Qing Ye touched the mysterious tortoise shell above, and couldn’t help thinking that this thing, if put out for auction, would cost a lot. That’s the tortoise shell at the peak of Luo Jinxian, which is more advanced than the super super beast in the mainland of Dragon God.

A monster crystal alone is sky-high in the mainland of Dragon God. However, if it is to be auctioned, it seems that it has to enter another more advanced mainland, because the mainland of Dragon God is the strongest, and no one knows the goods.
The state of mind, Qing Ye will take back the XuanJia wishful kit, mind move, and then opened the door of the room, and went out, I saw Lin Meng and deling several people are coming here.
After meeting Qing Ye, Lin Meng said, "Brother Qing Ye, we have come to say goodbye to you. We will meet again at the Mountain of Warcraft when the trip to the Holy Mountain is over."
Last night, Qing Ye and Lin Meng talked a lot. Qing Ye smiled and said, "OK, Brother Limon, you go first. See you at the Saint’s Ceremony."
Lin Meng smiled and said, "Then I’ll see you again at the Saint’s Ceremony for the heroic gesture of the Qing Ye brothers to save their wives." Delin several people also quipped. Although the Holy See has great power, Lin Meng and others believe that Qing Ye can successfully rescue Nu Wa.
Qing Ye talked and laughed with several people in the dark mercenary group, who left the inn first and hurried to the holy mountain first.
After Lin Meng and others left, Qing Ye went back to the inn, and adjusted his breath again. Because he had to refine Wan Zai Xuan Tortoise Shell just now, it took a lot of real money in his body.
Until completely recovered, Qing Ye out of the room, and then out of the room, leave ask sealing city, also to the southern holy mountain.
Ask Fengcheng, the next city to the south is Shanshui City.
The landscape city is smaller than Wenfeng City, but it is the most peculiar city in the kingdom of Mora, because it is surrounded by mountains and there are dozens of rivers in the mountains. In the dry and hot country of Mora Kingdom, the emergence of such a landscape city has always been a surprise to people in the mainland of Dragon God.
Some people say that the reason why this landscape city is like this is related to clash of the titans tens of thousands of years ago. At that time, the gods fought, the strength of conan the destroyer, and the firm but gentle let the nearby ground crack vertically and horizontally, reaching thousands of miles deep, and the underground water emerged, forming dozens of rivers in the landscape city.
Qing Ye into the landscape city, is close to noon.
There are still three days before the Saint Ceremony, so Qing Ye is going to find an inn to stay, and he is in no hurry. However, the closer he is to the Holy Mountain, the more people will flow in some cities, almost bursting the streets, and the inn is naturally full. Qing Ye has found three big inns in a row, saying that there is no room, which makes him feel depressed.
When I was leaving this inn to find another one, all of a sudden, the crowd in front of me was clamoring, and people were talking about it one after another, and I didn’t know what had happened.
When Qing Ye showed his knowledge, he knew what was going on. Can’t help but frown.
It turned out that a pair of civilian father and daughter were hit by a car and horse when passing by in the street. The woman was fine, but her father was knocked aside and fell in a pool of blood. I didn’t know life and death, and the owner was a noble young master. Instead of making amends, he saw that the woman’s father and daughter were good-looking. Instead, he framed the woman’s father and daughter for hurting his horse and asked her to accompany him back to the house as a maid to pay compensation.
Qing Ye sneer at 1, then walked to the crowd.
Chapter two hundred and four Dragon Nine You at the Peak of Sanctuary
When the Qing Dynasty passed by, the crowd of onlookers involuntarily spread out a road. The onlookers were a little surprised, but they didn’t feel anything, but all this fell into the eyes of a middle-aged man in another corner, and the middle-aged man couldn’t help but move his eyes. {}
Walking in, Qing Ye saw a young man dressed in aristocratic clothes trying to take away the girl who was crying with the middle-aged man lying on the ground in a pool of blood. He couldn’t help but coldly say, "Stop it!"
