Niu Bi sat down in Bai Yunfei and said loudly: "The newcomer will give a big gift to the elders of the white family!"

Bai Yunfei seated Xiao Wu and Bai Zhijun knelt in front of Bai Zhantang and Bai Yunfei again.
Bai Zhijun said softly, "Brother Xiao, please take care of me for the rest of your life."

Chapter one hundred and eighty-three Reinforcement
I ….. "Looking at Bai Zhijun immersed in happiness for a while, Xiao Wu hurt this kind and beautiful woman. She didn’t know anything. She was an innocent victim. What’s more pitiful is that she became a pawn of her biological father.
"Brother Xiao, you, you …" Bai Zhijun’s shoulders trembled nervously. "Don’t you want to?"
"I can’t marry you!" Shaw five suddenly stood up and suddenly all eyes were on him. Bai Zhantang narrowed her eyes, relaxed and calm, but seemed indifferent to this change.
"You, you, you … I hate you!" The tears in the corner of Bai Zhijun’s eye are pulling the thread down. She can’t imagine this ending. She can’t imagine it at all.
Xiao Wu suddenly felt relaxed when he said what he was holding in his heart. As a man, a man should face all conspiracies and setbacks openly and should not implicate an innocent woman, although she is the daughter of the mastermind of the conspiracy. At Bai Zhijun, he said faintly, "Maybe you don’t understand now, but soon you will understand that I don’t want to hurt you and you shouldn’t be involved in this matter. In the future, there will be men who love you and take care of you for a hundred times more than me, but definitely not me. I don’t have any feelings for you."
Wow, with a wail, Bai Zhijun turned and ran out of the lobby.
For no reason, the wedding turned into a farce. Bai Zhantang and Bai Yunfei were humiliated, but surprisingly, until now, the heads of the two White Houses, Bai Zhantang and Bai Yunfei, still kept a rare demeanor and looked at Xiao Wu in silence. Without saying a word.
"I canceled this marriage." Xiao Wu half-dead said that compared with Bai Zhantang’s eyes, Bai Zhantang was silent, but his eyes were as if nothing mattered.
"Does my marriage in the White House mean that it can be cancelled if it is cancelled?" Bai Zhantang finally spoke "is my daughter of the White House you can insult at will? Are you saying that you can abandon it? "
Xiao Wu said, "What do you want? I won’t marry your daughter anyway. "
Bai Yunfei interjected, "I’m sorry, Xiao Wu. We’ll take you down and put you in the forbidden area of the White House."
The forbidden area is naturally a dry well in the backyard. According to the plan, we won’t have to wait for Xiao Wu to fall directly, but now Ding Mu is no longer in this "waiting" but it has become a real "waiting". In fact, what Bai Zhantang and Bai Yunfei are waiting for is a difficult opportunity, even if Xiao Wu doesn’t cancel the marriage. They also find it difficult to make excuses. So Xiao Wu did exactly what they wanted.
Xiao Wu said, "What if I don’t want to?"
Bai Yunfei ha ha a smile "this is not for you. Although you are the Lord of the Sanqing Dynasty, this is a big demon country. Your military forces are far away in the monster beast prairie, but here they are all friends and relatives of my White House. I believe that what you have done has also shamed them, and they will not sit idly by. "
As soon as these words were said, relatives and friends who had no feelings and had nothing to do immediately screamed. It seems that what Xiao Wu did really made them feel ashamed, as Bai Yunfei said.
Xiao Wu didn’t respond at all. He just thought that a group of lunatics were calling, and his left hand was already on the storage bracelet. The battlefield atmosphere was getting stronger and stronger. At this crucial moment, a deafening dragon song suddenly appeared in the sky, and when I looked up, I saw a black dragon that was tens of meters long and flew to the back of the black dragon. It was clearly visible that a female knight in white armor was holding a black flag with white edges in her hand, and there were two intersecting ears of wheat embroidered on it.
After the black dragon female knight, she followed four female warriors who also wore white armor and pedaled slurry weapons, and their belts fluttered between flights, so they looked dashing and heroic.
The guests inside and outside the lobby were attracted by the black dragon female knight and at that time everyone forgot to deal with Xiao Wu, the heart breaker.
The female knight of the black dragon descended slowly, and the black dragon turned into a graceful girl in black. One black and one white, two girls standing together are the same breathtaking beauty. The female knight of the black dragon has a delicate face like a goose egg, her eyebrows are curved, her eyes are as clear as a mountain stream and a clear pool, her eyes are blue and more beautiful than sapphire, and her gold is fluttering like a waterfall, so she can’t say a beautiful and refined taste of exotic customs. The girl in black changed by the Black Dragon is an apple face in Zhang Yuanyuan, and there are two obvious dimples on both sides of her mouth and a pair of big eyes like pearls. She looks a little more innocent.
