Ape Liang obviously agrees with Sulia’s point of view and stands proudly.

"That’s natural. My boss anyway. Nature is not the average person. Sulia, you should meditate first and absorb the energy in Dan medicine. The boss has something to do, so let’s not bother him. " Ape Liang sat down on the sand with Sulia.
Windson at apes bright this share. I knew this kid was going to be possessed. He couldn’t work and had to do it. Call the foreman in and get ready to start the slave auction.
After the foreman came in, he said with a smile, "Sir, there is one more item to be auctioned before the auction of group slaves. Can’t you wait?"
Windson laughed and said, "Nature can’t wait, but we have to wait. There are still a large number of slave trades in DuDu? "
The foreman thought for a moment and said, "The slave trade in the market. More than 5,000 places are for auction houses, and of course there are some black market transactions, so you need to go to Blackstone Exchange. There is generally a one-time buyout transaction, and the price of slaves is relatively cheap. "
Windson a listen to really have such a place. In my heart, I just gave the foreman a hundred thousand tips and asked casually, "Where is this Blackstone Exchange?"
The foreman happily took the tip, and the tip he received today caught up with the salary in the first half of the year.
Such a generous boss is not often encountered. Besides, if there is still a commission on the volume of private room transactions he serves, if all three transactions are won as this gentleman said. How much commission can you get?
The foreman is naturally very enthusiastic and thoughtful to serve Lin Feng. Answer whatever windson asks.
"It’s an underground palace under a manor in the western suburbs of the capital. The transaction volume there is no worse than that of the auction house. And many things are hard to come by. If you have anything you can’t find, maybe you can buy it there. " When they said this, the foreman suddenly pressed his ears and frowned.
"Sir, I’m afraid you’ve met your opponent. Just now, the front desk said that the chief financial officer of Lava Sakura Planet has just arrived here. I’m afraid the target is the last three deals." The foreman said with a long face, it is very uncomfortable to see that the commission at hand is so likely to be lost.
When windson heard that Lava Sakura could not help but see Shaqi looming in her eyes, windson naturally knew why he came because he was coming to bring up the rear. It seems that these slaves were really made by the Science and Technology Alliance.
"These bastards will pick you up after I buy these slaves back." Windson eyes flashed a folded mans.
At this time, the auctioneer’s voice sounded.
"The following is the first batch of 100,000 slaves who entered the group slave trade. These slaves are mainly composed of Hemudu people and Yuanmou people. All of them are young and middle-aged people. It is well known that the people on the original planet are all soldiers with good physical fitness. There is nothing to say that the auction starts below. The starting price of 100,000 slaves is 10 million, and the price increase should not be less than 1 million each time."
Lin Feng directly increased the price: "100 million …"
The bottom price of 10 million! Windson first gave ten times the reserve price. Almost accustomed to windson’s deal or no deal, the auction site is also unusually quiet. Just arrived ass haven’t sit hot lavasakura planet’s chief financial officer after hearing windson offer eyes glittering staring at the big screen. I can’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. Finally, a big fish has come! It’s better to tell the star leader when you go back after so many years!
"150 million!" Has been against windson VIP box 20 followed by the offer is given!
"There are bidding! Very good! " The fat body of the chief financial officer leaned forward and his face was full of greedy smiles.
"300 million!" Windson didn’t even think about directly doubled the price again. The purpose for windson is to buy back as many people as possible from the original planet. As for how much it costs, it doesn’t matter to him at all. Cosmic coins are just a bunch of meaningless numbers in his eyes.
Handed the foreman over and asked, "Do you know who is in Box 20?" Money doesn’t matter to Lin Fenglai, but time is precious to Lin Fenglai. This meaningless bidding is a waste of time for Lin Feng. Besides, he is not afraid of the so-called black-box operation in a place like an auction house where the price is clearly stated. As long as you have money, you are not afraid of other people’s tricks.
