Both feet have stepped on the grass by the stream. Xiao Wen simply took off his boots and walked barefoot to the water.

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A few steps later, Xiao Wen had come to the mud on the shore, and the soles of his feet fell, but the mud squeezed up from the toes, slippery and cold, just two words: comfortable!
Xiao Wen bent down comfortably, took a picture of himself in front of the water, and immediately let out a ghost cry: "I hit it!" "
This, this, this … Is this still a person? Wild monkeys look more like people than the guy in the reflection!
For more than half a year, Xiao asked if he had trimmed his hair and beard well. I haven’t washed the bath at all, and my face is black like something. My body is estimated to be able to rub down more than ten kilograms of mud …
Then listen to the sound of "boo-boo", the river splashed with water, and Xiao asked the whole person to jump into the water, and immediately got a cold war.
It’s already late autumn on September 22nd, and the river has already turned cold. Even the physique of the junior fairy is too much for the first moment.
But at this time, Xiao Wen can’t care so much. He screamed twice with that cold strength, and then began to take a shower. The stream was not flowing fast, and Xiao Wen didn’t deliberately control his body shape. He was washed and washed forward by the stream, so he took a bath and hurried on.
After a column of incense kung fu, Xiao Wen went ashore several miles away. When he looked at him again, his skin returned to its original color, and his hair and beard were all trimmed with a sword to cut the night. Finally, he was human …
The fly in the ointment is that his whole body injury is really scary. Although he stopped bleeding by his strong body, he still can’t touch it.
This injury is also very eye-catching. You must find clothes to cover it quickly!
Then Xiao asked to go straight along the stream, and sure enough, he soon saw the farmland, saying that he was finally saved.
At this time, there was no one in the field, but it was just what Xiao asked. When he saw a village in the distance, he would sneak in quietly.
Then the unexpected situation suddenly appeared. Xiao Wen didn’t see the village yet, but the stream was about to reach the end and merged into a big river ahead.
The stream is only one or two feet wide at most, but the big river is quite large, with a width of more than ten feet and a fast flow rate. Such a big river should be quite famous here. When Xiao asked for a moment, he remembered that this river is probably the Siji Canal, the largest river outside Changqing City. This Siji Canal flows through Changqing City from east to west, winding for more than 3,000 miles. It is far more famous and feeds tens of millions of people!
Xiao Wen’s thinking is becoming clearer and clearer, and other descriptions about Siji Canal are gradually floating from his mind. On the way to the west, this canal has bred more than ten places suitable for practice, including Changqing City. Even many people in the celestial world who have the foundation of water system will come here to practice not far from Wan Li.
Just, which section of Siji Canal is this?
Recalling the whole escape experience, Xiao Wen quickly judged that his position must be in the lower reaches of Changqing City. In other words, he only needs to go along the Siji Canal, and he will be farther and farther away from Changqing City.
As I wish!
Changqing Mountain is definitely going. It is best to completely crush Qian Fu in one trip, but he must first find a place to stand.
A moment later, Xiao Wen jumped into the water again, and the high-speed flowing river of Siji Canal rushed westward at him, which was faster than taking a boat. Luckily, he was good at water, so he was not directly washed into the river bottom …
After more than twenty miles down the river, there was a hill in the distance on the north bank of Siji Canal that entered Xiao Wen’s field of vision. He stayed in the mine for more than half a year, but now he has some antipathy to Yamamoto, but this hill that just appeared is different, because after more than ten miles, Xiao Wen can feel the aura of sitting on the mountain!
It’s not a mine, nor an ordinary mountain, but a favorite practice fairy mountain of celestial beings!
However, the aura on that hill is not too strong, and the scale of the mountain is too small. There will probably be no sects rooted here, and it will become a small distribution center for cultivating immortals at most.
Xiao Wen just started his career and was caught in a black mine before he could see anything. At this time, it is also the first time to see this kind of fairy mountain, and I can’t help but yearn for it.
Go and have a look?
But what about this outfit? When you get there rashly, you can’t be regarded as a fugitive?
Hesitated for a while, Xiao asked and suddenly saw a waterway ahead, which clearly led to the hill!
This Xiao asked that there was nothing to hesitate, and he swam directly over there. I’ve made up my mind that if I meet someone, I’ll just hide in the water for a while and not come out. I just say I’m here to play in the water. Then play it by ear, and maybe get clothes. It’s killing two birds with one stone.
