is beating conducive to high hero proficiency? An idea flashed through Baolan’s mind, but now he hasn’t thought much about it. Baolan must cooperate with Ning Wang to go around.
Watching the half-blood monkey rush straight for Wei Lusi seems like he wants to die. The face of ES Road suddenly changed, and an experienced professional player LkeN immediately got caught in vain.
Otherwise, he looked behind him and saw a five-level blind monk who didn’t know when he touched the back of their ass. In the face of this situation, LkeN first thought of protecting himself instead of killing the daredevil monkey first.
If they want to kill the monkey first at this time, neither of them can leave. LkeN’s first judgment is to retreat immediately, and then the dawn will control the blind monk before they have a chance.
However, in this crisis, ES assisted Ben to have a different idea. He wanted to control the monkey for a second and then beat him two times, so they didn’t necessarily suffer.
Dawn relies on the direct plate to be hard, so the sword in her hand points at the half-blood monkey. It’s a treasure blue blessing, and the dawn of the soul is shot in an instant. The monkey directly releases the dawn of the false body and goes straight through the monkey’s body.
But Ben felt something was wrong when he stunned the monkey, and it didn’t feel right. So when he looked back, he saw that Shuguang suddenly jumped out of a monkey and hit Wei Lusi on the head with a golden hoop.
At this time, in the face of blind monks and monkeys, LkeN’s heart was desperate, and it was too difficult to be assisted by the Gank key at all times.
Come to Shuguang and Wei Lusi to retreat together. They handed over two flashes and had a chance to leave. But now their ideas are different, which gives IG a chance to take the opportunity. Maybe neither of them can leave.
Chapter one hundred and sixty-five Too much heshy
Husband and wife are in the same forest, and so are the couples who fly separately. The ES-road couples also face this problem to run away together, but they just choose to score.
Ning Wang chose patiently. He didn’t move, but slowly walked to Wei Lusi’s face and waited for him to meet Ning Wang. This choice made LkeN very nai.
He will be followed by the blind monk whether to hand in his skills or not. Although he is hesitant in his heart, he still wants to die. In case the blind monk makes a mistake, Q?
LkeN Wei Lusi still chose to hand over the flash without displacement. The monkey could not go back to attack Dawning with Sapphire, but Ning Wang did not hesitate.
The blind monk was very confident that he didn’t touch his eyes to get closer, but raised his hand and hit Wei Lusi in a hardcover.
Sometimes when releasing skills, people just need self-confidence. Once they are confident, they feel absolutely perfect. That’s it.
The blind monk chose the second section of Q to chase after the tower and then killed Wei Lusi, but Dawning Monkey and Kasha didn’t live long for aggression, and Ah Shui took their heads.
"My ES road will play an advantage in this game. The front line of the sapphire monkey was flashed, but I didn’t expect the road to become a breakthrough."
Miller’s eyes flashed a little, but it’s a pity that before the blind monk came to catch it, ES played really well on the line. It was a great advantage for 2V2 to flash. By the time of Level 6, Wei Lusi and Shuguang had a good chance to kill the line.
But now it’s all over. The two men played the dominant position before the first send-off, and even let the IG take off in the early stage.
"Ning Wang’s rhythm in the early stage of these two games is good. He got another blood. This time, he also helped Ah Shui get a blind monk with a head. The rhythm is limited. Ning Wang feels hot."
Doll also noticed Ning Wang’s state, but there is no way to ignore things. Ning Wang took the lead in getting the advantage in these two games, and the feeling came out when compared with ES playing wild bear.
"Yes, Xiong Xiong doesn’t have the momentum to Sao powder as before, as if he was timid when facing Ning Wang." Miller spoke his mind.
"Brother, how can he be reckless? Opposite Ning Wang is a more reckless person than he is. This may be style restraint."
"In the wild food chain, the style of coquettish powder is more restrained by Jiejie, while the style of bear is restrained by coquettish powder, but he can’t meet a more headstrong Ning Wang than he is." The doll has his own strange understanding. Miller couldn’t help but roll his eyes after hearing it.
After getting a road of blood, Ning Wang rubbed his face and the latter rose to level 6. After that, Ning Wang showed the first fire dragon and watched the rhythm of the game constantly. Even if some viewers didn’t want to admit it, they had to sigh with emotion that Ning Wang seemed to be back at the beginning.
"Kill people and take the dragon. Is this Ning Wang? Ridiculous, this rhythm is actually played by Ning Wang. "
"It is said that Yi Ning Wang’s performance in these two games is not bad. He has a strong sense of early stage and tastes like an IG engine."
"Ha ha, it’s only two games. Wait and see. Ning Wang will definitely get sick. If he doesn’t get sick, I’ll eat Xiang."
