Chapter ninety-three Arrange it first

He Ming Dow: "Monkey, the 18th relic should be the most important relic in Buddhism. I don’t think it will wander in the mortal world, but it has been in Lingshan. At the beginning, 17 relics were alive, but this last one did not appear. Naturally, the relics stayed in Lingshan. "
The Monkey King said, "In that case, aren’t all the other four relics in Lingshan?"
He Ming nodded and said, "naturally, as long as we find fourteen relics, we can naturally collect all the relics in the future."
Just then, the Dragon King of the South West Sea came back, and the Dragon King handed over two ebony boxes. He Ming went forward to open the boxes, took out two relics, held them in his hand for a moment, and smiled: "Monkey, the five relics in the four seas have been collected, and it’s time for us to go."
The three dragon kings immediately sent them away. When He Ming and the Monkey King left, Sanlong wiped the sweat from his forehead at the same time. The dragon king of the South China Sea said, "We finally finished the task arranged by the master. Fortunately, we didn’t see the flaw by these two people, otherwise we would all have an accident."
The Dragon King of the East China Sea said, "Let’s not discuss this matter any more, just consider it completely true, or we will all suffer if something happens."
At the same time, Nanxi Erhai Dragon King nodded and said, "Brother, we understand, and we will pay attention to it in the future."
After He Ming and the Monkey King left the East China Sea, they drifted slowly over the clouds. the Monkey King said, "Where are we going now? Lingshan or where? "
He Ming Dow: "There is still a lot of time before the deadline of 33 years. There are still four relics on Lingshan, and we have to find three of them. Lingshan is imperative. "
The Monkey King said, "Now no one knows that we know everything. I’m afraid we’ll be trapped by going to Lingshan."
He Ming Dow: "We don’t really need to get the three relics on Lingshan. Don’t forget that there are many monsters on Lingshan, and there is no law to recruit demons from all over the world. Why don’t we go and defect?" It’s just that heaven can recognize all things in the three realms. When we go to Lingshan, he will definitely recognize us, but this is a trouble. "
The Monkey King said, "In that case. What should we do? My grandson doesn’t want to think about it. It is up to you to solve it. "
He Ming thought for a moment and said, "We still have to rely on the help of the burning Buddha. After all, we have too few people. "
The Monkey King said, "Since there are fewer people. Why don’t you get some help? There are many people in Heaven and Lingshan. "
He Ming frowned and thought for a moment and said, "People above heaven are afraid they won’t help us. The buddhas and bodhisattvas in Lingshan are useless even if they are rescued. But cannon fodder is still feasible. Monkey, it depends on you. "
The Monkey King said blankly, "What can I do?"
He Ming said with a smile, "You go and disturb the sight of Wudiandi. I can take out three relics. And that heaven and Lingshan have your acquaintances. This matter is really up to you. "
The Monkey King thought for a moment and said, "What should I do? I don’t know where the people in Heaven and Lingshan are being held. "
He Ming Dow: "I can’t think of any place in the Three Realms where people can be trapped, except for the drowning of 3,000 people on the edge of the underworld."
The Monkey King frowned and said, "Isn’t drowning 3,000 a death on the edge of the underworld? All the gods and buddhas in the sky can’t be near the drowning river, otherwise the drowning poison will turn the gods and buddhas into pus. How can lawlessness shut people up by the drowning river? "
He Ming Dow: "Monkey, do you know anything about the demon world?"
The Monkey King shook his head. He Ming Dow said, "Three thousand drowning in the underworld is to block the existence of the underworld. That Wu Tian is a man from the underworld, and he is very familiar with this drowning. He has black lotus to protect himself. A drowning of 3,000 won’t stop him at all. As long as he leads the drowning out and traps the immortal Buddha, who can escape? "
The Monkey King said, "Since this drowning has trapped the immortal Buddha, how can my old grandson save people?"
He Ming Dow: "Although drowning is extremely toxic, I have a way to deal with it." Said the dry kunding out.
The Monkey King said with a smile, "Your boy wants to put the drowning away. It’s just that my old grandson can’t use this dry tripod. Your method is not feasible. "
He Ming Dow: "Gan Kun Ding is a natural treasure, and can do whatever you want, as long as I teach you a few formulas. You can naturally use this baby. " Say that finish the tripod to the Monkey King, and tell him the formula.
The Monkey King took the dry tripod and said, "This thing is a treasure. If my old grandson is not well kept and taken away, you can’t bother me."
He Ming said with a smile, "This dry tripod is mine. If others want to take it away, they have to ask me, and I can rest assured of your ability. Just take it to save people. "
The Monkey King put away the dry tripod with a smile and said, "I’m going to save people. You must take out the relic quickly. Otherwise, I can’t guarantee that nothing will happen. That’s lawless and powerful, and I’m not sure I can beat him. "
He Ming Dow: "As long as you rescue all the immortals and Buddhists, how can lawlessness treat you? Just rest assured."
The Monkey King thought for a moment, then drove away toward the underworld. He Ming squinted at the Monkey King’s departure direction for a long time, and then looked back. He said, "I don’t know if it is right or wrong for the Monkey King to take my dry Kunding. The monkey should not take my Baoding, so let’s take it with 18 relics first. So as not to regret it after missing the treasure. "
He Ming turned into a monster with a fire unicorn and went to Lingshan.
On the snowy mountain, the sitting lamp suddenly frowned. I opened my eyes and looked at the direction of Lingshan and sighed, "I didn’t expect trouble to come so soon. Let’s stop." I went to Lingshan for a walk. " Say and go to Lingshan.
When the lamp was burning, it stopped suddenly, only to see a black-robed man appear in the opposite void, blocking the way. The black robe said humanely, "Wutian Buddha has invited the ancient Buddha to burn lanterns, and also invited the ancient Buddha to come with me."
The burning lamp nodded and said, "Just lead the way ahead."
The black-robed man turned into a black light and disappeared. When he lit the lamp, he frowned slightly. Then he stepped out and chased him up. The black-robed man went to the lawless front and said, "Buddha, burn the lamp and bring it to the ancient Buddha."
Wu Tian nodded and said, "Black robe, go down." As soon as the black robe stepped down, the burning lamp broke the void and came to the lawless.
Wu Tian smiled and said, "Ancient Buddha, I know your Buddhism is profound, so I don’t want to be your enemy. As long as you can’t get out of the big snow mountain, I won’t be against you."