One night, a cool breeze blew and invited the moon to pull the robe. I looked at the invitation, and there was a faint sadness in my eyes. "Well, the night has been meaningful. Let’s rest first!" Say that finish and consciously retire. Tonight should be left to them.

The room has already been warmed by the heater and invited to sit on the bed. Today, she is much more careful than usual, which makes her feel a little uneasy. "Er … I’m fine …"
"Shh ….." Invited Moon winked, forefinger stood on his lips. "We haven’t seen each other for a long time. You took care of me before you let me take care of you today."
"hmm!" He was very moved by the invitation to the moon. He wanted to tell the truth that she has always taken care of him. Without her, he might still be living a life of walking dead. Without her, he has no hope and doesn’t know what happiness is.
Fingers combing the hair of inviting the moon, he knows that inviting the moon likes others, and she combs her hair. This is the day when Xuanlin told him that he woke up and found that his legs could not move, and he was afraid that he would be disgusted and abandoned by inviting the moon. He was most afraid of being abandoned when he was a child.
So he thought that death was worse than life in the past, and he didn’t even have the courage to face the invitation to the moon. Fortunately, the neighbors stopped him. He cried and shouted to vent his anger. He was afraid that he could not take care of the invitation to the moon and would become a burden to invite the moon. He was even more afraid that he would be abandoned alone from now on.
Xuan Lin told him that even if he didn’t get up, he could take care of the moon and occasionally give her a little heart to talk with her. Inviting the moon likes to have someone comb her hair when she sleeps, but he can comb her hair …
Invite the moon to take a deep breath and lean against "I remember the first time I saw you!" "
"See me for the first time …" The corners of the mouth smiled and solidified. It suddenly occurred to me that I was embarrassed and embarrassed to meet the moon invitation for the first time. I caught him and the second emperor female huan’s good clothes before her …
"Yes," I invited the moon to close my eyes. "On that day, I saw you in the Imperial Garden next to the porch. You were like a refined fairy, and people dared to touch the real moonlight and spill your white clothes. You were really like a fairy … I remember clearly that your stubborn eyes were sad, unwilling and hateful …"
Looking down at the invitation to the moon with a wry smile, "Xian … am I really a fairy in your heart?"
Invited the moon to open her eyes and laugh, then bared her teeth and said, "No, I found out later that you have a good temper like a bad biting lion!"
"Lions will bite when they come!" Eyes dissatisfied with the worry "invite the moon …"
"I … I’m not clean. Will you still love me if I’m not a fairy?" Ask carefully
This question made the room temperature drop a lot. I invited the moon to think about it and asked with a smile, "Then I’m not the only man. Will you always love me?"
"Of course … but it’s not the same …"
"the same!" Invite the moon to reach out and hug tightly. "You have to remember that no matter what happens, I will never abandon you. Never!"
"Thank you!" I rubbed my cheek and invited Yuefa to ask her not to abandon him. He wanted to protect her forever. He wanted to prove that he could help her.
Occasionally, in the cold garden, the piano is monotonous. Chu Feng, sitting alone in front of the guzheng, fluctuates the strings with a cold sound. "Do you think your piano can attract her?"
Chu Feng smiled faintly. "You have always prevented her from contacting me, haven’t you?"
"Now that you know, it will be in vain?"
"Do you want to monopolize her? Without my backyard assistant minister, you are not the only one … "
"Hum, I can endure others but you, but I won’t let her see you again! Although you die, she will never be a woman you can defile. "
"Are you? Maybe I can get her love? Even more than you? " Chufeng looked up at Xuan Lin’s eyes and gradually recovered from dying embers to eyes with strange colors.
"I’m afraid you can’t wait for that day!" Xuan Lin lost this sentence and disappeared. Chu Feng didn’t talk and continued to play the piano. For him, he couldn’t see the outside world and could play the piano every day.
A breeze blew across the lake with peach petals flying all over the sky to wash flowers. Suddenly, a leisurely piano came to my eyes and there was a flash of cold light. The strong wind would gather together to wash flowers and break them into pieces.
Although inviting the moon to practice now is not so familiar, it has already gained influence. Inviting the moon to send Yu Di to his lips to play and follow Qu Di in the distance, which is even more sad and touching …
The original chair listened to the meaning and Chu Feng played the piano and smoked. After hearing the flute, he was excited to shout out, "The flute is a flute … it must be an invitation to the moon …"
Italy closed her eyes and suddenly opened her gentle eyes … Of course he knew it was her … That night, her flute attracted him. He played the piano ensemble. He said that the person who could play this song must be his lifelong bosom friend.
Chu Feng listened attentively and continued to play the guzheng. He had fantasized many times that he could sing with her two months ago, but now he can have a chance to play a song with her, although he can’t get close.
The moon-inviting flute was almost shattered, and its penetrating power stung the neighboring heart vein of Xuan, who was practicing acrobatics. He hurriedly exercised his powers to stop the flute.
What’s going on here? This flute … is to invite the moon to play? What music is she playing? How can it disturb his heart? Is it a secret practice to learn the piano during the period of inviting the moon? This ….. If I didn’t guess wrong, it was a long-lost soul song in the Jianghu! But why would she have this thing?
There was a murderous look in Xuan Lin’s eyes. It seems that he can no longer pay attention to the invitation to the moon. He can’t let it ruin his plan …
Knowing that the moon was invited to blow out the broken soul song, he felt that his heart was disturbed and immediately suppressed. Fortunately, he was relieved. Look at Chu Feng. He didn’t react abnormally except listening to the broken soul song. It seems that there is a kind of person who can infect this world, that is, people with distractions.
Mu Yan’s reaction is the most intense. His martial arts skills are not high, and he can’t suppress this magic sound by himself. He covered his ears and rolled painfully from the chair to the ground, curled up together, and a big sweat oozed from his forehead. Seeing this scene, he immediately sold it and blocked his heart pulse, which made him feel a little relieved. It seems that pills have gone too far.
Inviting the moon to play is vigorously, and immediately stop her from continuing to play the flute. Everyone is relieved and asks the moon to wonder and look at "What’s the matter?"
"You forget that everyone in the garden knows martial arts. You may have caused trouble to everyone just now!"
"Is there?" Invite the moon to wonder, "I don’t think you have any reaction …"
Sweat! Sweat! Waterfall sweat! Genghis Khan!
"My heart is blocked and naturally there will be no response."
"Well …"