Jizhou suffered a crushing defeat, and went to the city to report to Jiang Ziya. Jiang Ziya knew that Su Liang was physically dead, and he was unhappy. When Zhou Renwang heard of it, he really mourned. Zhou Jun’s soldiers did not expect this result and gnashed their teeth.

The next day, the Zhang Guifang brigade lined up and came to Jizhou at the gates, asking Jiang Ziya to come out and answer. When Jiang Ziya heard this, he sneered: "Today, I will capture and kill your Zhang Guifang, and then defeat Ji Chang." Immediately, the order went on: "Set up a five-party team."
Jiang Ziya troops out of the city, the team neat, disciplined, majestic, before and after the advance and retreat of the law, Zhang Guifang, I saw Jiang Ziya riding a jade unicorn, a uniform, cheeks full of silver whiskers, holding a golden pagoda.
When Zhang Guifang saw Jiang Ziya, he ignored Jiang Ziya and rushed to the front of the army. He said to Jiang Ziya, "Jiang Ziya, you helped Su Hu to do evil, and it was a terrible crime. I was asked to dismount and be bound quickly, so that you would not die, or our army would step on Jizhou, and you would regret it by then."
Jiang Ziya, sitting in the Jade Kirin, laughed and said, "What a difference! It’s a pity that the world is completely rebellious, and it’s in Jizhou. It’s a pity that you are stubborn and help others. If you are a loyal minister, you can leave, otherwise this place will be your burial place. "
Zhang Guifang was furious and said to the pioneer Feng Lin, "Go ahead and get me Jiang Ziya!" Feng Lin listened to the order, rode out and rushed to kill Jiang Ziya, while Jiang Ziya rushed out of a general on the left side, shouting with a drink, and also engaged with a knife. It was the general Ouyang Shan and Ouyang Shan who were as clever as snakes, and they were brilliant in knife cutting. The two generals fought with each other, and they only killed gongs and drums.
And Zhang Guifang saw Jiang Ziya on the other side, watching, impatient, also longitudinal horse to kill. Jiang Ziya said, push open the jade unicorn, hand-held male and female swords to meet Zhang Guifang, Zhang Guifang had worshipped the sect in his early years, and his martial arts were extraordinary except the technique of the Left Way. The two men fought and killed miserably, but Jiang Ziya could not win for a long time, so he offered a nine-day pagoda.
Nine-day Pagoda rose into the air, giving off a dazzling light, covering thousands of miles of Fiona Fang. Zhang Guifang was frightened and hurriedly adjusted his horse and fled. However, the Nine-day Pagoda arrived with the wind and saw the pagoda fall. Zhang Guifang made a soil escape method, and the pagoda fell, with a loud noise, and smashed a pit as deep as ten meters. Zhang Guifang sat down and became a pulp.
Zhang Guifang had just escaped not far away, and he escaped from the ground. When he saw that Jiang Ziya wanted to sacrifice the pagoda again, he couldn’t help shouting, "When will Jiang Ziya not dismount?" Jiang Ziya’s empty Jin Xian was also called by this, so that the soul did not live together and fell off the horse. The Zhou Dynasty soldiers were frightened and didn’t want to have sudden changes. They rescued Jiang Ziya on horseback and returned to the city, while Ouyang Shan, who fought against Fenglin, also returned to the city with the defeat.
When Zhang Guifang saw this, he laughed, led the troops to kill, won a big victory, clapped his hands and went back to camp, and reported it to Xibo Hou Jichang.
Jiang Ziya and the Zhou Dynasty people didn’t know it, but anyone who became pregnant with Jingxue had three souls and seven souls. Zhang Guifang learned the technique of the Left Way, and the souls of those who were called did not live in one, and were scattered in all sides. Jiang Ziya was Jin Xian, and he also fell from the horse.
People protect Jiang Ziya back to the city, a few hours later, Jiang Ziya didn’t wake up, Zhou Ren Wang Su protection and people. However, the thought that Jiang Ziya, who was almost invincible in his own eyes, was also defeated by Zhang Guifang’s Daoism in the Shang Dynasty, made Zhou Renwang worried. Jiang Ziya saw Wang Su-hu’s look in Zhou Ren’s eyes and said, "Don’t worry, Renwang, Zhang Guifang’s Daoism is shallow, but it’s just a trick with a left-handed technique. I can kill him when I invite the fourth brother to come."
