Xiao Wen can deeply understand Zhou Jie’s love and hate for her father in just one day. Zhou Yuan lectured every employee in the store with his mean thinking, and Xiao Wen was not spared.

Xiao asked thinking what to say also have to give Zhou Jie a face, just bear down.
Zhou Yuan’s old man also had some eyesight, and soon found that Xiao Wen was genuine, so it was not so hard to listen when talking to Xiao Wen later. However, Xiao asked Zhou Yuan, a person who can only be out of sight but out of mind. He still felt uncomfortable watching Zhou Yuan treat others unkindly. In his view, this is no different from bullying, or even worse!
The most unbearable thing for Xiao Wen is that Zhou Yuan’s old man actually did the same to most guests! Dressed in ordinary clothes, low-level, only asking for prices but not buying goods, and bargaining for too long, Zhou Yuan should make a few sarcastic remarks in the dark!
Xiao asked almost bite a tooth spent these three days, heart way anyway have to leave within three months, can’t wait for the old man to come next time.
As a matter of fact, his original plan was to leave next month. By then, he has enough money in his hand, and it’s time to walk around. If you really don’t have a chance to enter the main gate, you can only try the second-level Zongmen first.
In a blink of an eye, more than half a month passed. This afternoon, Xiao Wen was recommending materials to a guest on the first floor. Suddenly, two people came in at the gate, one of whom was Zhou Yuan, who made Xiao Wen hate to death.
Oh, my god, this old guy is here again!
Huh? ! No, did this old guy turn xìng? !
Originally quite a bit arrogant and even arrogant, Zhou Yuan turned out to be a face of ingratiating smile at the moment, nodding his head and bending his waist to invite another person into the floating star building.
"Li Xianshi chez, whole let shop flourish, please! Please! "
Behind Zhou Yuan was a middle-aged man with a square face. He looked ordinary and seemed to have no bearing. He nodded politely and replied, "Boss Zhou is welcome. Just look around."
"Master Li, please help yourself. I’ll pour you a cup of tea first."
"No need."
However, Zhou Yuan has never returned to the ground floor, and his hospitality looks like Li Xianshi’s re-creation parents.
At this time, Li Xianshi has attracted everyone’s eyes, including the guests, in the floating star building, because Zhou Yuan’s frequent shouting of "Li Xianshi" is so loud that they can’t hear it if they want to.
The word "immortal teacher" is not affordable to ordinary people. At least two conditions must be met at the same time: first, it must be a member of the clan; Second, the realm is a fairy realm!
That second point is particularly amazing. You know, a true fairy is a fairy, and a fairy is already the highest realm of the celestial world!
This middle-aged man surnamed Li turned out to be a fairy! !
Xiao Wen has long stood on the spot, this is the first time he has seen a fairy in his life! This is his goal!
At the moment, he was so close to a fairy!
And the Li fairy is so simple, but also let Xiao ask that the fairy realm is not so difficult to reach.
Perhaps, this is the so-called return to basics …
Out of admiration for the immortals, Xiao Wen smiled at Li Tianxian consciously and nodded his head when he scanned the audience.
That Li’s fairy unexpectedly smiled back and nodded, which really made Xiao Wen feel flattered. However, that Li’s fairy seems to be so polite to everyone.
In fact, the fairy appeared from time to time in Danfeng City, and the others on the first floor soon returned to normal, so Xiao Wen had to continue to recommend materials to the guests.
I have to say that the immortal named Li really has no sense of existence. When he doesn’t make any noise and others don’t look at him directly, he is almost completely unaware of his existence. Xiao Wen didn’t take much time to forget that there was such a person in the hall, and others seemed to forget his existence as well.
It was not until Zhou Yuan personally served tea downstairs that Li Tianxian "existed" again, and then disappeared again a moment later.
The guests came one crop after another, and Xiao Wen was already as busy as a bee. Now he is a minor celebrity. Some repeat customers came in and asked him directly, and not only asked about the materials, but even asked Xiao Wen about the refining device … Xiao Wen was really busy, so he didn’t answer any questions that had nothing to do with the materials that the guests were going to buy, but even so he was very tired. With Xiao Wen in this state, half a month’s work is simply one and a half months’ work, and only taking that salary can be said to be a little lost.
There is only one person in the hall on the first floor who is still paying attention to Li Xianshi all the time, that is, Zhou Yuan. This mean and arrogant old man is completely with the immortal teacher named Li, just like a boy who drinks tea. That Li Xianshi advised Zhou Yuan a few words, but Zhou Yuan insisted on accompanying him, so Li Xianshi had to leave him alone. Until then, Li Xianshi showed a little dew, and he didn’t care about all the actions of Zhou Yuan’s big boss.
Mr. Li Xianshi just slowly looked at the materials on the shelf and didn’t ask aloud. After a circle on the first floor, Mr. Li finally asked, "Boss Zhou, can there be any fairy materials upstairs?"
"yes! Yes! Master Li Xianshi, please follow me upstairs. "
Xiao Wen rarely went to the second floor of the Fuxing Building. At this time, when Master Li saw that there were still some tables and chairs for the guests to rest, he said to Zhou Yuan, "Boss Zhou, go to work by yourself. I have something to think about."
Zhou Yuan was intrigued first, and then he repeatedly said "good", and took the initiative to open a chair for Li Xianshi. After Li Xianshi sat down, he bowed down and excused himself.
Li Xianshi casually put his hands on the table in front of him, but first he said to himself, "Ah Zhang’s person in this phase is quite interesting."
Then Li Xianshi was silent and didn’t know what was going on.
But who knows, he actually didn’t think of anything at all? !
He didn’t use any magical powers. He just listened to all the sounds in the whole floating star building, regardless of size. When he concentrated his attention, the voice he most wanted to hear was amplified in his ears!
"Xiao Bro, you are too boring. Tell me quickly how to add this jade silver sand to the fairy!"
"High eldest brother, now so many people, I which have time to say these to you. Ah, the guest officer, if you want to forge the Sanyang Sword, I suggest you buy a dazzling scale stone instead of Yangming J and jīng iron, because dazzling scale stone … "
When Ri went down to the western hills outside, Zhou Jie finally came back from the outside, and seemed to have just negotiated a big business.
"Dad? ! Why are you here? " At the sight of Zhou Yuan, Zhou Jie was surprised and afraid of the tunnel.
However, this time, Zhou Yuan didn’t scold Zhou Jie as soon as he came up, but pulled Zhou Jie aside with a smile and whispered excitedly, "Daughter, your floating star building will be developed this time!"
Zhou Jie couldn’t help but wonder, and asked, "How can we get rich?"
"Now Li Xianshi is on the second floor!"
"Which Li Xianshi?" Zhou Jie didn’t react, wondering.
"I don’t know, this Li Xianshi is introduced to Xianji Mansion, saying that it is going to look at Xiancai. No matter which clan he belongs to, a fairy teacher came to Fuxinglou, and with a little momentum, the business of Fuxinglou will double! " Zhou Yuan excited tunnel.
Sister Zhou is also business-minded. When she heard that her eyes were bright, she asked urgently, "How long has he been here?"
"It’s been an hour."
"So long?"
"First I turned around on the first floor, and then I went to the second floor."