The little red monkey seemed to understand Fengyun’s light words and let out a low cry. He looked at Fengyun’s light and stretched out his arm at Fengyun’s light. When Fengyun was focused, he grabbed Xiaofeng’s hair with a long claw and pulled it hard

Xiaofeng was dragged to the ground and her hair was scattered and the pain made her cry.
Fengyun gently turned and bent down to help Xiaofeng, only to see that the little red monkey had a whole pair of dark hair in his hand.
It cried happily and kept flapping its hands, and it was so happy.
Feng Yun’s anger is lighter than this little red monkey’s fun.
She gritted her teeth and glared at the little red monkey. Next to her, a crouching monkey combed the rock wall and hung rattan. The little red monkey noticed the movement here, and a huge jumping body lay across the little red monkey and Fengyun, grinning fiercely and staring at Fengyun.
Fengyun gently took a deep breath and sneered at it.
Next to Li Er, when he saw that the atmosphere was wrong, he hurriedly called haha. "The savage brother is joking with us …"
He leaned over his head and pointed to his black hair. "Isn’t it just a few hairs?" My little brother likes to play with his hair and pull me, even though it’s a big deal. After the pull, I have to thank a few monks in Li Er! "
Fengyun looked at him lightly and got up and pushed his head away.
She stood in front of a few people and glanced back and forth at the burly red monkey with angry eyes.
The red monkey bared his teeth at her a few steps ago and snorted. Feng Yun was light in front of it, just like a worm. It seemed that it would strangle Feng Yun with a hand.
Fengyun looks pale and timid.
It’s nothing to be afraid of, knowing that they are just ordinary people who have become like this because of poisoning.
Besides, the red monkey monster is also much bigger than the average person, with much greater strength and rough skin. There is nothing to be afraid of.
See fengyun slight yaba disdainful there Li Er two couldn’t wait to give fengyun a light kneeling on weekdays, only to find that this woman who used to lie prone in front of Xiao Linchu has such a character.
The red monkey monster screamed at Fengyun lightly, as if hesitating about how to deal with Fengyun lightly, but the red monkey monster could not help jumping forward and scratched at Fengyun lightly on the cheek.
If you scratch your face and you don’t die, you’ll have to ruin it. There’s no way to calm down and raise your arm to stop it, but you can see her wrist shining sideways. If the water ripples out, the light flashes and hits the little red monkey’s body.
The little red monkey screamed and fell to the ground with physical strength, unable to stop twitching in pain.
Fengyun was so startled that it was not white. What happened could he step back and watch the red monkey fall to the ground in amazement.
And phoeny can see clearly that at the moment when phoeny gently raised her wrist, her sleeve was faintly exposed with fiery red monkey hair, which was exactly the same as that of a wild man.
She couldn’t help but stay away from Fengyun light, and her heart was uneasy, and she became more convinced of what Fengyun light and savage were.
Where does Li Er know so much? Eyes worship watching Fengyun light seeing Fengyun light looking ugly eyes showing pity at the little savage and then saying, "Third Grandma must not be soft-hearted when dealing with these monsters. Today it hurts us. I don’t know how many people have been killed before the big savage comes back!"
Li Er two made a kill pardon.
Fengyun took a deep breath and stepped back. The red monkey seemed to understand Li Er’s two words, two long arms and one scoop. He picked up the red monkey and shouted at Li Er.
Li Er two frighten back swallow saliva phoenix cloud light is in the previous step in front of the Li Er two.
With this crop, the red monkey dared not neglect his enemy again, but held the red monkey in one hand and retreated to a hidden hole next to it with the other hand.
Feng Yunqing discovered that there was a secret small hole behind the climbing wall where the vines spread.
But at this time, she was afraid to explore the cave casually for fear of angering the red monkey and causing disaster.
Although I don’t know why those red monkeys are afraid of her, they will fight for a larger foe if they can’t be provoked.
See the red monkey hiding in the hole Li Er two born hands rested on her hips shouted "damn savage you dare to come out? Are you coming out? See if my third grandmother won’t smash you into slag! "
Feng Yun looked back at him lightly. "Who is your third grandmother?"
Li Er smiled obsequiously. "Before the Third Grandma, I was blind and ignorant of Mount Tai. After the Third Grandma, I never dared to go west!"
Feng Yun was too lazy to ignore him and glared at him. He sat down along the mountain and said, "Don’t call me Third Grandma. I can’t give birth to your great grandson!"
Li Er two dog legs sat beside her to help her beat her legs. "Sister Beauty, since those two monsters are so afraid of you, why don’t you take the ego and kill them?"
When Xiaofeng heard that the two men were going to kill each other, they quickly got close to each other before rolling and crawling. They nodded, "Take me and kill me together!"
Li Er looked at Fengyun with stars and frowned and shook his head. "No, I have to stay and find out what’s going on!"
Li Er two pounding "what’s the good check? Monsters eat people just like people eat livestock! "
Feng Yunqing doesn’t agree, "But they haven’t hurt us so far!"
"They didn’t hurt us because it’s not time for you to raise livestock. You must wait until the livestock is fat and strong!" Li Er made a gesture of killing pigs.
Fengyun gave Li Er a white lip and hesitated. "Well, you and Xiaofeng go first, and I’ll cover for you in the back. I’ll stop you if the red monkey monster really hurts people!"