Qin Tongdao: "I don’t know. I only saw a small black wooden box, but I didn’t know what was in it and my father didn’t tell me."

"I’ll go!" Qin Keer suddenly said, "If you lie to me, I want you to regret it for a lifetime!"
"Chloe, you …" Tang Lan trembles and her heart is full of anxiety. In fact, Xu Qingqing and Xiao Wu are also worried, but they can’t find a reason to dissuade her.
Qin Tong smiled and said, "Let’s go. You haven’t been home for a long time. Your room has always been kept and cleaned by servants every day."
Qin Keer said, "I won’t go tonight."
Qin Tongdao: "Then I’ll drive to pick you up early tomorrow morning."
"No need," Qin Keer said, "Lao Xiao, please come with me tomorrow."
"He?" Qin Tong’s eyes can almost kill people.
"Me?" Shaw five startled, pointing to his nose.
"It’s you." Qin Keer gave Xiao Wu a white look. "Don’t you want to?"
"Of course I do." Xiao Wu thought it would be better if this dialogue was said in church.
Qin Tong suddenly came to the front of Xiao Wu and looked at Xiao Wu straight. Just when Xiao Wu thought he was going to release some malicious words, Qin Tong turned and said, "Let’s go!"
When a person’s anger reaches the point of silence, that kind of anger is just like the calm before the storm. If it doesn’t explode, it will be crazy and unparalleled. But Qin Tong did all this for nothing because the object that made him angry was Xiao Wu.
Xiao Wu directly ignored Qin Tong’s anger and smiled: "Go slow and don’t send it."
Back to the third floor, Tang Lan pulled Qin Keer to her room and asked, "Keer, do you really want to go?"
"I’ll get my mother’s things back." Qin keer said.
"But Lao Xiao …" Tang Lan stammered, "Is it appropriate for him to go?"
Qin Keer said, "Is there anything inappropriate?"
Tang Lan said, "Qin Tong is obviously not a kind person. He dare not hurt you, but Lao Xiao is different. He will definitely deal with Lao Xiao."
"Oh, really," Qin Keer pouted. "I’ll let him accompany me back. I promise to bring him back to Sister Lan in one piece. Are you ok?"
Tang Lan’s pretty face flushed with swish. "I, I didn’t mean that. I just, just …"
Qin Keer stared at Tang Lan. "Just what?"
Tang Lan faltered: "I just want to remind you, you have to let Lao Xiao change into a decent suit, especially his sneakers."
"Hehe," Qin Keer smiled. "It must stink."
Lao Xiao, the wife of shop-owner’s mouth, is talking to a black cloud while smoking on the rooftop.
"Pan Hu, keep an eye on it for me. If anything happens, I’ll castrate you."
The black cloud conjured up the shape of a huge fist and then the middle finger of the fist stuck out.
"my god!" Pan Hu said.

Chapter 31 Xu Qingqing’s implicit confession
There was rustling footsteps.
Is wrangling with Xiao Wu Pan Hu whoosh disappeared in the night sky. Xiao Wu turned around and saw Xu Qingqing’s eyebrows lightly locked with troubles.
"Old Xiao" Xu Qingqing said, "I heard who you were talking to. Why don’t you see anyone?"
Xiao Wu said, "Mrs. Xu, you heard me wrong. I just hummed two songs."
"So that’s it." Xu Qingqing came to Xiao Wu’s side. She looked up at the night sky and thought deeply.
Xiao Wu has never been interested in looking at the stars. Xu Qingqing looks at the stars and he looks at Xu Qingqing.
Xu Qingqing said, "Lao Xiao, have you ever seen the stars with other girls?"
"No, Mrs. Xu is the first one." Xiao Wu is very close to Xu Qingqing. There is a faint fragrance on her body. The beauty queen between Shan Ye. Xiao Wu likes the taste very much.
Xu Qingqing said faintly, "You … I really don’t know what to say about you."
Xu Qingqing has a worry in her heart, which comes from the man around her. She doesn’t know how to choose between her best sister and a man with a little feeling. She didn’t know that Tang Lan and Qin Kerr also had this trouble.