Suddenly Scar added, "By the way, just make up a reason to let all passengers and crew stay in their rooms. Anyone who comes out without authorization will be killed!" And don’t forget to ask Ralph’s gang to bring more people to cooperate with the’ hostages’! "

According to the practice of space plane, the news of emergency departure will not be directly reported to the ship until the last minute to avoid causing panic among passengers, so although all passengers on the ship felt the explosion at the bottom, they didn’t know why.
Deceive and intimidate the vast majority of passengers and crew members in the terrorist section. Although they have some doubts, they still chose to wait in their own rooms. A few passengers ventured out of the door to find out, but all of them were directly shot in the terrorist section of the polar organization. Every one of them is a deadly danger. Where will there be any scruples when the passenger plane is about to explode at this moment?
In the dark passage, all the terrorists are rushing to the luxury passenger plane "Elegance", which is too big, and there are not many minutes in 1 o.
Finally, all the horror stories were won in the escape pod on the second floor. Besides being framed by old Edward all the way, there were several guys dressed as crew members among them, but no one seemed to be watching them.
Scar didn’t say much in the center. He waved his hand and pointed to the biggest escape ship and said, "Let our guests board the ship first and then everyone in order!"
"Yes!" Terrorists neatly promised one or more people to walk with old Edward at once.
"Wait!" Suddenly, a crisp sound came out in the horror. Everyone immediately looked at the past and saw a dazzling little sun rising in the crowd in Ran Ran.
"Is a flash bomb! DuDu! " I don’t know who shouted a well-trained terrorist copy and immediately lay down.
Scar fell to the ground and rolled over, at the same time, he felt a burning feeling clinging to his head, and then a scream came from behind him. Scar knew that someone was shooting at him, so he didn’t dare to stop after falling to the ground and rushed to a bunker in his impression.
Scar, they should feel lucky. Because of fear of forest air smoke bombs, most of the terrorists wore closed space flight, and with the help of the filter system, they soon recovered their sight.
When Scar regained his sight, the scene in front of him made him angry. Three or four hands turned into corpses, and old Edward was nowhere to be found.
The person who just called "Wait" can’t see her face clearly although she is also wearing a closed space flight, but she is a young woman who should have fled to the bottom with Lin Feng. But why did she appear here and robbed old Edward? Scar vaguely felt as if she had been taken in.
But there was no time for Scar to think about "Elegance", and the brain finally notified the ship.
"Warning! Elegance is expected to explode in 1 minute due to serious damage to the power cabin! Please leave the ship immediately! "
"Warning! Elegance is expected to explode in 55 minutes due to serious damage to the power cabin! Please leave the ship immediately! "
"escape the ship quickly!" Scar finally decided to leave the ship. Although old Edward was robbed, there were still several "hostages" in his hand who were not afraid of being shot down by the destroyer. When it took a while, they could escape into the secret base of the organization near the guardian star. They didn’t have to risk their lives to stay on the "Elegant".
Trained terrorists reacted quickly and boarded the largest escape ship in order.
Then the outer door of the "Elegance" escape cabin hit the tail of the escape ship and sprayed out.
Yellow energy vortex slowly flew into the vast universe.
Afraid of being rocked by the explosion of "Elegance", just after escaping from the terror of "Elegance", the crew took the escape ship to the maximum and jumped out like an arrow.
2 am
When the escape ship that the terrorist took left, the outer door of "Elegance" was closed again, and the whole "Elegance" was covered with a milky white energy mask.
This is an energy shield to prevent a passenger plane from colliding with a meteor stream, but when this energy shield is used, cosmic rays will be isolated, which means that Elegance is cut off from all external communications, and it is also impossible to detonate the bomb installed on the passenger plane without the terror of Elegance.
"Mom’s taken it!" In the escape ship, "Elegance" didn’t explode into a beautiful spark as expected, and scar couldn’t help cursing, but until now he didn’t understand what was going on.
"Boss, what now?" Black hand carefully asked.
"Don’t you losers have your own ideas when you know what to do?" Seeing that this hijacking has been planned for half a year and spent a lot of manpower and material resources, Scar has lost her manners and cursed it. Is the key to money or small things dead? So many elite hands make Scar feel headache. I don’t know what kind of situation she will face when she goes back.
"You don’t usually arbitrary hate others have their own ideas? Now if something goes wrong, come and scold our mother! " Black hand secretly lamented in my heart.
After a hard venting, Scar calmed down and thought about the current situation carefully.
It is obvious that it is impossible to go back to the Elegance and detonate the Elegance bomb. More importantly, the two destroyers of the military will appear in front of us in ten minutes.
"Go back to the secret base immediately" Scar made the final decision.
"But we will meet those two destroyers on the way back to the base." The black hand asked doubtfully.
"Idiot’ elegant’ has cut off all external communication. Who will know that we are a terrorist? At that time, we will say that we escaped the hostages from the passenger plane. The two destroyers have to deal with the’ Elegance’ and ignored us! " Scar nu way
It’s not unreasonable for the black hand to scratch his head and suddenly feel that Scar will be the boss …
Although the terrorists have left the ship, the Elegant is still in chaos at the moment.
