At this time, there was nothing to hide. Everyone asked xìng to open it straight. When Qiu Donglin came up, he took a clear stand, tied himself to a generation of disciples such as Yang Qingshan and stood on the opposite side of Liang Ru and others.

"The tutor did leave strangely, but before she left, her old man said more than once that she was very interested in Sister Nianrou and Brother Xiao Wen, and intended to let one of them succeed the first place." Liang Ru don’t worry not rashness tunnel.
Yang Qingshan smiled, stroked his beard, and then sink a track: "I’ve heard about that, too. However, with a soft mind, you should have reached the realm of higher-order immortals five or six years ago. Why is there no sign of promotion until now? I heard that Nianrou had a fierce battle with Ding Juyuan and Yuan Ying of Jialing Road a few years ago. Was it not that fierce battle that hurt his vitality? "
This is all known by this old man?
Xiao Wen’s brothers and sisters were all secretly surprised, but they didn’t show it on their faces. After all, the old man coveted the first seat for a long time, how could he not do enough kung fu?
Chu Nianrou also knew that this matter could not be concealed from the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, so Suo xìng generously agreed: "It is true."
Yang Qingshan nodded, then frowned with mock sadness, and then said, "In that case, Nianrou is no longer suitable to succeed the first place."
Zong Wangren and other high-level officials in Zongmen are actually here to uphold justice, but as long as the dispute does not escalate to a certain extent, they actually can’t get in touch. After all, this is still a family matter for the time being. However, after hearing that Chu Nian’s softness hurt her vitality, there were several people who set their eyebrows imperceptibly. They are still very optimistic about Chu Nian Rou, apparently hurting their vitality for Chu Nian Rou.
At this time, Qiu Donglin looked at Xiao and asked with a smile: "Xiao’s nephew has excellent qualifications. He has been a high-level true fairy for less than five years?"
"Yes, Seventh Martial Uncle." Xiao asked only should way.
At this time, Yang Qingshan immediately took over the conversation, simply looked at Zong Wangren and asked, "Brother Zong, the high-ranking true fairy is the first in any vein. It seems that my clan has no precedent?"
Zong Wangren said nothing, but he could only nod.
"Since Zuo’s favorite two disciples are not suitable for succession …"
Yang Qing mountain negative hand and stand. The body is also tall and straight, which is about to talk about Kan Kan and sell himself to everyone.
At this moment, Zong Wangren said, "That’s not true. Xiao Wen’s realm is not enough for the time being. As far as I know, he can be promoted to the rank of an immortal within three months."
Zong Wangren really asked Xiao. These few words show his position.
I didn’t know that Yang Qing Mountain was ready, but he said directly, "So in the past three months, Mingfeng has been leaving the first seat vacant." It’s only been a few days. The chaos has already appeared at the beginning of the peak! Even if you like Xiao Wen, Brother Zong, in the past three months, has Benmai at least found someone to take the first place temporarily? "
"This is natural." Zong Wang Ren Dao.
I don’t know what agreement they negotiated privately. At this time, Qiu Donglin actually took the lead and said, "Brother Zong, Brother Yang is highly respected in Mingfeng, and I would like to recommend him to take the first post temporarily."
"I’d like to, too."
"and me!"
"Brother Yang’s temporary position as the first seat is perfect."
The following echo, let Liang Ru and others some accident, what is this?
Still Liang Ru is quick anyway, and I just want to understand what’s going on.
For the first time in three months, Yang Qingshan will be the real leader of Mingfeng in these three months! In these three months, as long as he is willing, it is enough to make a lot of things, even if Xiao Wen is excluded from Ran Feng, it is not impossible!
It is. In this situation, it seems that it is a foregone conclusion that Yang Qingshan will temporarily take the first place!
After setting her eyebrows, Liang Ru suddenly said something that no one expected: "Master Bo, I have founded Sihu Sect in these years and I have some experience in the management of Zongmen. I am also willing to temporarily replace the first position of Mingfeng. "
Yang inclined the mountain and changed his face. He kissed her and said, "Joke! Liang Ru, you are no longer the one who sings the sword Sect. How can you be the first in a pulse? !”
"Yes! Don’t joke, Master Liang Ru. " Zong Wangren also wry smile way.