The foreman frowned apologetically and said, "Sir, I’m really sorry. There are regulations in the auction house that we can’t casually disclose the identity of the VIP room. "
Windson don’t like this kind of professional excuse frown up immediately, but it will soon be relieved. He knew that the foreman was telling the truth, but he didn’t care whether it was true or not. He took out more than ten cosmic coins from the box and threw them on the table and said, "Don’t worry, no one will know what you told me!"
More than a dozen cosmic coins are more than one million! The foreman’s eyes popped out, but he soon calmed down. See the foreman such performance windson not nodded his head. More than one million is not a small sum. As the universal currency of the Universe Alliance, Cosmic Currency is a hard currency that can be used on any planet in the Universe Alliance.
It can be seen from the cleaners in the foreman’s eyes that the foreman is not too few! But he will soon wake up from the temptation of money, which shows that the foreman knows very well what to take and what not to take. What can be taken and what can not be taken.
Windson seems very confident so ourtenant looked at the foreman. It seems that the foreman is also weighing the pros and cons. Since entering the auction, Lin Feng’s every move has fallen into her eyes, which is comparable to the imposing manner displayed between the stars and the stars. Several guards around him are scattered with sharp and suffocating murderous look.
Such a person is definitely not the foreman who can offend himself. It seems that he has made up his mind and smiled: "The auction house stipulates that we can’t disclose the identity of the VIP room, but it doesn’t stipulate that we can’t introduce the cultural features of the central planet to the guests!" While speaking, the eyes seemed to inadvertently fall on the million, but they were quickly recovered.
Windson nodded and smiled: "I just want to have a good time on this central planet after the auction. I am worried that there is no tour guide!" I wonder if the girl is willing? "
The foreman blinked and said, "With pleasure! As the administrative and economic center of the whole universe alliance, the central planet is complicated with various forces, but there are two families in this complicated force! Although these two families are not on the bright side, they are the real powerful families in the whole universe alliance. More than half of the planets in the cosmic alliance are under the control of these two families. It is no exaggeration to say that the private armed forces of the two families are the most powerful armed forces in the cosmic alliance! As for the family business of the two families, I don’t need to say that I think you are very clear! "

Chapter three hundred and thirty-nine Giants (on)
Windson nodded and motioned for her to continue.
"These are just what I overheard, but this is just the tip of their iceberg. Luo Orpheus’s family has been passed down for tens of thousands of years. Tens of thousands of years, I don’t know how many families have been lost in the long river of history. However, the Orpheus family has stood for ten thousand years and dominated the universe alliance several times. It is said that five thousand years ago, the Luo Orpheus family was so strong that it aroused the dissatisfaction of many big families. More than half of the planets in the parliament joined forces to put it bluntly, that is, dozens of big families joined forces to launch a military coup, which suppressed the Luo Orpheus family.
But even so, the Luo Orpheus family has not been completely destroyed. It took 4,000 years for this lean camel to be older than Ma, and the Luo Orpheus family rose strongly again, showing its incomparable absolute strength. But this time, Luo Orpheus’s family didn’t have sharp edges as before, but chose to hide! Only in this way, the industry and influence of Luo Orpheus’s family also spread all over the universe. The industry of Luo Orpheus’s family on this central planet alone accounts for more than twenty percent! "
"Everyone understands the truth of shooting a bird!" Lin Fengxiao said. The foreman also nodded, stretched out his purplish tongue and lost some dry lips, and continued: "The other family, the Starcroft family, is more mysterious than the Luo Orpheus family."
