You Qing was seriously injured, and everyone knows why!

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Because of this, they are even whiter. If Woo-ching really had an accident, it would be more than just a blow to Su Ling!
Once this kind of debt is carried, it will be a lifetime!
Yu Birao couldn’t even imagine whether she would see that stunning smile on her face if he really died!
Dare not think, rather pray!
This is everyone’s heart at this time!
At that time, I was forced by the old burn to take away from Su Ling’s every step. There were so many moments when she felt that her breathing was about to stop!
At this time, she was thinking about Woo-ching’s seduction, his anger, his tears at first sight!
They are in love with each other, but they are seriously injured, which is beyond her endurance!
Burn old silent embrace her soon came to the west wing!
At this time, there are few guests living in the west wing, but the lights are on near evening!
The smell of the medicine is faint and cold, but it just happened to enter the courtyard of the west wing. Tianyue is coming out of the middle wing with a basin of water!
The room suddenly went out and the candlelight flashed faintly. She frowned and lifted her eyes, and suddenly she saw Lao San and Su Ling coming together!
Her eyes flashed, although it was a surprise from her eyes, but it was fleeting!
Quietly dumping a basin of water, she bit her lip and looked at Su Ling and turned around and walked into the room without looking carefully!
Burn old arm support Su Ling very not easy to walk near the wing look trance, she accidentally almost tripped over the threshold!
The warm breath in the wing dispelled the cold and cold, but Su Ling was cold in her heart!
At that time, it was already safe to sit on the soft couch, and Shui Tianyue’s eyes focused on the unconscious Youqing, which was not instantaneous, hot and strong!
Finally, I saw that Su Ling, who was familiar with Yan but fell asleep, had a moment of recovery!
She closed her eyes and breathed hard. Before she stepped forward, her lips and teeth wriggled bitterly for half a salary before asking, "Is he … okay?"
Even though I already know the result, Su Ling still has no luck in her heart!
Shui Tianyue smelled her eyes and looked up at Su Ling, who was pale. She wanted to say something, but after biting her teeth, she didn’t get angry and said, "Don’t you know if he is good?" Off-topic:
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"Don’t you know whether he is good or not?"
In the face of water, Tian Yue is not angry, but Su Ling is speechless!
Shui Tianyue has a pool of water under her eyes, and she keeps sipping her lips with Su Ling!
However, in the face of such an attitude as Shui Tianyue, Su Ling still said nothing!
It was she who gently looked at Woo-ching and slept as if time had once again fallen back to Qingguo, and he was seriously injured after knowing each other’s life experience!
Everything overlaps again like providence!
Su Ling leaned over her fingertips and trembled, but she didn’t even know what to do with this move. But Shui Tianyue suddenly waved Su Ling’s hand like a child’s mother!
"What qualifications do you have to touch him! He is what he is now because of you!
Su Ling, if you still have a heart, I beg you not to appear in front of him again. Whether he is alive or dead, please let him go from now on! "
Shui Tianyue’s excitement was finally unbearable. After she waved Su Ling’s hand, she sobbed and screamed at Su Ling!
I’ve been worried about anxiety for days, I haven’t slept well, and I’m nervous. At this time, I see Su Ling’s resentment!
The tears falling from her tears almost burned her soul!
She loves Youqing so much that she can’t extricate herself!
But the cruelest thing is that her love has never been accepted by him from beginning to end!
And the more so, the deeper and stronger her love is!
I saw him with my own eyes. Su Ling was a deadly slap in the face. Her heart was twisted but she was capable!
She’d rather it was a slap in the face!
"Tianyue …"
Su Ling’s eyes were sour and looked at the water. Tianyue whispered and called out!
Help appearance let burn old knife-shaped eyebrows twist more and more tight!