Which know Liang Ru is still serious, behind more amazing language.
"Back to the master", Liang Ru is a master with a spiritual path, and can have today’s achievements. It’s all thanks to the master. I was supposed to honor my master before she ascended, but I didn’t think about it, but I didn’t even see her last time. My heart was really guilty. These days, the more Liang Ru thinks about it, the more she feels ashamed of her master, and she really can’t bear to realize her last wish. Now Sihu Sect is on the right track. If Master Bo allows it, Liang Ru is willing to resign as the patriarch of Sihu Sect and return to Mingfeng! In this way, the first position of the temporary generation should be justified and live up to the expectations of the master. "
Liang Ru wants to come back, so it’s not only justified to temporarily assume the position of the first seat of Mingfeng, but also justified to directly recognize it!
There is no doubt that she is the most suitable disciple of Zuo Ningqing to take charge of the overall situation. She will be the first one to know the peak, and Yang Qingshan and Qiu Donglin will all have to step aside, and Zong Wangren will welcome him with both hands!
"Teacher niece, are you serious?" Zong Wangren exclaimed.
"Really!" Liang Ru serious way.
"Well, that’s settled! It’s up to you to take the place of the first position of Mingfeng temporarily. In the meantime, you should take the time to hand over the affairs of Sihu Sect. When you come back early, you can choose Ri to formally succeed and carry forward the inheritance of Mingfeng on behalf of your master. " Zong Wangren sighed.
"Brother Zong!" Yang Qing’s anger has been hidden on the mountain, which is about to get angry.
"Yang brother calm down. If it weren’t for Liang Ru’s going out in the middle of the school to start a clan Sect, Zuo pool would have passed on the position of the first seat to her early. Where can it be the turn of Nianrou and Xiao Wen? There is no doubt about this. Now that Xiao asked Liang Ru to come back, Brother Yang should be happy for her and for Sister Zuo. "
When most people haven’t reacted, it has already been decided …
Without too many meetings, Zong Wangren officially granted Liang Ru the power to temporarily take the lead in knowing the peak, and then everyone went back to their homes.
Zong Wangren was happy to leave, and Yang Qingshan and Qiu Donglin were angry to leave, leaving all those disciples of Zuo Ningqing in the mantra room.
"Aru, do you really want to come back?" Yu Zhi asked the first one, but his tone was still unbelievable.
Even if it is restored to its original appearance, Liang Ru is not beautiful, but she has a gentle and calm temperament, which makes people feel convinced. Liang Ru gave a wry smile, and then asked, "Even you believe it?"
"Of course. It’s best for you to come back, teacher. Her old man’s house will definitely be completely relieved. " ChuNian soft immediately.
"Now the Sihu Sect can’t support it without me. I can’t come back, at least not in recent decades. I just said that, just as a stopgap measure. In fact, we only need to delay these three months. After the younger brother is promoted, he will still succeed. " Liang Ru finally told the truth.
"This …"
"I also have to. If you let the second teacher temporarily take the place of the first seat. I am afraid that something else will happen in these three months. "
Liang Ru actually cheated everyone, but it was for a reasonable purpose.
I went back to my house that day. Xiao Wen couldn’t help thinking about Liang Ru, his fourth senior sister, during the interval of practice.
According to Yu Zhi and others, Liang Rushi is a very emotional person, otherwise she can’t go back to Sihu. Her hometown is actually in a place called Sihu. The level of practice there is quite low, and some people with better qualifications are often buried for life. Because of this, she resolutely returned to Sihu in the heyday of her practice and began to establish a foundation there, mainly to provide a systematic practice place for people there. In recent years, Sihu Sect was well-known in that area, and it was in the stage of vigorous development, which was really inseparable from Liang Ru. Forgetting the ego because of the ego, because I have been busy with the matter of Sihu Sect, it is naturally impossible to be filial to the left. But at least she kept in touch with Zuo Ningqing, and made up her mind early that she would definitely sing Jianzong to accompany her before Zuo Ningqing soared.
If you don’t consider so much, it is really best for Liang Ru to succeed the first one in Mingfeng, but. Who has the right to let her put down the huge inheritance that she has worked so hard to create?