"…" Han Yang said angrily at the girl’s helplessness. "Let’s go. Now the whole hell is not safe. Who knows if we will encounter any enemies later."

Jingyi smell speech just skimming the pie mouth obviously didn’t take this to heart for Han Yang.
The two men passed through the boundary between the ghost world and the underworld one after another and formally entered the boundary of the ghost world. Han Yang briefly identified the position and soon determined his position.
According to what Zhu Xian said before, Han Yang just glanced at the characteristics of the surrounding environment with God’s knowledge and found the direction of Yaochi Holy Land. The thought of seeing Gexuelin Han Yang immediately made the whole person look healthy and energetic.
It’s too long. Two years, nine months and seven days. Two years, nine months and seven days!
Recalling the scene when I met Ge Xuelin, Han Yang felt as if she had had a long dream, and spent two years, nine months and seven days in the dream!
Revenge has long been avenged, but the more lonely my heart is.
Han Yang’s mind is still hovering with the phrase "Wait for me!" Now he can fulfill his oath. He really took back the control of ten ghost cities and finally came to the ghost world …
Took a deep breath and barely suppressed the wild excitement in his heart. Han Yang said faintly, "Let’s go."
Jingyi looked at the ever-changing expression on Han Yang’s face, and the look in her eyes was a little strange, but she nodded and said, "Well, I also want to meet the teacher elder sister of the Western Queen."
Vomitted to stick out the tongue with way
"She doesn’t know about this sneaking out. Just don’t take me back."
The two men spread out their wonderful body skills and went to Yaochi Holy Land.
Just after Han Yang and Jingyi left, it was about a cup of tea. Six figures landed in the place where they had just stayed. Six strange-looking men seemed to be practitioners of demon cultivation.
"They just stayed here and left, but the smell of a cup of tea is still very strong." One of them sniffed with his nose and then said with a heavy voice.
"Can you tell which direction the two of them have gone?" A man who seems to be the leader asked.
Just now the man nodded, sniffed carefully and finally pointed to the southeast. "They can’t go wrong in this direction."
"Southeast? ….. is the sacred place of Yaochi! " The leading man thought about it and immediately guessed the destination of Han Yang and Jingyi’s trip. "Everyone mentioned the limit to stop these two kids before they reached the land of the keeper!"
Six figures instantly turned into a faint thin line and disappeared to the southeast.
Along the way, Jing Yi kept asking if Han Yang had ever had a relationship with Ge Xuelin, but the latter kept changing the subject to avoid this embarrassing question.
"Hum cheapskate tell somebody else! I won’t talk about it everywhere. " Jingyi pouted unhappily.
Han Yang said with a wry smile, "Miss, it’s not a question of whether you will talk nonsense. It’s my personal. There’s no reason to let you know."
Because after several battles of life and death together, it is more natural for two people to get along without the deliberately kept distance between men and women.
"Don’t say it!" A round of the static grace eyes. The expression that made Han Yang feel uneasy appeared on his face. "Han Yang, I’ll ask the teacher elder sister to introduce her disciples to you later. I heard that the teacher elder sister is full of beautiful women."
"Don’t." Han Yang rebuffed it without thinking. This girl must be thinking something wrong again.
Hearing Han Yang’s rejection, Jing Yi doesn’t care about smiling and following him. The two of them are almost close to the land of the keeper.
From the land of the keeper to the forest of trials. You can officially reach the Yaochi Holy Land.
Right now. Han Yang suddenly stopped and pulled Jing Yi, who didn’t react, to sink a track: "My crow mouth has come true!"
"What?" Jingyi didn’t respond at the moment. When I was about to ask, six figures suddenly passed over their heads. Instantly fell in front of them, remembering that Han Yang had just said, "God knows what enemies he will encounter later."
This sentence.
Han Yang stepped forward. The cold voice asked, "The six people came on that road specially for our two younger generations. Don’t you know what’s the matter?"
"Are they two?" The seemingly leading Tsing Yi man asked behind him.
Han Yang and Jing Yi saw one of the six people moving his nose as if smelling something, and then they heard the man say, "It’s just that they can’t be wrong."
The leader nodded and said, "We are the Six Saints of Meishan, and we came to the underworld to find you two at the order of the sage Jiro Zhenjun."
"Sage Jiro true gentleman? It’s Erlang God Yang Jian. " Han Yang remembered that the relationship between the Monkey King and Erlang God had softened a lot and asked, "What can I do for you?"
"It’s so great that the Great Sage wants to ask Jingyi Fairy something about Taoist Hongjun, so Jiro Zhenjun asked the six of us to come to the ghost world to find you." The leader said, "By the way, I’m Yuan Hong."
Han Yang carefully looked at the man named Yuan Hong and nodded slightly:
"Where is Brother Sun now?"