Zhang Guifang’s art, Jiang Ziya slightly thought and learned the roots.
After listening to Jiang Ziya’s words, King Ren of Zhou felt better, but he hesitated: "Can the four senior brothers of the Prime Minister really kill him?" Jiang Ziya smiled and said, "It’s a piece of cake." For the four senior brothers Lu Ya, it is a matter of the five-legged sun of the prince of the demon race in the ancient heaven, and Jiang Ziya did not discover it. After all, these are too strange in the eyes of mortals.
In ancient times, the demon prince of heaven had existed since the beginning of heaven and earth. Even when Qing Ye told Jiang Ziya about the origin of several senior brothers and sisters, Jiang Ziya was surprised to keep from ear to ear.
Jiang Ziya resigned from King Zhou Ren and the generals, and when he left Jizhou, he came to the north, while Lu Ya was in a cave hundreds of miles north of Jizhou.
Chapter ninety-two Cut the fairy gourd
Jiang Ziya rode on the jade unicorn, and in a moment he arrived at the cave house where Lu Ya was submerged. Just pressing the cloud head, the jade unicorn landed on all fours, and Jiang Ziya heard a voice: "It’s Sixth Martial Brother, come in." Jiang Ziya got off the jade unicorn and kept it outside the cave. Then he walked into the abode of fairies and immortals of Lu Ya Qianxiu, only to see the fairy dust in it, the extraordinary fragrance of fairy fruit, and a hot airflow. Jiang Ziya was busy with three flowers on the top now, blocking the airflow.
Jiang Ziya entered the abode of fairies and immortals, and when he looked intently, he saw that Liu Ya was sitting on a cold jade bed, with Qingyun above his head, clear and clear, holding the sun with five feet, and his body was burning with innate spiritual fire, from which the hot airflow came.
Jiang Ziya respectfully shouted, "Fourth Senior Brother." Jiang Ziya was very respectful to Lu Ya, the former ten princes of the ancient heaven demon. After all, Jiang Ziya practiced with Qing Ye for only a few decades. A few decades ago, he was just an ordinary man. Lu Ya, born at the beginning of heaven and earth, has lived for ten thousand years.
When Jiang Ziya came in, Lu got up and said with a smile, "You don’t have to be polite, Sixth Martial Brother." After a pause, he said, "But Jizhou is in trouble?" Jiang Ziya said, "Yes, Fourth Brother, we’re going to trouble Fourth Brother this time." "You’re welcome, my brother," said Lu Ya. "I’m honored to come here to help you with the demon-sealing. Just tell me if you have anything to do." Jiang Ziya then told Lu Ya about Zhang Guifang in detail.
After listening, Lu Ya said with a smile, "This is a trivial matter, so let’s go." When they left the abode of fairies and immortals, Lu Ya summoned the one-horned golden tiger, rode a mount with Jiang Ziya, and came to Jizhou.
When he came to Jizhou, Zhou Renwang led all the soldiers out of the tent, met Jiang Ziya and Liu Ya, and met each other. Although Zhou Renwang didn’t know what Jiang Ziya, the four senior brothers’ skill was, he knew that Jiang Ziya was a man of great magical powers and didn’t dare to neglect him.
For the salute of King Zhou Ren and all the soldiers, Lu Ya’s expression was calm, which made all the soldiers unhappy. When Zhou Renwang invited Lu Ya to sit on the seat, and Lu Ya was happy to sit without any "rules", the general Zhou Xingyou could not help but stand up and say, "Lu Xianchang, I don’t know what skills can you have to sit on the top?" You know, even Jiang Ziya, as the prime minister, lost the Shang army in a row, and his prestige was at the moment. Even the king of Zhou Ren respected him and dared not sit with Wang Ping of Zhou Ren. This land pressure was so good that he dared to sit on it.
All the soldiers in the hall echoed, and just after the tour, they saw Liu Ya’s double eyes open, flashing a blazing light, passing by Zhou You’s side and going straight out, without end, while the heat flow in the hall was rolling, and then, as if from the ancient universe, the soldiers trembled, as if from the depths of their souls, and they were going to kneel down to Liu Ya’s line.
