Zhou Chaoli and Su Hu told the world that millions of people in Jizhou were happy at home, and the whole country gave a banquet to congratulate each other.

Su Hu stood on his own two feet as king, and rebelled against business in Beihai, which shocked the Song Dynasty. Let’s put it aside.
Qinglian Lingshan, the main peak hall, Qing Ye said to the 6 th floor below the hall: "Jizhou Hou has established the country as Zhou. Although you have the help of your sixth younger brother, there are also many monks in Chaoge. Now go down the mountain to help your sixth younger brother." 6. Respectfully, Qing Ye took out the demon list again and said, "This is the demon list. You are the prince of the demon family in the former heaven, and this list will be presided over by you. When the disciples of the four religions enter the mortal world, they will be infected with karma, and those who have been killed and robbed and cultivated above the fairy will be included in the demon list, and those who are below the fairy will be included in the god list. At that time, the teacher will care about it."
6 Holding hands, I took over the demon list, knowing that the master made himself preside over the demon list for his own good. I was delighted and respectful, and then I went out of the hall, called Jin Hu, a mount, and rode to Jizhou.

Chapter eighty-three Married Nuwa
After 6) pressing down the mountain, all the six disciples were gone, and Qing Ye spread the name of Kyubi no Youko Purple Fox to come in. This Kyubi no Youko Purple Fox was one of the first demon kings to listen to Qing Ye’s sermon. It has reached the early stage of picking up Jin Xian, and it is known for its ingenuity. In the absence of liu er, he will handle some big and small affairs in Qinglian Lingshan.
Kyubi no Youko’s purple fox entered the main hall, worshiped and praised the holy peace. After the ceremony, Ye Qing said, "Now that the gods have been worshipped, all the saints are suffering from karma. You tell them to go on, and the demons are not allowed to go down the mountain for a hundred years." Kyubi no Youko purple fox border respect should be, and then worship the Ann, back down, then spread the Qing Ye decree.
Kyubi no Youko’s purple fox receded, and Qing Ye looked at the direction of Nuwa Palace and said to himself, "The deity has risen. Maybe it’s time to bring down great blessings between heaven and earth to dilute the spirit of war." Then he rode a yazi to the Nuwa Palace, 33 days away, and in a short time, he arrived at the Nuwa Palace. There were early bixia and Caiyun boys waiting outside the palace. When Qing Ye arrived, bixia and Caiyun worshipped Fu Song’ an. After the ceremony, Caiyun boy smiled and said, "The saints and scholars have not come for many years. This time, the empress knows. Say that finish, the thief looked at Qing Ye with those eyes.
Qing Ye got down, and when he heard this, he couldn’t help feeling a little embarrassed. Then he entered the temple and saw Nu Wa Qiao’s face standing there shyly and came over: "Fourth Brother, you are here." Looking at Nu Wa’s beautiful appearance, Qing Ye couldn’t help but think of the obscene poem written by Zhou Wang. In ancient times, there was a saying that "it’s a shame to spend the moon, but it’s appropriate to use it on Nu Wa."
Seeing Qing Ye staring at herself, Nu Wa’s pretty face was dripping, and she called out, "Fourth Senior Brother." Only then did Qing Ye come back to life. Qing Ye came to his senses and cleared his throat: "Sister Nu Wa, I haven’t seen you for many years."
Seeing you again, Qing Ye felt that he was so worried about Nu Wa.
Nu Wa complained bitterly, "Fourth Brother, you said that you would come to Nu Wa Palace often, but for countless years, there are only a handful." Say that finish, those clear as a star eyes looked up with bitterness, as if thinking of the grievances suffered by countless years, their eyes were covered with misty water mist, and their nose like a small jade carving wanted to get up.
Qing Ye really panicked, my god! Saint Nu Wa will cry? Qing Ye hurried forward and said, "Sister Nu Wa, don’t cry!"
Women cry, is the most powerful attack treasure, even Qing Ye practice in a state of mind close to Buddhism, also overwhelmed.
Looking at Qing Ye’s anxious appearance, Nu Wa suddenly covered her mouth and laughed. This smile was charming and charming, which made Qing Ye feel like a spring breeze, making Qing Ye stunned. Nu Wa looked at Qing Ye’s unprecedented stupidity, and her heart was angry and funny. She reached out a jade finger and poked Qing Ye’s forehead in forgetfulness: "You idiot, what’s there to see?" After poking, Fang Zi realized that they were really ignorant, and Nu Wa was surprised. Her face suddenly turned red, lowered her head, peeped at Qing Ye, and saw Qing Ye without much thought. She couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief and was vaguely lost.
But when Nu Wa just breathed a sigh of relief, all of a sudden, his little hands fiddling with skirts were held up by Qing Ye. In a surprised, Nu Wa raised her face, only to feel that Qing Ye was only a foot away from herself, and the hot breath from Qing Ye was clearly audible. When her eyes touched Qing Ye’s eyes, Nu Wa was like a frightened jade rabbit, moving away in panic, and her heart was "flapping."
"Sister Nu Wa, how about we form a Taoist couple?" It seems that after a long time, Qing Ye’s voice came from Nu Wa’s ear.
When Nu Wa was struck by lightning, her heart vibrated, and in an instant, tears came out. When she looked up, her face was already full of pear blossoms and rain. When Qing Ye saw it, her heart ached: "I have been persistent for my brother for countless years, and my mind can’t let go." Nu Wa shook her head, choked, but couldn’t stop her tears. For countless years, she has been waiting for this sentence, isn’t it Qing Ye?
Tears of joy filled my heart, and the whole Nuwa Palace was so warm.
On this day, a faint voice of Tianwei rang out from the ears of hundreds of millions of creatures in the three realms of heaven and earth: "Today, heaven and earth witnessed that my violet sage and Nu Wa formed a Taoist couple, announced the three realms, and held a holy marriage in the violet palace of Qinglian Lingshan on the vertical day, and you and other people who are destined can come."
As soon as the voice fell, a burst of Yue Xian sounded in the three realms of heaven and earth, and the extraordinary fragrance rippled and smallpox scattered, which filled every corner with colorful auspicious qi. Hundreds of millions of creatures were all blessed by fate, and they all worshipped the Nuwa Palace 33 days away.
However, it was the combination of saints that shocked heaven and earth and lowered the spirit of auspicious, and hundreds of millions of creatures enjoyed happiness.
West Cow Hezhou, Lei Yin Baosha, Zhunyi and Jieyin are all frowning. Sanqing’s face is different. On a fairy island in the East China Sea, Yang Mei smiled and said, "Lonely yin is not long, lonely yang is not born, and yin and yang are combined, which makes people envy. It seems that I have to prepare a gift for such a big wedding."
Chaoge, Long De temple, Zhou Wang a face of anger denounced his royal highness, civil and military officials, in addition to FeiZhong and especially muddy two people understand the reason, civil and military officials are being scolded without rhyme or reason.
Thirty-three days later, in Nuwa Palace, Qing Ye held Nuwa’s hand and said, "Sister, let’s go to Qinglian Lingshan now to get ready for the people from the three realms." Nu Wa blushed and nodded, and said, "Just as my brother said."
They rode their mounts for thirty-three days and came to Qinglian Lingshan, accompanied by two children, Nu Wa Gong Bixia and Caiyun. Arriving at Qinglian Lingshan, Kyubi no Youko Purple Fox Neck has already led millions of demons to greet and bow down: "Welcome to the Empress, congratulations on the holy marriage between the master and the Empress!" The millions of demon clans shouted loudly, and Nu Wa didn’t expect that Qinglian Lingshan would come up with such a big welcome battle. She thought that Qing Ye had already arranged it, and she was secretly happy, but she said lightly, "I’m afraid others don’t know about it."
Qing Ye wry smile, side face a look at nuwa, see his face is permeated with joy, which have the meaning of blame.
After pressing the cloud head with Nu Wa, they entered the main hall. Qing Ye said to the purple fox boundary in Kyubi no Youko, "On the vertical day, great magical powers from all sides of the three realms will come. We need to get ready to welcome the fairy gods from all sides, and ask the demons below to be quiet and keep their manners." Kyubi no Youko’s purple fox should be respectful. Then, Ye Qing said, "The main peak hall meets the three immortals, which is a little small. After a while, the empress and I will build a violet palace above the main peak hall, so you can all watch and understand a thing or two." Kyubi no Youko purple fox is happy, thank humbly.
Then, when they were out of the hall, Qing Ye and Nu Wa rose into the air. Then, the whole body of the two men was surrounded by the spirit of Xianrui, and there was a faint golden light. I saw Qing Ye’s body was soaring, and there were six black beams above Qingyun, and there were six ancestors in two places.
Nu Wa is the first time to see Qing Ye’s six great ancestors in two places at once, which is not surprising.
(Many Taoist friends have been urging the early collection of Nu Wa, and wanted to collect it after the deity. In that case, let’s do it in advance, but there will only be a mistress of Nu Wa in Qinglian Lingshan, and the deity will not breed horses and harem. I have always hated polygamy. )

