"Auntie, can I have a few more words with grandma?" Cheng Dongyang hug Dongdong said

Huang Yunwen let Meng Yudong sit in the front and hold grandma’s hand. "Grandma, I’m sorry. Grandma is all my fault. How can I be so confused? What will I say wrong? I hate myself."
The old lady’s heartbeat seems to be getting weaker and weaker, and the monitor there is slightly beating.
"I should look more carefully. Grandma, please, please wake up." Grandma Meng Yudong cried more. "Grandma, do you remember what you told me? You said that you still have to hold your great-grandson. You said that I would definitely not be able to take three children. Please help me take care of my grandmother when I come. Do you remember? "
Meng Yudong said, holding the old lady’s hand and putting it on his belly. "Grandma, your great-grandson will come out in more than a month. They all want to see your grandparents and call you a grandmother. You can’t just leave. You are not keeping your word!"
"Grandma, will you wake up? Grandma, I beg you, if you have anything, I will never forgive myself for a generation." Meng Yudong said more and more excitedly, and Cheng Dongyang hugged her shoulder to appease her.
In fact, he himself is heartbroken. If grandma is really gone, he doesn’t know how to face winter and winter.
"Grandma, do you feel it?" Meng Yudong suddenly cried, "They moved grandma. Did they call you? Do you feel it? Grandma! "
Suddenly, it showed that the device was beating faster. Meng Yudong felt that the old lady had moved it manually. She called "Grandma, the babies also called you. They don’t want to lose your baby, but they are still waiting for you to name it. Didn’t you say you wanted to see four generations of Cheng family under one roof? Grandma! "
The old lady’s hand moved again. The heartbeat of the monitor over there is flat. Chapter 97 gives you a chance (with two thousand words of gold medal plus more)
"Doctor!" Cheng Xiyang shouted and rushed outside to call the doctor.
The doctor came in immediately and asked everyone to go out first. They examined the old lady.
Cheng Dongyang also raised a glimmer of hope that he hugged Meng Yudong and went out. After a line of people went out, they all waited anxiously outside.
After a while, the doctor came out with a smile on his face. "Mrs. Cheng’s heart rhythm has returned to normal, and her life is not in danger for the time being. She woke up and said she wanted to see Dong Dong."
Everyone was relieved. Song Yuanyuan patted Dongdong’s shoulder. Finally, God is still an eye.
Dongdong finally smiled. When I heard the doctor say that he wanted to see Dongdong, xu wen hua and Huang Yunwen looked at her. Cheng Dongyang helped her in. Now the old lady has opened her eyes and saw Dongdong come in. She gave me a weak smile.
"Grandma" Meng Yudong sat by the bed and held grandma’s hand. "I’m sorry, grandma is all my fault."
"Silly girl didn’t talk to you." The old lady held her hand. "I heard your voice. It’s the first time I heard you so much that my eardrum was broken." The old lady laughed.
"Grandma, you scared us all." Cheng Dongyang saw that grandma could laugh and know that she was really okay.
"Why are you here!" The old lady looked at her grandson and frowned slightly. "I didn’t have much to do. I just slept for a long time. The child woke me up with a loud voice."
Cheng Dongyang and Meng Yudong smiled at each other and held grandma’s hand together. "Grandma, we can’t lose you."
"Where’s your grandfather? Let them all come in!" The old lady seems to know what happened and said to Cheng Dongyang.
So the whole family came in, and the old man saw his wife wake up and even smiled and squeezed her hand. "Your wife does everything to scare people!"
"Look at you, I told you, I just slept, and suddenly I heard my great-grandson call me this call. I think I have to take a look at it. When I opened my eyes, I realized that Dongdong’s voice was really loud." The old lady said lovingly and looked at Dongdong.
Dongdong is a little embarrassed, but it is the happiest thing to see grandma wake up and get better.
"It seems that it is still necessary to be loud to grandma." Cheng Xiyang looked at grandma and laughed.
"I think the great-grandson has the greatest strength," Cheng Yangyang echoed. "Sister-in-law put grandma’s hand in her belly and the baby woke up when grandma moved."
Everyone laughed. It was thrilling at last.
"It’s late, you all go back to rest!" The old lady listened to everyone talking and laughing, but she also said, "Dongyang Dongdong is tired today. Please send her back to rest quickly."
"Grandma, let me stay here with you tonight!" Cheng Yang said
"No, just let your mother stay with me. You all go back." The old lady took a deep look at Huang Yunwen and said.
Huang Yunwen smiled. "Yes, I’ll stay and take care of Mom."
Cheng Dongyang’s face was puzzled, but he didn’t say much. Since grandma wants to stay with her aunt, she naturally has her meaning.
So the group dispersed and Huang Yunwen stayed. She said, "Mom, it’s so good that you woke up. You don’t know that we are all scared."
"Really?" The old lady said coldly, "I, I woke up and you were scared."
"Mom, what are you talking about?" Huang Yunwen smile a stiff quick way
"I heard you talking to someone this afternoon. You said that you didn’t expect winter and winter to be so powerful that you could save the danger. She was lucky to get my blessing." The old lady didn’t mind at all. "Who did you talk to? Those photos will be taken for a while? "
"Mom, did you hear wrong?" Huang Yunwen would laugh at her mother-in-law with a face of panic.
"I have presbyopia, but I’m not deaf. When I passed by your room today, I heard those photos taken by you. You didn’t come forward to send them to Wenhua. You asked Wenhua to slander Dongdong Yunwen. I’m disappointed in you for doing everything you can to deal with a younger generation." The old lady gave me a sneer. "But you are calculating that I am a mother-in-law."
"Mom, you really heard me wrong. How could I do this?" Huang Yun’s smile reveals a sense of obliteration. She must never let anyone know that she can’t lose this man, especially when she is shocked.
"Yun Wen, I left you alone today. I didn’t expose you in front of so many people just now. You wanted to give you a chance." The old lady seemed to see through her and continued, "This matter is over. If you do this dirty thing again, I will definitely not spare you. If anything happens again in Dong Dong, I will count you as the head."
"Mom, why are you so maintaining Meng Yudong? What is so good about her? " Huang Yunwen looks pale and asks
"Little Dongdong is a kind child, and you and Wenhua can’t do it. Look at you. Now you can’t wait to kill me. I’m Zhenguang’s mother. You can do this to others. Think about Yangyang and Yang. Think about Yang. How can you continue your life after they see their mother?" The old lady was a little scared. She found herself doing this low. She had been with her daughter-in-law for more than 20 years. If it weren’t for Yang and Yangyang, she wouldn’t have left her and said these words to her now.
"She is kind? Mom, you’re not fair at all. "Speaking of this, Huang Yunwen didn’t hide to sit in the next chair and sneer." Meng Yudong and her mother ruined my marriage and wanted to take my husband away. Where is her kindness? "
"Yun Wen, that’s all over. Zhenguang is your husband now. Is that what you have to do?" The old lady said