Taibai Venus respectfully said, "Yes, Your Majesty. In those days, you and the heavenly queen were alienating each other because of rumors. As a result, you and the Queen Mother are at odds. I think the Queen Mother has also wanted to make up with your majesty in recent years, so. " Speaking of which, Taibai Venus looked up and glanced at Haotian’s face.

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When Taibai Venus mentioned what happened to Haotian and the Queen Mother in those years, Haotian’s face was ugly, and others made mischief? That bitch of the Queen Mother had an affair with Zhou Youwang Su Guozhen, the emperor of the world, and cuckolded him. He has held a grudge against this matter for years.
Hao Tian said coldly, "Don’t mention that bitch again."
Chapter three hundred and forty Qing Ye VS Life to the Most High God
In the HarmonyOS world, in the north of the Shenprison Sea, the Qing Ye broke the 12-wing trillion pool. I saw the heavens and the earth shaking, and the sea of God’s prison was surging and the Lei Guang was flashing.
Not only the whole prison sea of God, but also the whole celestial world of light was shaken and uneasy.
The twelve-winged angel transformation pool, which existed at the birth of the sky, has been broken now, and the anti-seismic force can be imagined.
Han Jin’s face changed greatly, and he looked at Qing Ye. "You broke, you broke the twelve-winged angel, the angel transformation pool!" "
Qing Ye said indifferently, "Now it’s broken, so what?"
At this time, tens of thousands of ten-winged angels who guarded the twelve-winged angel transformation pool were frightened and flew to the twelve-winged angel transformation pool.
There are trillions of miles of light gods from the prison sea, and several other big light gods are also frightened, looking at the direction of the twelve-winged angel transformation pool, aren’t they? They showed their knowledge, and immediately discovered the phenomenon of twelve-winged angel transformation pool.
Tens of thousands of ten-winged angels arrived, and Long Jiu You saw it. With a snort of cold, the Lord God’s coercion broke out. In the past, tens of thousands of winged angels stopped with horror.
"Lord God!"
No matter which god’s face, or which army under the Lord God, no matter which Lord God you meet, you must worship Fu Jing as the "Lord God".
Long Jiuyou has successively refined three deities of the median Lord, and its strength is comparable to that of Augusta, the master of light. The coercion on me is that several other light gods in the light world can’t help shivering.
Suddenly, the owner of Augusta family burst out laughing wildly: "Haha, Qing Ye, you broke the twelve-winged angel transformation pool. I didn’t expect you to really break the twelve-winged angel transformation pool!"
Qing Ye and others one leng, this Han Jin Murphy gave birth to madness or lost his mind? Well, it seems that Qing Ye broke the twelve-winged angel transformation pool, and he was still so happy.
Ye Tian couldn’t help saying, "Are you crazy here?" Ye Tian pointed to Han Jin’s head, and the word "funny" followed Ye Qingxue.
Funny? Han Jin doesn’t understand the meaning of the word "funny" in Ye Tian. But I also guessed that it was not a compliment, and sneered: "Qing Ye, you broke the ban on the twelve-winged angel transformation pool. When the highest god appears, it will definitely kill you." Speaking of this, Han Jin looked ferocious: "It won’t take your father’s hand at that time, and it won’t cost you a cent. Hehe, then he looked at the prostitute and sneered:" I really want to see your face when your husband dies. "
At the end of Nu Wa’s speech, Ye Tian blew up with one punch, directly blowing Han Jin’s cheeks, and blowing Han Jin’s face, the owner of the Augusta family, was deformed, with his left face sticking to his right face and his mouth slanting over the other side.
Ye Yao inherited the fine tradition of Qing Ye. While practicing, we not only practice the power of the stars, but also the body of fellow practitioners. Although it is only the cultivation of Taiyi Xuanxian, the body is comparable to the general main artifact. How can Han Jin stand it?
Under the fist, Hanjin grinned with pain.
Ye Yao stayed to continue to bombard again. At this moment, the clouds suddenly surged between heaven and earth. The whole catty, the bright celestial body that exudes holy light, was suddenly shrouded in a light green light.
These pale green lights are full of vitality. Under these pale green lights, the whole life of the bright gods feels that the vitality in the body seems to be stimulated in an instant.
Even those plants, such as green grass and trees, have grown up at a speed visible to the naked eye.
Qing Ye and prostitutes look dignified, especially Ye Tian and others, and their facial expressions changed, that is, Long Jiu You also looked frightened.
Qing Ye evoked a charming smile at the corner of his mouth, grabbed Han Jin with his hands in vain, and then threw it to Long Jiuyou, saying, "Long Jiuyou, you take Tianer back and protect their safety.
After receiving Han Jin, Long Jiu said respectfully, "Yes. Leader. " Then the body exudes the power of the Lord God. Will Ye Tianhe ghost machine wrapped, fly back out.
Go straight to exit tens of millions of miles away, and then stop.
Ye God knows the importance of things, but he doesn’t say much. Instead, he stands beside Long Jiu’s birth and stares at Qing Ye and Nu Wa.
I saw Qing Ye and Nunai standing above, and the pale green light of the bright gods all gathered over them.
Ye Tian looked dignified: "Uncle Jiu, is that light green light the power of the Supreme God?"
Long Jiuyou’s throat moved and his eyes flashed: "It should be the power of the Supreme God, and it is the power of the Supreme God of life. For the power of the Supreme God, don’t say that he has never seen it, even other masters have not seen it, but the light green light contains the power of life that is countless times stronger than the power of the Lord God who dominates life.
Therefore, it should be the supreme power of life to contact Han Jin earlier.
Han Jin was carried around by Long Jiuyou, but he couldn’t move a step, but he was able to speak. He sneered, "Hey, life is the supreme god. The supreme god of life finally appeared. At that time, Qing Ye and Nannai died. My father’s Lord of Light will unite with other gods to clean up the heavenly religion and kill them one by one. "
Ye Tian was angry when he heard this, and a slap swept across him, making Han Jin’s eyes shine with stars.
Don’t be a slave. The first family, Augusta’s family, Jiafeng, was beaten again by a catty of small children. Don’t fall into my hands then. "
Without further ado, Ye Yao slapped again. Unfortunately, Han Jin’s whole body space was imprisoned by Long Jiu You, unable to use divine power, and was slapped by Ye Tian.
Those winged angels saw it, but they couldn’t move under the pressure of the dragon’s nine mysterious gods.
At this time, the pale green light between the heaven and the earth of the bright gods gathered in the sky and then formed a huge face.
This face is countless times more powerful than the energy body formed by the power of the Lord God, and it is even bigger, high above the sky, that huge face. It is thousands of miles in size.
This huge face, even the whole world of light has seen it, and several other big gods of light have stopped over their abode of fairies and immortals, feeling the trembling of their souls.
Most High God! It turned out to be the most high god!
The life of one of the four supreme gods appeared!
Since the birth of countless billions of years, the Supreme God has only appeared five times in the world of light!