When the young aristocrat heard Qing Ye’s words, he took back the salty pig’s hand, turned around and saw Qing Ye, looking crazy, and couldn’t help laughing: "What? Hillbilly, do you want to learn from heroes to save the United States? "
As if mocking Qing Ye’s overreaching and showing off his family background to other onlookers, the aristocratic youth said, "Do you know who I am? I am a Mora Wang Guohua Voga family. "
Hearing that the noble youth belonged to the family of Mora Wang Guohua Fujia, other onlookers were not in uproar. Originally, some wanted to be a keen warrior and magician. Hearing this, they could not help but face a change and retract their feet.
However, Qing Ye didn’t know the wafuga family or the vodka beer family, but continued to say coldly, "So what?" !” Young aristocrats obviously zheng, surprisingly Qing Ye didn’t fear that he was a member of the Fuhua family. In the past, no matter who he was, even the royal family of other kingdoms, in the kingdom of Mora, the Fuhua family should be reasonable to him.
Why? Because, the Hua Fujia family: now there is a genius who is not in the world, and it is the most famous genius in the Dragon God mainland, that is, the captain of the Golden Cavaliers of the Light Vatican.
Winston is the cousin of the noble youth.
So, offending China’s Fujia family means offending the Vatican and the consequences of offending the Vatican. You don’t have to think about it, and the Fujia family is also one of the best families in the kingdom of Mora. Among the families, there is no lack of sanctuary.
"good! An untouchable like you. " The young aristocrats haven’t finished yet, but when they said this, they were slapped and screamed! He originally wanted to go on to say, "I didn’t know that our wafuga family was normal." But I didn’t expect this to happen.
Be swept a bar to aristocratic youth. The face is swollen. Almost covered the already small eyes. There is still blood on the corners of the mouth. Fall far away.
That was Qing Ye’s hand. Just read to condense an invisible hand. Sweep the noble youth slap fruit is not Qing Ye don’t want to kill more. I just killed him. Dalits? ! Qing Ye’s murder flashed: "You said. Who is the untouchable? !”
"You. You You. " The young aristocrats have swollen faces and vague accents. Pointing at Qing Ye. A face of disbelief. This. How dare this pariah hit him? Although you can’t see how he moves. But he lived for more than twenty years, and he was raised in the glory of his family. No one has ever dared to hit him. Because of his father. Is HuaFuJia family home.
"Kill. I killed you. Kill this untouchable! " The noble youth tried to open his mouth and cried. My eyes are angry and I can’t wait to get rid of this pariah’s skin cramp.
Five guards around the noble youth had previously seen the young master inexplicably slapped by someone. Are stunned to less after the main words. Have come to my senses. Can’t help but draw a weapon. Have to little Lord designated to kill the meddlesome untouchable.
A pariah. Kill it and kill it. Although this is a landscape city. And it’s under the Illumination Day. But the wafuga family has blocked the charges for them. They’re just guards. Just listen to the master’s command.
Qing Ye looked at the five guards, three seven and two six. This strength may be good for others, but for Qing Ye, it is only a matter of seconds to get rid of them. However, this time, Qing Ye will not make moves, because the colorful magic tiger sleeping on Qing Ye’s shoulder made moves.
Rubbed the tiger’s eye, the colorful magic tiger yawned, the tiger’s tail moved, and numerous wind blades were produced and flashed. Then, the five guards lay on the ground like the guards in Gele City, groaning.
Get rid of these guards, colorful magic looking dignified and vigorous looked at the noble youth, tiger eyes a stare, a sacred beast coercion to the noble youth in China and FuJia pressure up.
Pity how the noble youth can stand the intimidation of the holy beast and faint directly. As for whether it will become an idiot or seriously damage the brain nerve in the future, it is not the responsibility of the colorful magic tiger.
Solve the aristocratic youth, colorful magic tiger tiger eyes looking forward to Qing Ye, Qing Ye helplessly smiled: "a clear magic pill." This will get rid of this lazy cat’s gluttony.
Heard the reward, colorful magic tiger just let Qing Ye, eyeing up eyes back.
The crowd around me was shocked to see that it was such a result. Looking at Qing Ye, many seven masters looked at Qing Ye’s eyes with awe, and only they understood how terrible Qing Ye’s strength was.
