The golden figure of the Lord is still so dazzling.

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After the magic robbery of the gods, there seems to be something in his eyes that makes him look mature. There are many years of precipitation, but the deepest part can still be seen. It is still the teenager who can give up all praise and glory and come to the ancestral gods Dojo alone and wield his sword alone for hundreds of millions of years without changing.
Thousand-fruit God Brewing is a kind of fruit brewed by thousands of spiritual roots of heaven and earth through special secret methods. It is absolutely second only to the ancestral god’s brilliant master. Ten-fruit God Brewing is extremely wonderful, among which thousands of different tastes are thousands of different understandings.
The fact that he can be awakened by a quasi-great avatar who has been immersed in the depths makes the Lord curious.
"Captain, I just felt that there seems to be a little guy who entered my refining nine planets and asked …"
At this time, the wandering star’s eyes are full of doubts. In my heart, I meditated. "This little guy’s body breath seems to have a little eternal interest with some glorious masters …"
"oh? With the breath of the ancestors! "
The Lord can’t help but leave the ancestral god of Elves-the glorious Lord values descendants most. He knows very well that his ancestral god has a broad temper, but he is also very cautious about such a near-apprentice move.
To know that the body can contain a trace of eternal interest, it has almost been declared that this little guy has entered the eyes of his ancestors and is almost equivalent to a registered brother!
"It seems that organic conversation is best to observe and see where he can enter the eyes of the ancestors."
The Lord meditated in his heart.
"Well, the captain’s ancestral mind is not something we can guess."
Wandering stars don’t like the Lord, although they don’t understand this matter, they don’t delve into it. "Do you know that the temples have called everyone here? “
As far as you know, nowadays, almost all the members of the temples, including their preparatory members, have merged into this Henglang Mountain range.
At this time, the vast road columns in the Henglang Mountain range shine in the middle of the mountain, and the poor road marks almost fill the entire far north continent!
"I don’t know much about it. It is said that there is the same robbery."
The Lord shook his head. Although he has been valued and cared for by many innate gods in the temples, he is not a formal member of the temples after all. There are some things that the core secrets of the temples do not mean that you can inquire about them.
Just then …
"Wait for you to come to the temple! “
Listening to the sound is like the owner of this sound is in an eternal dream together, like a road sound!
"This is the ancestral sound! “
"Glory dominates the call! “
Two people glance at each other directly into the streamer straight at the extreme north! to be continued
Chapter one hundred and seventy-three Early structure of the temple
Because all the strong people belonging to the temples have been called to the Henglang Mountains in the far north center in advance, although the speed is not slow, many strong people have already closed in front of the main gate by the time the Lord and the wandering stars arrive.
"Captain, here!"
As soon as he showed his figure from the streamer, the Lord heard several familiar shouts, and he couldn’t help smiling and waving, "Are you here, too?"
At a glance, the Lord saw several figures who were observing and understanding the whole Henglang Mountain, which is the spiritual root of the whole Eldar Town-the Eternal True Tree, next to the Jiuqi Tongheng True Pool.
Smile and respond to those friends who greet him. He has naturally known many good friends over the years, but at this time he is ready to take a good look at his old hand and skip it in a hurry.
"Zela dragged you Xuan!"
The Lord looked at his eyes, and the corners of his hands were slightly moist in the past. In those days, he stayed in his hands for hundreds of brothers.
But now there are only four living stars!
At the beginning, the doomsday robbery swept through the whole land, except for a few newborn babies who were placed in their respective ancestral temples to avoid a robbery. Many creatures in the whole land were able to survive the doomsday natural disaster and the violent and fierce robbery, and almost only one of the millions of monks could live!
In this tragic environment, it is beyond doubt that all the people who can live are real elites and real geniuses.
It can be said that an exception has been made. Now almost 50% of the monks have advanced to the realm of the quasi-great avatar. If you don’t want to continue to accumulate the inside information, you can almost step into the realm of the god!
And it’s lucky to have four of the Jehovah’s players survive.
"Zera, do you know what happened first?"
Wandering stars looked at the 3322 in their respective theories, and many of their peers had not yet entered the door, so I asked
"I don’t know. I just asked Yong Heng’s senior, and he wouldn’t tell us that he wanted us to go in."
Zela pointed to the giant tree in front of them with a hint of dissatisfaction in her mouth. "Aren’t we all about to know? What’s the point of saying something before!"
Yongheng is the name of the eternal true tree. Now, after a lot of practice, this eternal true tree has reached the extreme spiritual root, and finally gave birth to its own yuan spirit. Now, it has cultivated the temples, and the secret method of mixing Yuan and Da Luo condensed the origin. The three-phase heart is almost entering the mixed Yuan realm.
However, although it is eternal, she dare not name her name "eternal"
Eternal Road is the main root avenue of glory. It is definitely not easy for her to take the name "Eternity" to show that she is suspected of stealing evidence from the principal of glory, even if the master of glory doesn’t pursue her fate.
Want to know the vast edge of the glorious body and destiny?
Even the eternal tree has a part that belongs to the glorious Lord. Isn’t the name "eternity" a death wish?
Therefore, the Eternal True Tree has a homophonic name Eternal Heng.
"Hehe, the little guy didn’t arrange me in front of Xiaohe. You can’t say a lot of things. It’s no wonder that I’m not."
I saw a silver figure suddenly appear next to the Lord and others with a dreamy voice saying, "Xiaohe, please tell them that our temples are so strict that I am stingy!"