The king was startled to lift his eyes.

"Of course, Ai Jia deliberately let the bracelet fall into the lake because of suspicion, just to let the night leave the water, but things didn’t develop as Ai Jia hoped."
"Ye Li does look a little girly, but isn’t it a little … and wasn’t he once around the empress?"
"Well, Aigu said it was suspicious mainly because the emperor’s reaction was so abnormal that Aigu had to think about it in this respect."
The king nodded slightly narrowed his eyes thoughtfully.
"I’ll try to help the empress find the answer."
Long palace road devoted to thousands of feathers walked in front, and Huo An followed suit.
It’s dusk again.
Although the emperor hasn’t spoken, Huoan knows that he has something on his mind.
Otherwise, I would never let him follow.
In my memory, he was alone every time I went to Yingyue Building.
The only time you take someone else is when you leave at night.
But it was only that time
Today, I suddenly called him flattered, and he wondered if this man had anything to say to him.
However, it is all the way.
The man on the top floor of Dengyingyue Building stood still in front of the guardrail for a long time and suddenly asked him, "What do you feel when Huo An is here?"
He was caught off guard by the question.
It’s the first time in his life that he has climbed the Moon Building and climbed so high for the first time.
Except for a little dizzy, I just feel that my vision is so wide, and there is a heroic feeling that the sky is vast and the earth is at my feet.
Maybe that’s why this man likes this place.
A country’s respect is not everything under control.
After thinking about it, he carefully organized a language, "Back to the emperor, the slave feels that everything in the capital seems to have a panoramic view."
"That’s it?" The man looked at him, and the night breeze blew and lifted him, and his ink hair and yellow robe horns danced together.
Huo An’s eyes trembled and answered, "That’s all."
The man bent his lips and slowly turned his eyes back to a low sigh in the distance.
"But I feel that it is’ lonely at the top’"
HuoAnXin mouth a slight lag at the man’s back.
It’s too cold at the top?
Although he didn’t read much, he understood the meaning of this sentence.
He is not a white man.
Isn’t he worshipped by the world and worshipped by all officials?
Didn’t he get it if he wanted it?
Will you still send out such feelings?
His back is so lonely?
"The emperor …"
He actually doesn’t know what to say, but he really wants to say something.
The man slowly turned back.
He was so clumsy that he didn’t say a word in the end.
Fortunately, men are not interested.
"Let’s go"
Turn around and the man picks up the steps
Huo An was very annoyed that he had frowned and followed closely behind him.
When Mo Qianyu came to the night departure wing, the night departure had just taken medicine and was preparing to rest.
"How do you feel now?" Mo Qian Yu asked her
"Thank you, the emperor’s heart is much better."
She has no pain in her lower abdomen now after she lost the medicine.
Mo Qianyu asked again, "Can I get a bed?"
Night from dazed dazed nodded "well"
"Then get up and serve in my temple!"
Mo Qian Yu finished and left.
The night was half-ringing, although she knew that there was no rest for a person, even if he was unwell, he had to hold his teeth.
After getting up and simply washing her hands, she came to the main hall of Longyin Palace.
The temple is devoted to Qian Yu and Huo An.
Mo Qian Yu sat at the desk for the first time without wearing a dragon robe, but wearing a white soft robe, which made him warm and jade-like.
In front of him, all kinds of dishes were set on the table.
It was dinner.