Four female soldiers pedaling paddle weapons also landed on the stone steps outside the lobby and stood behind the black dragon female knight and the girl in black without saying a word.
At this time, a guest from the blood river suddenly pointed to the black wheat ear flag with white edges in the hands of the black dragon female knight and cried, "That is the flag of the Black Wheat Pirates of Pearl Island! They, they … How can appear here? "
There is a saying that if the Poseidon family controls the underwater world in the vast waves, the Black Wheat Pirates of Pearl Island will control the world on the sea, but if something of the Black Wheat Pirates falls into the Caspian Sea, the Black Wheat Pirates can only give it to the Black Wheat Pirates. Of all the legendary pirate organizations, the most amazing thing is that there are no men in this island organization, even their mounts and their captive animals are female without exception. The most important thing is that more than 90% of the members of the Black Wheat Pirate Group are from the blood river, and the remaining layer is the fix-true, the goblin and the blood clan with evil temper. There is no doubt that the mysterious powers and blood clan who act strangely have filled in a mysterious color for the Black Wheat Pirates.
This guest is obviously
Too much, but as soon as his words were finished, there were guests who were more excited than him, and there was a buzz of discussion.
The black dragon female knight chuckled but took out a delicate gift box from the storage ring and said with a smile, "I heard that Lord Xiao Wuxiao of the monster beast prairie of Sanqing Dynasty got married today, and my elder sister sent a gift to my younger sister. Please accept it."
Bai Zhantang is obviously suspicious for these uninvited guests. But on the surface, he still maintained the demeanor of his generation of housekeepers. He slowly walked out of the lobby and asked, "Who is the girl?"
The female knight of the black dragon said, "I’m the deputy head of the Black Wheat Pirate Land on Treasure Island. My name is Bess. This is my mount from magic dragon, a different dimension. Her name is Akayan."
Bai Zhantang suddenly shocked "magic dragon from another dimension?"
In the lobby, there was another breath of chill. The existence of different dimensions has always been only in the legendary stories. It is a very dangerous and strange world. It is the powerful and evil inferno that dominates that world, and magic dragon is the best among them! No wonder I didn’t feel the slightest fluctuation of demon power and power element energy from Akayan. There is only the vast dark magic like the sea!
Truly, only God-level practitioners and goblins have the honor to go to the people here, but the goblins never dreamed that a magic dragon from another dimension stood in front of them, and his identity was actually just the mount of the deputy head of the Black Wheat Pirate Corps!
"Yes," said Bess, smiling in amazement, pointing back to the four female soldiers behind her. "They are the captains of the four main warships of the Black Wheat Pirates. They are Caroline, the captain of the main battleship of the Yellow Sea. From the coffin, the captain of the main battleship, Jones Bilai. The captain of the main battleship from Bumblebee, Menkali, is from the captain of the main battleship from Daboli, Murphy Slam. "
Bai Zhantang ha ha a smile. "It’s really a guest, although this marriage has been cancelled. However, the head of Bishop can still visit and be a guest in my Songyun Village. "
"Actually," said Bess faintly, "I heard Lord Xiao personally refuse this marriage as early as a mile away. And above the sea, I can hear the sound of a small squid swimming under a kilometer. "
The room was silent. Everyone has a question: What kind of power can make it so horrible?
Bess paid no attention to Bai Zhantang. She walked slowly to Xiao Wu’s side until she looked at Xiao Wu’s whole body with a curious eye and said with a smile, "It’s really not an ordinary man."
It’s full of boos. Bess said this in a tone like a female bandit leader flirting with a handsome young epigenetic, but no matter how you look at Xiao Wu, he is more bandit than her, and he can’t find even the slightest reserve and bookishness of the handsome young epigenetic.
Xiao Wu didn’t care about the reaction around him. He asked directly, "How do you know me, Chief Bess?"
Bess walked around Xiao Wu and said with a smile, "We know each other because we know each other. Besides, don’t adults Xiao think that our meeting today is a kind of fate?"
"Not at all," Xiao Wu said. "I heard Captain Bis talk about the Yellow and Coffin just now. I wonder what kind of ships they are?"
Bess said, "Of course it’s a sailboat, the best sailboat in the world."
Xiao Wu’s excitement quietly disappeared in an instant because he had been on the Yellow and Coffin, but it was an aircraft carrier of a sycophantic son. Obviously, it’s just a coincidence that two sailboats have the same name. He lost his way and said, "You don’t have to give your gift, Chief Bess. The wedding has been cancelled."