Zhenyuanzi said, "Disciples have now realized that a gain and a loss are the Tao. These thirty fruits are still Tao. " Zhenyuanzi said that the 30 fruits on the ginseng fruit tree changed rapidly, from mature to raw, then to flowers, and then stopped.

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Zhang Wen nodded and said, "You can understand and not waste my painstaking efforts. In the future, there will always be a way to stay in these five villages." Say and drive away.
Zhenyuanzi and the Monkey King deeply worshipped in the direction of Mr. Zhang’s departure. Then Zhenyuanzi took the Monkey King and said, "You take care of my fruit tree, and we will be eight brothers in the future. Good brother. "
The Monkey King smiled and bowed to Zhenyuanzi and said, "Wukong has seen Big Brother."
Now that Zhenyuanzi’s fruit tree has been cured, the Tang Priest can naturally continue westward, but Zhenyuanzi kept four people in this Wuzhuangguan for a few more days before leaving.
Chapter 25 Passing through Baihuling
After the four Tang Priests left Wuzhuangguan, He Ming quickly came to Baihuling to meet Mrs. Bones and said with a smile, "Congratulations, Madam, the four Tang Priests have left Wuzhuangguan and should come to Baihuling in January."
Mrs. Bones was overjoyed and said, "Thank you, sir. With your help, I’m sure I can get the Tang monk’s meat."
He Ming Dow: "Now it’s the summer solstice, and there’s a lot of food all over the mountain. We need to start first."
Mrs. Bones said, "Yes, there is still some time, but it’s time to get rid of all the food in Fiona Fang. Little children go up the mountain quickly to clear the food within a hundred miles of Fiona Fang. "
A group of goblins immediately set out up the mountain to clean up the mountain’s food. Anyway, as long as all vegetarianism is poached or destroyed, this Baihuling Fiona Fang thyme has been cleaned for ten times, and there is not much left to grow every year. Now it is easy to clear it up. Half a month’s time, Baihuling Fiona Fang thyme when it’s really barren hills, wild fruit is not long, wild vegetables are not born. Only the animals all over the mountain are still there, but judging from the situation in this area, there are not many animals left, even if all the animals left are lucky enough to find some leftover food.
The Monkey King four people walked to the border of Baihuling, and they always ate their own dry food. Unfortunately, they didn’t meet others after walking for more than ten days, so the dry food was naturally gone. On this day, Tang Priest was really hungry, so he dismounted to rest and let the Monkey King look for food.
The Monkey King rode a cloud to the sky for a moment and then came back, saying, "Master, the boundary of this hundred miles of Fiona Fang is barren hills, and there are no wild fruits. If you want to make alms, you have to walk a few more steps."
Pig Bajie muttered, "Brother Monkey, your somersault cloud alone is 108,000 Li. There is no food here. Just walk a few more steps."
The Monkey King said uneasily, "As the saying goes, high mountains are bound to be strange, but steep mountains are fertile. My old grandson looks at the mountains and there are bound to be goblins. I’m afraid I’ll go there. Then the demon will take advantage of it. "
Pig Pig said, "Brother Monkey, don’t worry about monsters for a while, if you don’t find something to eat. My old pig starved to death before being eaten by the demon, not to mention that the master is a mortal, and he can’t stand hunger. "
The Tang Priest said, "Yes, Wukong is really hungry now. Go and get some food first, so that I can satisfy my hunger."
The Monkey King turned his eyes and said, "Master, wait here first, and I’ll come back when I go." Say and drive away.
The Monkey King had just left when Mrs Bones and He Ming appeared. It’s just that He Ming changed into a tiger spirit and followed Mrs. Bones as a tiger pioneer. When these monsters appeared, Tang Priest immediately hid behind Pig Bajie and Sha Wujing, who were armed with weapons to defend He Ming.
Pig Pig said, "Damn goblins, my monkey brother will be back soon. If you want to live, leave as soon as possible, or you will all die when my monkey brother comes back."
He Ming all laughed. "Pig head," said Mrs. Bones, "that monkey has been away from Baihuling for more than a hundred miles, and he can’t come back for a moment. By the time he came back, I had already eaten the Tang Priest, and he was useless. Haha. "
He Ming came out with a big knife and said, "Madam asked me to go and take down the Tang Priest."
Mrs. Bones said, "Ok, Tiger Pioneer, you can catch the Tang Priest. Be sure to get the Tang Priest back for me. "
He Ming took the order and immediately waved a broadsword and killed Pig Bajie. That Sha Wujing dare not leave the Tang Priest, so he can only watch Pig Bajie fight against the enemy alone.
He Ming fought with Pig Bajie because of Xuangong’s fierce skills. The pig’s strength was not as great as He Ming’s, and his mana was not as good as He Ming’s. He Ming just played a dozen strokes and began to lose, showing his weakness. He Ming took the opportunity to make a strong move and severely suppressed Pig Bajie. Finally, the pig was defeated. Take it down, Sha Wujing. To protect Tang Priest. I can only watch Pig Bajie get caught.