After hearing the announcement that "Elegance" was about to explode, most passengers and crew members ran like crazy from all places to the second-floor escape capsule. At this moment, no one would care if the terrorist was threatened before, but if the plane exploded, it would definitely die "maybe" and "definitely". Everyone with a certain IQ knows how to choose.
In the death threat, the human inferiority is exposed.
Modesty and sacrifice, these admirable virtues are gone. Some of them are "God blocks the Buddha from killing the gods and blocks the Buddha from destroying the Buddha". In the face of terror, most of the strong men have chosen to retreat and tolerate. Of course, no one will accuse them of this. After all, they are unarmed. It is impossible for them to overcome the terror with strict training and powerful weapons.
But at this moment, these men who had previously retreated all burst out with amazing strength and courage. The weak, old and weak women and children were pushed to the ground and cried out in despair. No one looked back except their relatives!
In the escape pod, the chaos is interpreted to the extreme!
Fast-footed people have boarded the escape ship. These people have already closed the hatch before the number of people on the ship is full, and they are ready to eject and escape. More people have no ship. They can board the escape ship as soon as possible, and their predecessors have tried their best to prevent the other party from boarding the ship smoothly.
Everyone shouted, fought, cursed and cried like crazy, which further led to the madness in human nature. The situation is out of control!
Monitoring center windson watching interest projector scene can’t help but sigh sneer at a way "this is human nature! Despicable humanity! "
Of course, windson didn’t blame anyone. He believed that if he met such a situation, he would also be so reckless and go on the rampage! Do you want to be able to live and live with others?
Chapter ninety-one Hijacking (15)
However, in this chaotic situation, it is not a good time to study human nature
In order to stabilize the situation, windson hit the ship’s com and said, "Please calm down and be afraid. The ship’s power cabin has been repaired! Elegance’ has returned to normal! "
"Repeat, please calm everyone down. The power cabin has been repaired from the ship! Elegance’ has returned to normal! "
Affected by the deafening sound, most people gradually calmed down, but there were still people who ignored climbing towards the escape ship. The boarding people couldn’t wait to start the ejection button. Unfortunately, the external doors of the escape cabin had already been closed by Lin Feng. In this case, no one who had boarded the escape ship was willing to come and open the doors manually, so the escape ship was still quietly parked in the escape cabin.
"Well, it is expected that the explosion has already passed, but the’ Elegance’ still hasn’t exploded. Aren’t you white?" The human potential is really poor in a crazy situation, which can affect the soul sound. This is also the fact that Lin Feng didn’t expect to give a wry smile. Lin Feng once again said, "I repeat that the terrorist copy has been repaired from the ship’s power cabin! Elegance’ has returned to normal! "
This time, people finally woke up. Cautious people raised their hands and looked at it. Now, let alone the expected explosion. One minute has already passed. It has already passed 56 minutes. Although it is not clear what this is all about after confirming this, everyone still believes that Lin Feng’s words have calmed down for a moment. Every corner of the "Elegant" broke out with a feeling of ecstasy and cheers, which made everyone feel a sense of detachment. Many "warriors" who had previously marched forward could not help but sit on the ground.
See the situation has returned to normal windson this just breath a sigh of relief, some bad taste to learn the previous horror tone to com said, "let me introduce myself first, I am windson believe that most people should have heard of me in the horror mouth not long ago, and I should also have a certain understanding of our identity background."
"Now the situation is that Elegance has returned to normal, and all the terrorists have fled. It can be said that we have settled down." Looking at the projection of interest, people cheered again. Lin Feng paused, but Mr. Douglas, the captain of Elegance, was brutally killed by terrorists, and the vice captain was also missing, so here I am the grandson of the chairman of the Federation … "Speaking of which, Lin Feng scratched his head and felt a little wrong and quickly changed his mind." Here I temporarily took over Elegance as a federal officer.
Say that finish, regardless of other people’s reaction, Lin Feng immediately commanded, "Now, please ask the crew responsible for driving to return to their posts. Others will send all the injured people around them to the restaurant and ask the medical staff of’ Elegance’ to leave the exhibition for treatment. If any passengers are engaged in medical profession, please stay in the restaurant to help treat it. By the way, there are probably some dangers left in the passenger plane. Please don’t touch something you don’t know at will."
Perhaps it was windson who shouted at the key, or perhaps it was windson’s prominent position that the general command of windson was resolutely implemented to calm down. People silently went to the restaurant where the injured people around them were treated by medical staff and the crew returned to their posts.
In fact, not many of these injured people were injured in terror, but most of them were directly killed. On the contrary, the chaos just now caused many old, weak, women and children to be pushed down and trampled in the crazy crowd, and there were many injuries.
When the fatal crisis has passed, all kinds of human virtues have returned. Passengers wearing brand-name ornaments have no scruples to carefully carry the wounded covered in blood to the restaurant. Some strong young people even removed the bedplate of the guest room to form a stretcher team, and more people are involuntarily searching for the "Elegant" everywhere to prevent the wounded from being left out and being treated.