Chapter eighty-four The wedding of heaven and earth, all immortals come to the DPRK.
Qing Ye Qingyun’s six ancestors revealed themselves from the black light column, then jumped down, stood beside Qing Ye in six directions, Ye Qingshuang held hands, and the six ancestors performed their magical powers, roaring like thunder. For a while, fire abuse, purple fire, drowning black light, congenital soil essence and so on gathered from heaven and earth, only to see nine days above, light spots, colorful, and then, Qing Ye will do Kun.
In this way, after a few hours of sucking like a whale swallowing seawater, Qing Ye stopped, and the six great ancestors and Qing Ye gave out a light respectively, covering the Gankun Ding, which shone brilliantly and chattered endlessly, and kept spinning with the number of days of the week. So, after counting the interest, the six great ancestors and Qing Ye shouted, and the Gankun Ding gave out a golden light, pouring out everything that had been refined and restored from the tripod mouth, Qing Ye.
It is of great benefit for saints to create everything and watch it in person for their future practice.
In a short time, the golden light was no longer produced in Gankun Ding. Thirty-six heavenly palaces were built, namely Biyun Palace, Caiming Palace, Jinguang Palace and Sunwu Palace … One palace wall was carved with colorful auspicious beasts, and there were ninety-nine halls, namely Lingyuan Hall, Baode Hall, Demon King Hall and Yuguan Hall … One hall was carved with pillars and carved with wild animals.
Thirty-six heavenly palaces, layer by layer, go up in sequence, and finally the violet palace, and the thirty-third heavenly palace is the sun palace, which has a heavy meaning. When the heavenly palace was completed, Qing Ye accepted the method, and the six great ancestors jumped into Qingyun, which was in harmony with the black light beam. Qing Ye put away Qingyun on the top, and with a thought, Gankunding fell back into his hand.