Some bystanders saw this, and dispersed in succession, fearing that the city guards would come to implicate themselves, because as usual, some nobles had an accident, and some witnesses who were present were innocent, and they would be dragged to the prison for a few days to be interrogated well.
The rescued woman had been scared and didn’t know what to do.
Yu Sheng has never dared to imagine such a thing in her life, okay?
Qing Ye said, first a finger with both hands, a golden light into the middle-aged man who was knocked down on the side, and then took out a panacea and applied it to his wound. Soon, the middle-aged man woke up.
The middle-aged man was hit, but the injury was not serious. It was just an injury outside the skin, and he fainted. After Qing Ye’s treatment, it was naturally clear. Instead, because of Qing Ye’s panacea, he was painless and painless for the rest of his life until he died of old age.
When the young woman saw that her father was awake, she recovered from her panic, held her father in her arms and cried with joy, and then explained everything to her father.
Middle-aged people didn’t go through such a thing. When they saw the aristocratic youth who knocked down themselves, they fell aside. They didn’t know life and death, but they were even more alarmed. For Qing Ye, the benefactor, they were grateful and worried.
When Qing Ye saw the middle-aged look and knew what he was thinking, he said, "This noble young man belongs to the Wafuga family. For your safety, you’d better leave the kingdom of Mora." Middle-aged people turned pale when they heard that the young aristocrats belonged to the Huafuga family. When Qing Ye saw them, he frowned and didn’t say anything. Then he gave ten crystal coins to the middle-aged people and asked him to leave the kingdom of Mora with his daughter and settle in other countries.
Ten crystal coins are equal to a thousand dollars, which is a lot of wealth, enough for middle-aged people to buy houses and do some business in other countries and live.
Middle-aged people looked at the back of Qing Ye’s departure with shame and gratitude. Until the back of Qing Ye disappeared, they hurriedly took their daughter, listened to Qing Ye and left the kingdom of Mora.
Qing Ye listened to the Huafuga family and knew its influence and position in the kingdom of Mora, but what about this? Steber and Qing Ye, the cardinal archbishop of the Holy See, were all killed, not to mention the children of a Huafujia family.
After leaving, Qing Ye suddenly stopped and said slowly, "I don’t know who’s calling? Follow me, what is it? " Since just solve the aristocratic youth, Qing Ye knew that a master’s mind locked himself.
Qing Ye unknown intention, just didn’t care, so there has been no noise.
After hearing Qing Ye’s words, the other party’s obviously stunned voice sounded: "Good! Young man, you can show me now. It seems that I still underestimated your cultivation! "
Qing Ye turned his head and saw a middle-aged man dressed in ordinary gray clothes who was almost the same as himself coming to him. Middle-aged man, with a beard, a pair of eyes, sharp as a knife, a square face, and a height of nearly one meter nine, looked very burly.
See the middle-aged, Qing Ye face dignified up gradually, competitive! The middle-aged man gave Qing Ye the feeling of being a primitive treasure knife hidden in the scabbard, but Qing Ye knew that once this treasure knife was drawn, it would be an earth-shattering blow, even Qing Ye, who was not sure about it.
This is the second person Qing Ye has met to threaten Qing Ye since he came to the mainland of Dragon God.
The first nature is to capture and kill the ghost of Qing Ye’s nether mansion in the Mountain of Warcraft, and the second is the middle-aged person in front of me. There is no doubt that the middle-aged man’s cultivation is much higher than that of Archbishop Steber in red of the Holy See.
The high order of the sanctuary is strong! And it is the highest peak of the sanctuary! Qing Ye god knowledge exhibition, then see the eyes of middle-aged people. Qing Ye can feel it, however, in the sight of the middle-aged, not malicious to yourself.
The middle-aged man came to Qing Ye’s eyes, looked like a knife, toured Qing Ye, and said with admiration, "Young man, you did a good job just now! If I were you, I would do the same! Whatever it is, wafuga, what a fucking family! However, you can have a sacred beast with a colorful magic tiger, and your strength is good! Young man, which big family are you from? I can’t think of any big family in the mainland of Dragon God that has trained such a talented person like you! "