Yuan Hong said: "Heaven has changed like a Buddha’s death, and the Western Tai Chi Emperor has sent troops to attack the Great Sage and Jiro Zhenjun, who are meeting the enemy. Don’t worry, since our six brothers have been sent to find them, they will be able to ensure your safety."
"Oh." Han Yang answered the voice and suddenly asked, "Is Fairy Zi Xia all right?"
Then Yuan Hong smiled and replied, "We don’t know this. Fairy Zi Xia should be in Yaochi Holy Land, but maybe we should go to the Great Sage.
Static grace some suspicious but see Han Yang didn’t speak there would be no too care about.
"What are you going to do? Are we going to kill each other or take them alive?" Han Yang shrugged his shoulders. Yan Yun rode the eighteen spirits instantly and was released by him.
Yuan Hong was stunned: "I don’t understand what you are talking about."
Han Yang sneered: "What elephant did you pack for me with a cucumber in the pig’s nose? Give it to me! "
While speaking, Yan Yun’s eighteen riders have set their sights on these six guys who claim to be "Six Saints of Meishan". It’s no use crying over spilt milk. The self-proclaimed Yuan Hong also laughed, and the five people behind him also managed to escape the lance.
"Good boy really has some doorways. No wonder he can kill seven Yan Jun." Fake Yuan Hong snorted, "I want to see people die and see corpses. Now it seems that I have to choose the latter."
These six people are extremely fast, and the fake Yuan Hong rushed to Han Yang and Jing Yi before Yanyun rode into battle formation. The water-dividing thorns with blue cold light in their hands were attached to three ice spells, and they smashed down head on.
Han Yang didn’t even lift his eyelids and put his hands together. clear voice shouted, "There is no Amitabha in the south!"
A Buddha’s light lit up from Han Yang’s head to keep the water-splitting thorn and ice spells out.
At this time, the fake Yuan Hong suddenly gave a scream. When Han Yang looked suspiciously at the past, this guy had fallen to the ground in a soft way. Yuan Shen seemed to be sealed by something and could not escape.
With the gradual dissipation of energy, Yuan Shen, the false Yuan Hong, is also rapidly consuming, and finally his pupils are dilated and he dies.
"Shout …" Jing Yi suddenly took a breath and said with a trembling voice: "I finally killed a demon. I didn’t expect it to be so easy …"
Han Yang just remembered that this girl has three strange magic weapons, silver needles, which can’t help but be funny. This is probably the first time she has ever killed a creature and the object is a monster that has turned into a human form. This seems to be a kind of virginity.

Chapter one hundred and twenty-eight Meet each other
After meditation, supported by Han Yang’s supernatural power, Yanyun Eighteen Rides has settled the remaining five people in just a few dozen strokes, but one of them who was originally captured alive actually broke himself.
Han Yang sighed. Originally, he didn’t want to get any information from these six people. This eighty percent is also related to the mysterious man in Fengdu Emperor’s Mansion … Only this time it is for Jingyi. Is it really unfortunate that he and Xingtian guessed it?
If it is really a Taoist Hongjun, who else in the three realms can compete with it?
Aside from this headache problem, Han Yang looked at Jing Yi, the girl who is eighty percent the first time to kill, but it seems that there is no special negative emotion, probably because she has experienced life and death, or because she has seen many dead people.
"Girl, let’s go." Han Yang said flatly, and walked on.
Jingyi took a deep breath and put aside the tremor in her heart and followed it up. The land of the keeper is just around the corner.
The so-called keeper’s land is actually the place where two stone statues similar to the giant spirit god are placed. These two stone statues are not deliberately arranged by the Queen Mother of the West, but have been staying in this place in the ghost world since ancient times. Anyone who comes near a stranger will attack that person.
Even the Five-Party Ghost Emperor didn’t know where the two stone statues came from, but because the attack power of the two stone statues was not strong and the place itself was deserted, the Five-Party Ghost Emperor didn’t deliberately pay attention to the two stone statues.
When the Queen Mother of the West moved the Yaochi Holy Land to the ghost world, these two stone statues seemed to have become the gatekeepers of the Yaochi Holy Land, so there was a saying that there was a place for the door gods.
This information. Zhu Xian told Han Yang that, of course, Zhu Xian himself did not personally verify the power of these two stone statues, but if you want to come, there will be nothing interesting. After all, it is a dead thing.
"Girl, I’ll pin down these two door gods for a while. Just wait for me at the entrance of the trial forest." Han Yang turned to Jing Yi and said.
Jingyi looked at the two huge stone statues in front of her. There is no panic mood. Just a little curious. These two stone statues look like dead bodies, and they don’t have any magical fluctuations. Can they really hit people?
Soon. This doubt was solved.