"Boy, after all these years, are there people who cheat to eat and drink? Is your family not full?"
"I can’t accept that it’s unscientific for him to be able to get back when he has recovered!"
I just took Wang Gen of Xiaolong Ning. I don’t know his performance. It has caused a lot of controversy. After the fire dragon was destroyed, the second refresh was that Wang Ning of Xiaolong left his pie mouth and lost his appetite instantly.
After returning home and replenishing a wave of state, Ning Wang came to the road again. At this time, the two-way single-person line has also risen to level 6.
It will be difficult for 369 days after he rose to level 6. He was caught in a wave by Ning Wang in the early stage, but 369 also lost some experience and economy in vain, which has not yet come to make up for development. Dao Mei has risen to level 6.
369 can clearly feel that heshy is ready to move, and Dao Mei seems to have been looking for a chance to kill alone.
After Level 6, the weapon is not so good against Dao Mei. The weapon E skill can restrain Dao Mei’s general attack damage, but Dao Mei’s W skill can also control the weapon E skill, so it requires both sides to play a game.
At this time, 369 was under great pressure. Every time Dao Mei shuttled through the line of soldiers, he felt that heshy might come to kill him alone for a second.
Great psychological pressure, 369 fuck, a certain degree of deformation, actually went in the position of Dao Mei.
Heshy’s eyes lit up and Dao Mei decisively Q. By this time, Dao Mei’s body had already folded five layers of passive injuries, and it was very painful to hit Grandmaster at Arms.
369 did not choose to fight with heshy, but directly retreated with E skills, but heshy did not save skills at all and directly threw out a big move to slow down Grandmaster at Arms’s movement.
369 looked highly nervous. Dao Mei zoomed in for a moment, and his conditioned reflex generally followed. However, after the flash, heshy’s knife array was still cracked by Grandmaster at Arms.
At this time, the effect of weapon E skill just disappeared. Dao Mei directly flew to the Q skill, and the sharp sword kept cutting Grandmaster at Arms 369. At this time, he had no eye position in his hand, and the position of a wave of lines was far away. Jax had no displacement ability
Heshy chased the ES Tower and looked at it. Half of the blood had been knocked out. Grandmaster at Arms heshy hesitated for a second and then rushed in without looking back.
"This is to cross the tower? Heshy is a little irrational, isn’t he? He’s only six levels, and he can’t resist the damage of the defensive tower. "Miller’s eyes flashed a trace of concern that it is not a rational line for Dao Mei to kill Grandmaster at Arms over the tower.
"It’s not the first time you’ve met heshy. Faced with this opportunity, a person who likes a development list will not let go of this head."
The doll smiled at Miller, but Miller worried about the root of the tower situation and ignored the doll. At this time, the tower battle has entered a white-hot stage
Seeing that Dao Mei has been chasing Tower 369 seems to be a lot more courageous. He has a emboldened weapon in his heart and gradually lures Dao Mei to the depths of the defensive tower while fighting.
Heshy’s move A didn’t stop for a moment because of the tower attack. Instead, Dao Mei attacked Grandmaster at Arms, and the blood volume became lower and lower, especially after the resistance of the big move disappeared, Dao Mei took the weapon with two knives.
Successfully completed the cross-tower single-handedly killing heshy. It seems that this person’s heart is cold, but then Dao Mei was killed by the defensive tower. heshy’s face smiled very suddenly
Heshy shook his head with a wry smile and seemed to sigh that the defensive tower was so damaged. Oh, he didn’t resist and didn’t think about how much he had just crossed the tower and killed Line 369.
"When the tower is exchanged for a wave, both sides really don’t lose money. Well, 369 didn’t even lose money. This is a wave of head exchange."
This time, the doll felt from the heart that both heshy and 369 did not lose money, and both were 300 heads. The exchange situation of 369 could not lose money.
Miller also nodded his head when he heard the news. "From the economic point of view, it is definitely not a loss, but the momentum heshy has earned a lot. This wave of over-the-top killing has boosted morale."
"I’m afraid that the back 369 will go around heshy, and he won’t dare to fight the road. Don’t be surprised if he is connected to the development of Grandmaster at Arms Tortoise Tower."
"Momentum sounds mysterious, but it has a great influence on a player, so that the mentality will be affected by momentum."
Hearing Miller’s words, the doll shook his head. It is more intuitive for him to understand the invisible things of momentum or the economic difference
Wandering near the main road, Ning Wang witnessed the killing process of heshy and saw Dao Mei fiercely rush into the tower to kill Ning Wang. Not only did 369 pinch a cold sweat, but it was too difficult to be killed by people crossing the tower.