Except Jiang Ziya and Zhou Renwang.
In an instant, Lu Ya put away the threat and said faintly, "What skills do I have? I will kill Zhang Guifang tomorrow and defeat the Shang army. I will know then." Within the main hall, the soldiers of the Zhou Dynasty dared not speak aloud.
The next day, Jiang Ziya lined the five-element brigade out of the city to call for a battle, and the soldiers followed, while Lu Ya rode one-horned Jin Hu and Jiang Ziya. When Zhang Guifang heard that Jiang Ziya came to call for a battle, he couldn’t help laughing at Xibo Hou Jichang and his men: "Yesterday, I was defeated, and Jiang Ziya escaped. Today, I dare to call for a battle. I really don’t know how to live or die, Duke. When I go there, I will capture Jiang Ziya, so that I can go back to the DPRK and get credit." Xibo Hou Dale, permission.
Before coming to the battle line, Zhang Guifang rode out and shouted, "Jiang Ziya, I hope you will be bound and surrender as soon as possible, and you will be saved from death today. Otherwise, I will shout at that time, so that your soul will not live together and you will be captured and killed. It is too late to regret it!" Jiang Ziya shouted: "You can’t talk slowly, it’s just a side door. Today is your be beheaded day."
Zhang Guifang smell speech, great anger, and then longitudinal horse gun to Jiang Ziya to kill, all of a sudden, from Jiang Ziya’s side out of a road flyover riding Jin Hu, a wave of his hands a force to destroy heaven and earth with hot air, Zhang Guifang frightened, hurriedly retreat, although retreating in time, but the whole body armor is still burned to emit burnt smell.
"Road flyover Jiang Ziya from where please? So terrible! " Zhang Guifang is terrible, because his whole body armor is made of pure iron for thousands of years, and even a magic sword can’t break it. Unexpectedly, this man can destroy it with a flick of his hand.
Zhang Guifang was indecisive: "Who are you?" Lu Ya smiled, but before he answered, Jiang Ziya behind him smiled: "It’s my fourth brother, and Lu Ya is also." Zhang Guifang felt bitter in his heart. He didn’t want Jiang Ziya to have a senior brother. He was so powerful. The name of Lu Ya was only familiar to Zhang Guifang, but he couldn’t remember where he had heard it.
However, since we know each other’s names, it will be easy. Zhang Guifang felt at ease, and then said with a smile, "Who am I? It turned out to be your brother Jiang Ziya. In that case, I will arrest all your brothers and sisters today." Then he shouted at Lu Ya: "When will Lu Ya get off the horse?" I was about to be overjoyed, but I saw Lu Ya, who was riding a one-horned Jin Hu on the other side, did not move. Zhang Guifang was in a hurry and even called three times. Lu Ya still sat there and smiled at himself, while Jiang Ziya and other Zhou Dynasty soldiers couldn’t help laughing and insulting. Zhang Guifang was surprised and angry.
When Feng Lin, the vanguard of Zhang Guifang’s men, saw this, he rode out with a shout, raised his stick and rushed to kill Lu Ya. With a wave of his hand, Lu Ya let it fly backwards, and fell down, and the Zhou Dynasty beat drums and cheered. Feng Lin was furious, opened his mouth, and spit out black smoke, wrapped in red beads, and Lu Ya pointed to it, giving off a golden red light, and the black smoke dispersed, and the red beads turned into gray powder.
After listening to Lu Ya’s words, Fengxing couldn’t speak in horror, and turned to flee. When Lu Ya saw it, his eyes shot two hot golden lights, which instantly hit him and made him a popular witch. He also turned to ashes under the fire of the first day, leaving a soul and flying to the gods.
Seeing that his subordinate’s love was going to die, Zhang Guifang was horrified and knew that he was defeated, so he wanted to turn around and flee back to the camp. When Lu Ya saw this, he said with a smile, "In those days, Long Ao Quan, the head of the dragon clan, could not escape, and even a little Xuanxian wanted to escape in vain." Then he took out a gourd, held it in his hand, and took off the top cover. I saw a bright light at the mouth of the gourd, and there was something on it, with eyebrows and eyes. Two white lights in his eyes covered Zhang Guifang and nailed it to the mud pill palace. Zhang Guifang was in a coma, and he didn’t know the left and right. Lu pressed a bow to the gourd: "Please turn around!" When the treasure turned on the white light, Zhang Guifang’s head had already fallen to the ground, but a soul went to the demon stage.