After He Ming took Pig Bajie, his own little demon came forward and tied him up. He Mingxie smiled and walked slowly to Sha Wujing. Sha Wujing and Tang Priest kept retreating, and finally retreated to the side of the mountain. There was no retreat, so Sha Wujing had to rush to He Ming with weapons.
He Ming sparred with Sha Wujing, and his own little demon came forward and arrested Tang Priest and tied him up. In a short time, Sha Wujing was defeated, and all three Tang Priests were arrested.
Mrs. Bones waved happily and said, "Go back to the mountain."
"The monster goes there." A loud roar loud heavy falling from the sky, the Monkey King holding a golden hoop to Mrs Bones, He Ming saw this and took out the anchor needle to block the Monkey King’s stick. "Touch" a loud noise, He Ming was the Monkey King a stick into the lower body. He Ming still holds the anchor needle to block the Monkey King’s stick. This time it was the Monkey King who took advantage. He just fell from the sky and went to He Ming. He Ming hurriedly took out the anchor needle to resist the natural disadvantage.
However, He Ming anchored the sea god with a needle, and then he spun up and used his stick to hit the Monkey King. The monkey naturally fought He Ming with a stick. There was a gap between the two men’s strength, but both of them met that chance, and their strength rose a lot. Now it is inseparable to fight. They are all monkeys who have been trained in "Heaven and Earth Xuangong", and they are not bad. He Ming ate more than 300 ginseng fruits, which ruined his own penance to 108 lives and finally achieved immortality.
Well, the two men are neck and neck, but when it comes to that move, He Ming is weaker than the Monkey King, but He Ming has a magic weapon. If you try very hard to fight, maybe these two people will still be alive. After all, this boy is much more insidious than the Monkey King.
Two people fight when it’s true and false monkey king meet, inseparable, played for half a day, neither of them can do anything, He Ming moves than the Monkey King, but the insidious moves are the Monkey King’s flattery can’t catch up, relying on these insidious tricks, He Ming just tied the situation.
The two men had also felt that the other side’s XuanGong was similar to their own XuanGong, so when fighting, they went easy on them, and it was naturally difficult to tell the winner. Moreover, the weapons of these two men are the same, so they can’t take advantage of magic weapons when fighting. Their moves and strength are nearly as bad as each other, so they can only stop at last.
The Monkey King looked at He Ming, and He Ming also looked at the Monkey King carefully. For a moment, the Monkey King said, "I didn’t think you really have some skills. Let my master go quickly, or my old grandson will be impolite."
He Ming Dow: "the Monkey King, your master is now in our hands. If you want to save him, you have to fight with me to win. You also know my strength before. If you are sure that you can beat me before the Tang Priest is eaten by my wife, just release your horse. If you can’t, you’d better not drag it like that. After all, we are senior monsters and won’t eat people like those low-level monsters. How to sit down and talk. "
The Monkey King said, "What do you want?"
He Ming waved his hand, and immediately a small demon moved out a stone table, three stone benches and put a pot of tea on it. He Ming, Mrs. Bones and the Monkey King were sitting at the stone table. Mrs. Bones said, "Although we are monsters, we are also reasonable monsters and won’t kill people. But if we are forced, we will still do some bad things. "
He Ming poured three people a cup of tea, and then he picked up a cup and tasted it slowly. A moment later, the Monkey King couldn’t wait. He said, "What conditions do you have?"
He Ming slowly toyed with his teacup and said, "Of the four of you, only the Tang Priest is of use to us. What do you say is our condition? The Monkey King squinted and said, "Do you want Tang Seng meat?"
He Ming said with a smile, "Yes, it’s the Tang monk meat. We need that thing, but it’s just a piece of cake for you. What we need is not much, just a catty."
The Monkey King said, "You really have a lot to offer. I’ll give you my master’s meat, but you might as well let us go.". Lest the master suffer. "
He Ming Dow: "Do you think you can get there?"
Mrs. Bones said, "There’s no food for you to eat and drink within a hundred miles of Fiona Fang. If you want to cross my Baihuling, you’ll have to leave Baihuling in a cloud. In this way, can you still walk there? "
He Ming Dow: "Besides, we will keep walking in front of you, destroying food along the way and harassing you constantly, which will make you restless."
Mrs. Bones said, "The Tang Priest is just a mortal. He can persist for a month without eating or drinking. How long can he persist without rest?"
He Ming said with a smile, "If the Tang Priest gives us a piece of meat, we will give you something delicious to drink, so that you can walk all the way through the White Tiger Ridge. In this way, you will have less trouble and enjoy the service all the way. How? "
The Monkey King turned his eyes and said, "I can’t be the master."
He Ming saw the Monkey King’s expression, gave him a clear smile, nodded at Mrs. Bones, and then Mrs. Bones drew a little demon and gave him a look. The little demon immediately went down and brought three Tang Priests.
Tang’s monk three people tied to Mrs Bones behind, the Monkey King saw three people immediately show anxious look. He Ming said with a smile, "Monk, we don’t want to kill people, and we don’t like to kill people. We just need a piece of your meat, not much, about a catty. As long as you give it to us, we will entertain you all the way."
Pig Bajie said angrily, "Damn monsters, let us go quickly, or you’re welcome as an old pig, and you want my master to cut meat for you. No way. Monkey, come and save us! "