The water on this side also flows into the Siji canal, so Xiao Wen can only go upstream. Without too much meeting, he will be terribly tired, and his stomach will be hungry. He just went ashore and walked north along the shore, ready to jump into the water …
As time goes on and the distance gets closer, the hill becomes more and more lonely. It is clearly afternoon, but there are a few wisps of mist around the mountain, and there is a thin waterfall flying down the mountainside, which doubles the meaning of tranquility.
Then, Xiao Wen finally saw the figure, but he flew in front of the waterfall, as if he were practicing flying, and obviously he didn’t notice him at all.
Secretly encouraged himself, chanting something like "Don’t be so worthless" and "This is about to officially step into the celestial world". Xiao Wen jumped into the water again and swam to the hill.
In fact, he even made his debut more than half a year ago, but the experience of becoming a mine slave was really not glorious, and it was not his initiative to become a mine slave, so he automatically assigned this more than half a year to the period of "not officially making his debut" …
I was swimming by myself. Seeing that I was getting closer and closer to the hill, Xiao Wen suddenly heard a strange sound coming from the front. When I looked at the river carefully, I saw a green shadow rushing from underwater, which was extremely fast, but it didn’t seem to be aimed at him.

Chapter 31 Wing
What the hell? !
Although the green shadow is not facing himself, Xiao Wen is still alert and ready to take out a clean door defense.
In the blink of an eye, the green shadow has rushed to his right front, and the underwater outline is clearer, as if it were a person?
The idea didn’t come up until he heard a loud sound of "whew". The figure had already rushed under the water ten feet away from his right side, and its speed was completely up to that of Xiao Wen running on the ground in his cloud boots, even worse!
Xiao asked when the water driven by the other side rushed over and turned around in the water. He simply watched the man go away, and his heart was badly connected. This person must have used the technique of water escape in the celestial world!
Among the seven ways of device, operator, Dan, tactic, beast, array and ghost, the water escape method of operator and tactic is the most. With a little practice, one or two water escape methods can be mastered, which is much cheaper than the other five ways. Xiao Wen estimated that the man who just rushed over was either operator or tactic.
After watching the man go away, Xiao asked to move on, and soon saw the source of this river, which is a pool at the foot of the mountain ahead.
The pool is about 100 feet wide. There is a thin waterfall on the cliff at the northern end, and there is a gap at the southern end. The pool water flows out from here, forming a river when Xiao Wen came. At this time, Xiao Wen is at that gap.
After swimming forward twice, Xiao Wen has officially entered the pool, and the aura in the water has obviously become stronger. It is conceivable that meditation practice here will have a good effect.
However, it was the people here who brought Xiao Wen a greater impact, and at that time he felt that he didn’t know where to look.
On several natural stone platforms next to the cliff waterfall, one by one practitioners are sitting cross-legged, and several of them are dressed in Taoist costumes, which is almost a symbol of the people in the Sect; In front of the waterfall, just above the pool, two people are silently practicing the art of flying. One of them is swaying with a sword, obviously practicing the Tao. In the pool, several men were practicing the magic method naked, and strips of water rushed out of the water and flew around the air in violation of normal conditions, which looked beautiful, and even more, the brilliance inspired by the Taoist force changed. On the shore, at least 30 or 40 people are breathing in the water, and some are still gesticulating with their hands on their chests, with a thoughtful expression; On a hill on the east side of the pool, a few cultivators in the scarlet pavilion are whispering something …
Everyone is doing their own thing in this hundred-foot-long space in Fiona Fang, but it’s chaotic and orderly. The loudest sound is the waterfall at the northern end of the pool, but where is the noise? It’s clearly Yue Xian!
These people who cultivate immortals will probably have adapted to the environment here long ago, and will take every move at this time as a routine, right?
Xiao Wen is an out-and-out outsider. He thinks he came here suddenly, but he didn’t attract anyone’s excessive attention at all. Someone saw him, but more than half of them said nothing. The other half nodded to him in a friendly way, and he could only respond mechanically.
He thought excitedly, can this be understood as: this environment has accepted him? Or, he easily integrated into this environment?
This is a very formal place of practice in the celestial world, and you accepted him so easily!
What is the reason?