Zhang Guifang died, the Shang army was in chaos, Jiang Ziya invaded to kill, and came back with a great victory. When the soldiers of the Zhou Dynasty saw the land pressure, they killed Zhang Guifang effortlessly and became popular. They were all in awe, and Zhou Renwang was overjoyed and respected the land pressure even more.
And Zhang Guifang died, a paper Junbao, presented to the Wen Taishi who was leading millions of heroes to Jizhou.
Chapter ninety-three Four Saints Will Jizhou
When Master Wen read the military newspaper in his hand, he couldn’t help feeling sad. He said to his disciples Ji Li and Qing Yu, "At first, when I heard the words of the master, the Virgin Dolly, Jiang Ziya worshipped the door of the violet sage, and his way was profound. At first, he thought that his practice was only a few decades, so he didn’t want to underestimate him. Xibohou was defeated again and again, that is, Zhang Guifang had practiced for many years, and he had already achieved Xuanxian cultivation, and he didn’t want to die in Jizhou."
Ji Li was shocked and said, "Zhang Zongbing arrived in Jizhou only two months ago. He first heard of the battle and now he has been killed by Jiang Ziya?" Master Wen shook his head: "It was Jiang Ziya’s fourth brother Lu who pressed his hand." Wen Taishi doesn’t know much about land pressure, but according to Junbao, land pressure has been cultivated by Jin Xian at least. Master Wen was worried: "Even if we go there, I’m afraid we can’t win. Moreover, the speed of a million heroes is too slow, and I’m afraid they will arrive. The Xibohou has already been defeated. The teachers and uncles helped me to counter the North Sea that day and just returned to the fairy house. How can I go to disturb them to clean up?"
Qing Yu thought for a moment and said, "Master, if you don’t invite one or two teachers and friends to Jizhou to help Xibohou, you can share one or two teachers." Wen Zhong was overjoyed when he heard this. He said with a smile, "Haha, I forgot if you don’t mention it. I used to know a lot of teachers and friends when I studied Taoism with our teacher, the Notre Dame Dolly. Then I’ll invite them at once." Then he added, "When I leave for a day or two, it’s up to you to decide the affairs of the army and continue marching. You can’t delay." Ji Li and Qing Yu respectfully should be.
Master Wen left the camp, rode Mo Qilin, and took a shot at its corner. Mo Qilin’s four feet were covered with clouds and flew away. In a short time, Master Wen came to Kowloon Island in the West Sea. When he arrived at Kowloon Island, he saw at a glance that the waves were surging and the smoke was thousands of miles away, and then he fell to the cliff. He saw flowers and plants everywhere, pines and cranes, and he could not help but sigh at the sight of the fairy home. Although the boy was surprised, he guessed that he was a good friend of the master and replied, "It’s in the cave." Then Wen Taishi announced it. After the boy went in for a moment, he saw four people coming out.
The four of them went out and greeted each other with smiles, and welcomed Master Wen into the abode of fairies and immortals. After everyone sat down, Master Wen said in the future. The first of the four people said, "Since Brother Wen has come from far away from Wan Li, I will go to Jizhou to help Xibohou. When the time comes, great things can be decided." The other three people nodded and said they were willing to go. Wen Zhong was overjoyed, gave thanks and rode back to Mo Qilin.
Who are these four people? However, he is one of the four saints under the sect. He has been practicing for many years and has already reached the realm of Taiyi Jinxian.
The first king demon has a face like a full moon; Two yeung sum, dressed like tuotou, face like the bottom of a pot, must be like cinnabar, two yellow eyebrows; Three high friends are dry, their faces are like indigo, their hair is like cinnabar, and their teeth are up and down; Four Li Xingba, with heavy dates and long beards.
All four of them are 10 feet tall and fierce.
After Master Wen left, the four of them made some preparations, and then drove to Jizhou by water, and came to Jizhou. The four of them gave up the water, called four mounts, and came to Xibohou camp.
