Fear, fear, Han Fenglai is a villain. Now, facing death, he naturally speaks words for mercy.

However, the golden flame arm of Imperial Heaven directly pierced Han Fengdantian.
Imperial day smiled coldly but found a blue flame bead burning.
"Hum …"
Cold hum is to grab a bead and stare at it from the sky. Some impurities are even darker!
"Garbage … this source of quarrelling"
Imperial heaven disdains Han Feng’s quarrelling, which is really complicated. Holding the bead in his right hand, he slowly increases his strength.
"KaKa cheep … KaKa cheep …"
The source of quarrelling slowly fractured into a virtual source of quarrelling, but a deep blue flame emerged.
Hai Xin Yan fell into the hands of Yu Tian with a faint luster.
Yu Tian smiled and looked at Han Feng, who was dying. "Kill him directly!"
Chapter 733 Inflammation clan bearer
"Gee … just slay the soul and it will be mine!"
A grim smile is a guy in a black robe with a faint jack-o’-lantern.
The man emerge royal day is one leng "soul temple! ! !”
The bearer is dressed in a black robe and a dark chain, which is exactly what the soul people dress up.
Imperial words aside inflammation old is a wave of his hand around the instantaneous solidification.
"Hum ….." Imperial Heaven snorted with disdain. "Soul clan is really interesting, but a little bucket emperor dares to come and be presumptuous!"
This man is dumbfounded and feel dignified fall into the abyss. Generally, this man exclaimed, "Dou Zun … how is it possible! ! ! How can there be a strong fight here! "
This man exclaimed with disbelief. This man is a soul temple man who came to seek to capture the soul and smell the soul stone appearing in the black corner domain. This man directly came to rob, after all, the soul of debt collection is not worth a soul stone.
However, this man just came to the Black Angle domain and saw a refined pharmacist being beheaded. This refined pharmacist has a strong soul, which is also a recognized fact. This man came to harvest Han Feng’s soul, but he didn’t expect to meet these two good stubble. According to the thinking of the soul temple people, the whole northwest China can fight with himself, and only those people also know that the soul family is terrible and dare not offend the soul family. This soul temple people is also a vertical and horizontal northwest China. Who knows that there are hard stubble today?
This man can’t resist the burning of a hot flame in the Imperial Heaven.
This flame burns with a little white light.
The falling heart fire falls directly on this person. This soul temple person is instantly burned by falling carditis. He is good at the soul falling carditis, but now he is suffering from great burning.
"Ah … I am a soul clan. Do you dare to provoke the soul clan?"
This man shouted at the Imperial Heaven, but it increased the flame. The so-called soul clan Imperial Heaven never felt at ease. An ant proudly came to die, so be beheaded!
In an instant, the soul temple people have turned to dust.
Imperial heaven is a wave of his hand looked at the man quit.
"It’s a good harvest! The distribution map of the soul hall is sent out! "
Yu Tian stared at the map but threw it aside. "Look for these people according to the map and kill them all!" "
Northwest China is the land of Imperial Heaven. There is an emperor here, and that is Imperial Heaven.
Heavenly overbearing than staring at the hands of the sea heart inflammation directly swallow.
This sea heart inflammation root has no resistance and is instantly swallowed up by Yutian Refining and Chemical Company.
Nowadays, the low-level fire is just a meal for Yutian.
Suddenly, the extreme light of the sky falls directly into the royal body.
A golden sun in the royal heaven’s abdomen gathers again and is pure again.
Imperial day directly step forward towards the dark city.
Killing continues. Inflammation continues. Killing the strong roots in these black corners has no resistance.
Yan Mei has got up now and stared at the guy falling from the sky with sharp eyes. "Find out the forces behind these people and I want them all dead!"