Twenty minutes later.

"Enoch wake up? Someone is coming to see you. "Nai Nai said softly outside the door.
Enoch is gorgeous and chose to see Nai Nai sound.
five minutes later
"bang!" The door was kicked open, and the culprit dressed in a black and white swallowtail gracefully walked to Enoch’s bed and threw himself into the health.
"Swish swish swish ….." Enoch suddenly gave a chill and then reluctantly opened his sleepy eyes. In front of him was Sebastian’s enlarged handsome face and … why was he still holding the shower head in his hand?
"ahhh!" Enoch immediately issued a call to kill a pig.
"You you you how can you so cold water poured on my head! ! ! I’m going to tell char! !” Enoch puffed up and got wet, and his hair was cleverly stuck on his forehead to capture the image of a water ghost.
Sebastian koo looked at Enoch and said, "Miss is a young master. He said that no matter what method is used, Miss can wake up."
Enoch skates three black lines, no matter what method … Are you so sleepy?
"Miss’s clothes are ready to be put outside," Sebastian said politely with a slight bow.
Enoch nodded his head. Although his drowsiness was washed away by more than half, he still felt a little sleepy.
Sebastian walked to the door and suddenly turned his head as if thinking of something. His face was a gentle smile that remained unchanged for a hundred years. "I forgot to tell the young lady that if the young lady didn’t have a building in ten minutes, the young master gave me special permission to help her change."
As soon as the voice fell, Sebastian felt a gust of wind blowing around him, then another gust of wind, and then the bathroom door sound.
"I … I know!" In the bathroom, Enoch quickly took off his wet pajamas and clumsily put the clothes on himself and said vaguely, "Don’t bother with Sebast sauce."
Sebastian shrugged his shoulders and smiled and turned away from Enoch’s room.
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Two o’clock in the afternoon
"hey! Wait a minute, don’t embarrass me, you know! " Shire squinted at her side. Enoch wore high heels, and she was a little unsteady when she walked.
Enoch left the pie mouth, and Charles actually prepared cm high heels for him, which was killing her!
"Master can go in." Sebastian bowed slightly and then reached out and made a gesture of invitation.
"Well," Charles ordered a head of Enoch also clever ring the shire right arm together into the villa.
I heard from Long Ma that this villa is a holiday villa. Because it is close to the seaside, I chose this place to hold a birthday party. It seems that I will hold an activity at the seaside in the evening …
Enoch looked at the European-style architecture villa decorated inside, filled with all kinds of cakes and wine, sprinkled with rose petals and intoxicating fragrance. At the front, there was a seven-layer cake with milky cream decorated with lux roses.
Enoch can’t help but wonder. It’s just a birthday. It’s not so gorgeous, is it
"Hey, isn’t that Ryoma Echizen’s little sister? !” Enoch and Charles heard a western accent behind them. They had a tacit understanding and ran into Oshitari Yuushi wearing a dark blue dovetail together.
See his right hand holding a goblet full of red wine, and his left hand holding a beautiful woman’s water snake waist ambiguous blunt Enoch said hello.
Enoch two quick body can’t help to shire side by the by this guy ambiguous eyes is how to return a responsibility!
Shire felt Enoch’s subtle movements fit around Enoch’s waist, and Enoch’s face was very disappointing.
"Hello, Patience Jun" Enoch smiled and greeted Patience out of courtesy.
Endure eyes rested on Shire’s arm around Enoch’s waist, and his eyes became more ambiguous. He smiled strangely and then breathed a sigh of relief at his female companion’s neck. He was very satisfied to see that the two faces opposite floated a layer of uncomfortable blush and finally left with his female companion.
"Who is that girl just now?" She asked patiently, holding the girl in her arms and wondering.
"Baby, wait a minute. There will be a good show." Endure a mysterious smile and your eyes will get deeper. Xiaojing, that guy doesn’t know what will happen when he sees the scene just now. The more I think about it, the more happy I am. I can’t help feeling better at the thought of being angry at the trace.
"Ahem that …" Enoch pointed to the shire arm around his hand awkward openings.
"Oh" Charles light should take away his hand and then pass by the waiter and take a glass of bright red wine in his hand. He was just about to prepare a peck when it was stopped by Enoch.
"Children are not allowed to drink!" Enoch’s tone was unexpectedly tough. Charles narrowed his eyes and evoked a radian around his mouth. Gherardini said, "I’m not a child." He has lived for more than one hundred years.
Enoch pouted and grabbed Shire’s red wine for a glass of juice and said, "I have to!"
Charles heard a very annoying sound before he spoke.
"I really didn’t expect that the head of Vandom Company should listen to a woman!"
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"I really didn’t expect that the head of Vandom Company should listen to a woman!"
Enoch narrowed his eyes and stared at the paunchy middle-aged man. He couldn’t help but feel a little disgusted. He turned to look at the shire around him. His expression was very cool and he smiled gently at the man’s sight.
"I’m sorry, if you want your company back, I think you just managed it very well." Shire’s smile made Enoch feel strange, which made people feel a sense of fear for him. "You can get your company back because of the day."
The man was delighted to see that Shire had worked so hard to run a company for most of his life as early as a month ago and the person behind it turned out to be the 17-year-old boy who wanted to humiliate him this time. I didn’t expect that he would be willing to send his company back to himself.
"But …" Charles said, and walked up to the man with juice and proudly raised his head and continued, "What you get will be a shell company."
You!’ The man’s integrity wanted to punch Charles, but he didn’t think it was Charles, but he dodged the blow one step earlier and fell the juice department on his head.
"You little stinker!" The man got angry and grabbed Charles by the collar. Charles smiled and said, "You’re late."
Followed by the sound of men falling to the ground.