Although I can’t hear you clearly, I can see that the wizard is very serious. It seems that he is the spokesman of death. After reading the "Soul Contract" regulations, I saw that scene in my dream. The wizard’s knife cut my right thumb and the soul contract pressed his own blood fingerprint.

In fact, that dream has arrived, so far I have fallen into another dream.
But now the picture in my mind is not over, but continues. Only then do I find that the blue flame ball that can show its influence can see the image like a crystal ball in the witch’s hand …
The flame ball picture continues. After the soul contract is handprinted by me, the wizard said to me, when you enter a game, you will be killed by a god of death before the game is over. The god of death may be your shadow or a ghost hiding around you.
It seems that when I saved the eunuch in the experimental building for nothing, I picked up a scalpel and tried to kill me when I wanted to leave!
I see! At that time, I came for nothing!
I reacted after the picture that just appeared in my mind disappeared! It may be that Wang Zhiqun held his neck tightly. My face is very hot and red now.
Sweat is flowing!
I fight jin’s last strength, hold this little hand and break it off!
When Wang Zhiqun let go a little, I quickly punched him in the face, which rolled from me …
I wasted my efforts and quickly got up from the ground.
At this time, the Wang Zhi group lying on the ground also rose from the ground and looked still strong.
I bent down to hold my hands and my legs were out of breath! I spit out two sputum in my throat.
I said to Wang Zhiqun in front of me, you crazy pervert! !
In fact, I still can’t accept this little stone that killed my girlfriend and was very abnormal. ba Ouyang Miao’s head and face were smashed and white brains flowed out of his head!
Thought of here, I said something, I always fight with you! ! After saying this sentence, I rushed at Wang Zhiqun! Just as I was sprinting towards Wang Zhiqun, Wang Zhiqun’s face suddenly appeared a face!
I quickly stopped immediately after the "brake"
Or is there really a ghost manipulating Wang Zhiqun?
However, at this moment Wang Zhiqun rushed at me.
Wang Zhiqun’s face shows a grimace for a while and a face for a while, which looks very scary.
Holy shit? ! ! I’m a little panicked …
I quickly turned and ran behind me! It’s a bit embarrassing … but when I ran, I was also thinking about how to get this ghost out of Wang Zhi’s group …
However, Wang Zhiqun’s ghost manipulation is like beating chicken blood and running faster and faster … I feel that I will chase after me in minutes …
I ran from the seaside to my dormitory!
Of course, the ghost manipulated Wang Zhiqun and chased after me.
The wind is getting stronger and stronger, and the sound of waves on the coastline is getting more and more horrible. It seems to me that this island has become a ghost island.
Chapter 7 Terror cannibalism (3)
Running all the time is not a way. I’m getting faster and faster. I’m not a ghost opponent!
After running for a while, I came around the dormitory!
I quickly turned and stretched out a hand and said wait a minute! Wait a minute! I really can’t run! What can I do for you? Just say it!
I don’t know if my words touched the ghost or if the ghost suddenly teased! Actually, it really stopped. Wang Zhiqun said that he would kill you!
Shit, what’s wrong? Momo is a ghost, just like killing me. I just broke the jar and fell. I nodded at the ghost and said, kill me. I can’t resist if I don’t resist. I just want to ask you something.
In fact, what will Honky say to you if he wants to kill you? This is not a joke, but even if I die, I will die for nothing. I just want to ask, what is it?
Thinking with me, a ghost didn’t tell me what was going to kill me. The ghost manipulated Wang Zhiqun and came towards me.
However, at this moment, Wang Zhiqun’s face changed into a face and changed back to his own appearance!
Light for me, a jealous and horrible person, that face is a memory worry!
It’s a face that can’t tell the difference between a male ghost and a female grimace. It’s like a land cracked in summer due to drought, and fresh granulation emerges. It’s black and purple rotten meat in the rain! Ghost forehead skin is also split, but there is no blood in the forehead.
It’s very tangled for me now! What the hell should I do! Although the face is a ghost, it is actually Wang Zhiqun.
Seeing this, I yelled at Wang Zhiqun. Of course, it was the little name and it was to make him wake up.
Of course, it doesn’t help at all.
I stepped back behind me, and the little one was still pressing.
Look, this product is going to kill me! After the ghost manipulated Wang Zhiqun and rushed towards me, I kicked Wang Zhiqun and Wang Zhiqun retreated behind him, but then Wang Zhiqun rushed! Suddenly Wang Zhiqun grabbed my neck with my hand.
I took a sharp bite and then pushed Wang Zhiqun away.
Sometimes fighting is like this, unlike those people in boxing, you can k off each other with one punch, so the two men wrestled again.
When the two were wrestling, my body suddenly became hot, and a warm current flowed from my heart to all parts of my body as in the past!
Instantly feel that your body has become stronger, and it seems to be dominated by something.
However, at this time, Wang Zhiqun, who wrestled with me, became weak! Then I saw a ghost moving from him! Death of the regiment
Mom, what’s going to happen?
When the ghost moved from Wang Zhiqun, the little one collapsed.
I saw the ghost hand steaming like concentrated sulfuric acid spilled on a person’s hand, slowly carbonizing and turning black.
In a short time, the ghost turned into a bright jack-o’-lantern and disappeared