"The history of this family that has never appeared in front of ordinary people can also be traced back to tens of thousands of years ago. The Starcroft family is different from the Luo Orpheus family. This family has been prosperous for tens of thousands of years. They are the real aristocrats in the universe alliance. Any family should bow its proud head in front of them, even the Luo Orpheus family is no exception. "
"But strangely, the Starcroft family doesn’t seem to be involved in the political struggle in the cosmic alliance. They just live their own lives. But we can’t underestimate their strength because of this. It is said that two thousand years ago, there was a family that had been passed down for thousands of years and inadvertently provoked the Starcroft family. That family was completely obliterated overnight and even the seeds of the family were not left! Although the starcroft family is not involved in politics. However, every change of the leaders of the Universe Alliance has their shadow. It is said that there is absolutely no possibility that every president of the Alliance will take office if he is not recognized by the Starcroft family before taking office! "
Windson’s seemingly deadpan heart is also amazed that a family that has been passed down for thousands of years can be completely obliterated overnight, which requires not only power but also strong strength! When the foreman finished speaking, he made a signal with the lips at the big screen: "The Luo Orpheus family has booked the VIP box No.20 for a long time. That’s one of the most luxurious boxes in the auction house! If I guess correctly, the person in the box now should be Klanyi Luo Orpheus, the first heir to the Luo Orpheus family! "
Windson satisfactory nodded eyes glance at the money on the tea table. But the foreman didn’t seem to see the general eyes fixed on the big screen. At this time, only three VIP rooms are still competing for this slave, and they are still bidding.
Although the people in the three VIP rooms were surprised why Lin Feng only offered the price twice and then died down, they were very happy in their hearts. The first round of bidding for Soglia windson’s strong. Let them very surprised. Now, without a strong opponent, all three families that are bound to win this ticket of slaves spare no effort to work hard.
"1.5 billion!" This is the 25th after windson!
"1.6 billion!" The twentieth.
"1.8 billion!" Number ten!
If at the moment Lin Fengyong spirit force search will be able to now the squinting in box 10. A man with a gloomy and weird smile on his face!
"two billion!" Lin Feng’s time is tight, but for some things behind this transaction, Lin Feng doesn’t mind spending a little time to see who is behind it.
Everyone knows that the disaster of the origin planet is caused by the people of the science and technology alliance, and the people of Lavain Star directed this event. No one will do anything that is unprofitable and unprofitable. They don’t need a legitimate reason for this. But their interests must be legally guaranteed. Money laundering. Undoubtedly the best means!
There has never been peace in the cosmic alliance, and all the so-called peace has been whitewashed by politicians. This time. With the acquiescence or even operation of a bunch of members of the upper house of the Universal Union Parliament, the scientific and technological alliance represented by Lavain Star has gained great benefits. What they need now is to legalize their interests. Windson also saw this early. Although he already knew that there was a mysterious shadow behind the House of Lords, where would he have access to that mysterious shadow if he could not successfully penetrate into the aristocratic circle of the cosmic alliance?
Such a high profile is bound to attract the attention of countless people, and risks and interests coexist! What Lin Feng has to do now is not only to maximize the benefits but also to reduce the risks to the lowest point.
The auction house makes large transactions, all of which are ostensibly peddled and privately traded. In this way, all transactions are clarified and legalized. However, the auction house keeps confidential the inflow of goods and money, and will not disclose its source to anyone. After drawing dividends, the outflow of funds will be turned over through the central alliance bank, so the outflow of funds in this respect will be more legal and more secret!
Obviously windson is aware of this, so take a look at who is involved in it. Windson is quite interested. Now, except for Lin Feng, only three families are still fighting. "Shirley, please arrange a few people to monitor the owners of these VIP rooms and focus on exploring whether the three families have private contact." Windson told Shirley in my mind.
"Good master, please release a few clansmen. Now there are also clansmen above grade nine."
Windson nodded while the foreman was not paying attention and released four smaller versions of the inverse empty mouse.
"Shirley put lavasakura chief financial officer monitoring. With your strength, there should be no problem. Mostly asking for information. In the future, you can help me analyze and sort out this information through your contact with my people, and then choose the more important news to tell me. In the case of danger, safety is the first time to save your own life. This is the first rule of being my hand. "