However, after less than three breaths, Yu Xiang has once again opened his mouth and said to Nan Yunqing behind Xiao Wen, "Nan girl, I don’t know why you came to the celestial world with Xiao Wen, but I think, in any case, the friendship between you and Xiao Wen will not be too deep. You may have some friendship with Xun Yu, but I can tell you responsibly that Xiao Wen and Xun Yu don’t have a deep friendship. So, if you don’t want anything from him, but from Ming Jianzong behind him, then you can come to our side now. I am a disciple of 27 cases of the No.1 Zi Ji Sect in this world. My clan is far more powerful than Ming Jian Sect. If they can help you, my clan can help you and do better! Although I am only a low-ranking disciple, I can make such a decision instead of Zizi Sect in this Feixia Valley! "

Nan Yunqing on the green frost sword looked at Yu Xiang seriously, which made Yu Xiang feel happy, but with the passage of time, Nan Yunqing’s eyes did not change, and he didn’t want to be cooperative. Slowly, Yu Xiang finally felt some different emotions from Nan Yunqing’s eyes, sadness, yes, sadness! But, why on earth is she sad? I am dying for Xiao Wen, unlike; For her own destiny, it is not like; What the hell is that for?
Yu Xiang didn’t have a chance to feel it, because Nan Yunqing had withdrawn her eyes at this time and gently pressed her hand on Xiao Wen’s waist, so as to stand more stably and facilitate the fight.
This is Nan Yunqing’s answer.
At that time, playing Ning and Ouyang Yue had found the answer from each other’s eyes, and they flew to Xiao Wen’s side without hesitation.
This is the answer of the two people who touch the lake.
Then there were Luo Qi and Gan Lin of Zhao Ri Zong. Instead of flying forward, they slowly retreated. At the same time, Luo Qi said, "Brother Xiao, I’m sorry, we don’t want to get involved in this muddy water."
"Yu Xiang, you promised that you would never embarrass us again!" Rain in retreat loudly way.
"Don’t worry, I’ll never embarrass you again, and I won’t tell anyone what’s going on here."
Once again, they got a positive answer. Rocky and Gan Lin turned and left, and then disappeared from behind the canyon in a blink of an eye.
"In that case, the three of you will die here!"
As soon as Yu Xiang’s words were finished, the ten people behind him turned out to be hands flashing a piece of paper, each suggesting at the corner of his eye.
The pieces of rune paper are turned into complex green se runes, and all of them enter their eyes. Everyone’s eyes are bright and the divine light is faint!
"Gentlemen, just try your best to protect yourself. I’ll take care of the counterattack." Xiao asked sink a voice, although the voice is not big, the momentum has soared in the voice, adding a lot of heroism to that speech!
"Bitter! !”
Yu Xiang suddenly cold track, and then a wave of his hand forward, a red se real operator was his sacrifice, into a raging flame, all of a sudden will Xiao Wen, play Ning, Ouyang Yue all submerged in it!
At the same time, the ten people behind Yu Xiang also started work at the same time!
"Yu Xiang! ! !”
There was a sudden binge drinking in the flame, and then Xiao Wen rushed out of the flame with a clear door, which startled Yu Xiang.
Yu Xiang is too close to Xiao Wen. At this time, their numbers are dominant. Naturally, he will not foolishly confront Xiao Wen, and immediately go up.
At this moment, however, a clear door suddenly disappeared, and Xiao asked with a wave of his right hand directly forward, obviously holding something that never slips away.
Yuxiang want to also don’t want to is a defensive symbol offering, the next moment, then see his head suddenly appeared a purple-black Se hammer shadow, hammer face with a foot Fiona Fang, smashed up directly at him!
After amplification, all the immortals are aura-threatening, but they lack texture. However, the purple-black hammer above Yu Xiang’s head is just the opposite, and it has no light, but the heavy and solid texture comes to me, as if it were not made of a few small pieces of fairy minerals, but was made of ten thousand kilograms of steel itself!
In an instant, the hammer hit Yu Xiang’s defensive mask. At that moment, Yu Xiang’s heart tightened and he subconsciously took out the second defensive symbol.
The next moment, I saw that the purple-black hammer face was like pressing on the bubble, and I pressed the defensive cover down effortlessly, almost reaching Yu Xiang’s head!
The second defensive symbol in Yu Xiang’s hand came out again, and another mask was on top, but the purple-black hammer pressed down effortlessly and instantly squashed the second defensive mask!
At this time, the hammer face has reached Yu Xiang’s head, and Yu Xiang has neglected nothing. He completely instinctively lifted his left arm and blocked his head!
I really don’t know how powerful the hammer is. I just broke Yu Xiang’s arm and pressed Yu Xiang to the ground!
They flew at a height of only three or four feet, and when they saw that they were about to be hit on the ground by a sledgehammer, Yu Xiang’s feet suddenly lit up with green light, which quickly spread upward.
Earth escape symbol!
However, the green light just spread to Yu Xiang’s knee position, and the hammer was already smashed down and slammed on the ground!
"boom! ! !”
The hammer disappeared, and a clear door reappeared, which blocked all attacks for Xiao Wen.
Look at the ground again, in a pit ten feet high in Fiona Fang, Yu Xiang’s legs are caught in the earth and stone, and the part on it has become a meat pie! ! !

Chapter one hundred and seventy-four Die
It’s shocking that Xiao Wen smashed Yu Xiang with a hammer, but it’s only strange that Yu Xiang is too arrogant and thinks that Zi Ji Zong’s art is so great that he is so close to Xiao Wen. Yu Xiang is dead, but the remaining ten people are unmoved at all, and the attack is even more fierce!
Then listen to the sound of "choke, choke, bang, bang" like rain on a clear door, and Xiao Wen at the back has been shaken to the left and right, and will soon lose his balance!