Wang Mo rode an armadillo, Yang Sen rode an armadillo, Gao Yougan rode a spotted leopard, and Li Xingba rode a ferocious one. Four people rode animals across some state streets. Pedestrians were frightened and avoided. All the animals were frightened and trembled. When they saw this, the four people were very satisfied.
When he came outside Xibohou camp, he told the soldiers outside the camp gate to report. When all the soldiers in front of the camp gate saw four people and four animals, they were all scared and their legs were weak. They hurried into the camp to report to Xibohou Jichang and Jichang, and when they heard that they were out of the camp with all the soldiers, they were also shocked. When they heard that the four men were invited by Wen Taishi to help their overseas monks, they could not help but be overjoyed and thanked, and welcomed them into the handsome camp.
The next day, the Four Saints led the troops to ride exotic animals to call for battle outside Jizhou. When Jiang Ziya heard the report from the soldiers, he couldn’t help frowning: "Four senior brothers killed Zhang Guifang and Popular a few days ago. It is said that Xibohou’s men are incompetent and dare not come to call for battle. This time, we must invite aliens to help us." The soldiers of the Zhou Dynasty said, "Prime Minister, what are you afraid of? Isn’t there still the immortal Lu Ya?" Jiang Ziya looked at the land pressure next to him, saw him nod, and then marched out of the city to meet him.
Unexpectedly, just out of the city, the whole army was arranged, and then four people came out riding animals. The Zhou Dynasty steeds faced the breath of the wild animals, all of which were weak and stiff with fear, and they could not stand. The generals on the steeds could not sit steadily and shook, and only Yu Qilin and Lu Ya, who sat down, were not affected.
When the Four Saints across the street saw it, they couldn’t help laughing. Wang Mo shouted, "Jiang Ziya, I have always heard that Zhou Jun is magnificent and has a way of advancing and retreating. I don’t want to see him today, but all of them are weak and sick." Jiang Ziya said angrily, "There are only four beasts, but they are bastards of dragons. What can they do? We can see the real chapter in our hands." When the demon king heard this, he got angry, slapped the armadillo under his seat and rushed to kill Jiang Ziya.
Ouyang Shan, the general next to Jiang Ziya, rushed out and fought with him with a knife. Soldiers on both sides shook the banners and beat drums, cheering and cheering. Only swords and guns crossed, and they fought for ten rounds in cold light. Seeing that they couldn’t win, Wang Mo took out a bead from the leopard skin and called Ouyang Shan. In the middle of Ouyang Shan, he fell off his horse. Wang Mo was overjoyed and was about to raise his gun to get his head. Unexpectedly, the sky was golden.
I saw the Nine-Day Golden Pagoda rise into the air, giving a golden light. Wang Mo’s mind flashed, and he was in a trance. At that time, he didn’t know the east, west, north and south. Then, when the Nine-Day Golden Pagoda exploded, he didn’t know how to escape, but he didn’t even feel it. There was a loud bang, and it was bombarded by the Nine-Day Golden Pagoda, becoming pulp, and a soul floated to the demon-sealing stage.
Poor thing, countless yuan will be repaired, all of which have become painting cakes.
Yang Sen and others wanted to save him, but when they saw that his brother was dead, they couldn’t help being angry. They all took mounts and rushed forward to kill him, while Zhou Hangyou and Ouyang Shan and other Zhou Generals also rushed out. When they fought one by one, Gao Yougan took out the mixed orb, chopped it down to Zhou Hangyou, and fell off the horse in the middle. They wanted to come forward and take the head with their swords. Unexpectedly, suddenly there was a hot airflow in front, which scared them back, only to see where the airflow had blown.
When Liu Ya saw Gao Yougan turning to escape, he threw the dragon ring into the air, only to see that the dragon ring gave off a dazzling light and turned into a red dragon. With a dragon song, Gao Yougan was surrounded, and no matter how hard it was fought, it could not conflict. The red dragon surrounded it, tied it, and resumed its circle. Then it was bound and could not move.
The dragon-binding circle was refined by Qing Ye using flint, adding cold essence, and binding a red dragon soul, adding a large array of innate trapped immortals, which is extraordinary.
Chapter ninety-four Jin Yi wood Yi down the mountain