Xiao Lingyu has seen this sword-repairing woman’s strong attack power. Just now, she didn’t dare to let the ice-spirit wild silkworm do her best. She was also afraid that the other side’s counterattack would affect Ge Yunfei’s transmission. Now he naturally has no scruples.

All of a sudden, the countless snow-white tentacles are all round, roaring around the sword-repairing woman, and then suddenly contracting.
The sword-repairing woman’s eyes narrowed, and she let out a whoop of charming drink again. Her expression was grim, and she waved her Xianjian to the top of her head, and then recited the tactic. The handle Xianjian immediately began to swell and kept spinning.
Sword repair woman’s sight and consciousness have been completely cut off, and she and her Xianjian have also been trapped in a snow-white cocoon, but she still has no fear, only the confidence that she can kill herself.
But she didn’t know that when her Xianjian was attacking each other with the white cocoon as solid as a fairy, she had been brought into the transmission array by Xiao Lingyu.
Xiao Lingyu didn’t want to take her away, but only the ice-spirit wild silkworm could suppress her, and Xiao Lingyu couldn’t give up the ice-spirit wild silkworm, and he didn’t dare to wait for the ice-spirit wild silkworm to get rid of her, so he had to take her with him for transmission. After all, she was holding a fairy sword, and it was difficult for the ice-spirit wild silkworm to subdue or kill her in a short time.
First, the transmitting array is filled with lingshi, then the transmitting position is carried out on the astrolabe of the transmitting array, and then the transmission can start immediately as long as it is lightly touched on the astrolabe.
Xiao Lingyu didn’t have time to think about where he was going to send it. He just knocked on the light spot on the astrolabe, and then the transmission array began to roar. A white light also completely wrapped everything in the transmission array.
Even as Xiao Lingyu just started shaking violently, and the transmission was about to start, the defense mask built by those monster beast masters could not continue to stick to it, and suddenly broke apart, and a fairy light played by Eighteen Niang also flew to the transmission array.
The transmission array has been started, and it suddenly shines with a dazzling white light, but then it is hit by that fairy light, and it starts to transmit at the same time as the giant quiver.
Xiao Lingyu was scared, but the transmission had already started, and he could only pray for himself.
After a bang, Xiao Lingyu, the ice-spirit wild silkworm and the sword-repairing woman wrapped in white cocoon all disappeared from the transmission array.
Eighteen Niang and other masters rushed to the transmission array near, but they could only wave and bombard the ground in a flustered and frustratedly, while those monster beasts fled to the wild ancient forest after completing the task, and there was no idea to fight with those human strong people.
Xiao Lingyu has left the mainland of Feiyu, and there is no reason for everyone to stay. After all the monster beasts fled, they also entered the transmission array one after another with a pale face.
"What should I do?" Rob asked a little anxiously.
"Don’t panic first, Anya has already understood the mark-lit state before, and he is armed with Xianjian. Although that boy has many powerful means, don’t try to help her. It is estimated that Anya will kill the boy after the transmission is over. Let’s wait for a while and then send Anya a message to ask. " Eighteen niang said calmly.
"The ice-cold wild silkworm seems to have recognized the boy as the main one, and has made great progress, which is really unexpected." Rob sighed.
"Ice spirit wild silkworm can recognize that boy is given priority to, either that boy’s practice is special, or that boy has any noble blood, and the fairy in his hand alone is not enough to make ice spirit wild silkworm surrender. If we can’t take him, if possible, it will be a beautiful thing to include him in the league. " Eighteen niang said quietly.
Rob and Ping Er nodded silently. They had already been impressed by Xiao Lingyu’s progress.
After a cup of tea time passed, Eighteen Niang took out a gourmet summoning spirit bead and sent a message, but she didn’t receive Anya’s reply.
Eighteen Niang’s face is a little ugly. Half an hour later, she sent another message, but she still didn’t get an answer.
Two hours later, eighteen Niang, with a gloomy face, tried to contact Anya again, but she still didn’t get any results. She could only judge Anya didn’t suffer anything by virtue of her soul imprint left in the summons spirit bead.
"This is a big deal." Eighteen Niang said in a row.
"What’s the matter?" Rob couldn’t help jumping when he heard eighteen Niang say this. It was the first time he heard eighteen Niang speak in such a worried tone.
"Anya hasn’t been summoned back for so long, I’m afraid she’s trapped, or my last attack on the transmission array has caused their transmission to be unexpected, and they are most likely trapped in the turbulence of space." Eighteen Niang explained.
"It is indeed possible that interstellar transmission is most afraid that someone will attack the transmission array during transmission." Ping son should way.
"If anything happens to Anya, we will wait to be buried for her." Eighteen niang said bitterly.
Although eighteen Niang didn’t explain, Pinger and Rob also know that Anya’s identity is definitely not simple. If the identity is simple, you can reach the state of bright mark in the middle of Du Jie, and how can you own a fairy sword?
After a while, the transmission was over. Xiao Lingyu was lucky. The transmission was affected at the last minute, but it just deviated from the target position.
After the transmission, Xiao Lingyu and the ice-spirit wild silkworm trapped in Anya are in a transmission array in a desert.
To Xiao Lingyu’s surprise, this transmission array is built in a square, and there is not even a monk waiting for transmission outside the transmission array.
Generally speaking, most of the transmission arrays in the fix true world are places where monks gather, so it won’t be so lonely.
"No one is better."
Xiao Lingyu went directly out of the transmission array and said to Bing Bo’s wild silkworm, "Since you can’t hold on, let her out."
Hearing this, the ice-spirit wild silkworm directly loosened its tentacles. Suddenly, a mighty sword rose into the sky, a fairy sword rose into the sky, and then rose to a hundred feet, flying around, which seemed a bit violent.
These high-level magic weapons have strong spirituality, and it is inevitable that they will be so eager to vent after being suppressed and trapped for so long.
"Little girl, I have nothing against you. You don’t lack fairy wares, and your strength is even stronger. Why bother me?"
Before Anya began, Xiao Lingyu spoke first.
"Hum! Who wants your fairy? I’m here for the ice-cold wild silkworm. If you are willing to cede the ice-cold wild silkworm to me, I will immediately turn around and leave. " Anya said coldly.
"This ….. this is a bit coming. As you can see, Bingbing has a good relationship with me. She is obedient and likes being with me. Why bother to say goodbye to such a lovely little guy? Even if you want to fight, you may not be able to beat me. If you fight for both sides, it will be of no benefit to you and me. " Xiao Lingyu seems to be very sincere.
"Hum, if you hadn’t had the ice-cold wild silkworm to help you, you would be my opponent?" Anya said very unconvinced.
"Well, ice ice to recognize me, naturally want to help me, can accept such a terrible pet, isn’t it skill? Where do you think you can be if you don’t have a fairy sword? " Xiao Lingyu replied in the same tone.
"So, I don’t need XianJian, you don’t need ice spirit wild silkworm and fairy, we don’t need any magic weapon and pet, only by their own skills to play a game, if you can beat me, I also leave immediately, from now on no longer embarrass you. How? " Anya may have been angry and made such a request.
Chapter 83 A recruit to win or lose
? Chapter 83 A recruit to win or lose
To Xiao Lingyu’s surprise, this transmission array is built in a square, and there is not even a monk waiting for transmission outside the transmission array.
Generally speaking, most of the transmission arrays in the fix true world are places where monks gather, so it won’t be so lonely.
"No one is better."
Xiao Lingyu directly out …