In the face of these ancestors who have nominally grown N generations, Chen Han pointed to the peach blossom eye and sneered: "First of all, it was this transvestite who shot me first. Even if I killed him, there is nothing to say. Secondly, I just punished him if he started. Which eye of yours saw that I was going to kill him? Ridiculous! If you really want to kill him, just one blow is enough, and you have to wait until you come? "

Another old man in black flew into a rage and shouted, "Chen Han, since you admit that you belong to the Duanmu family, that is our younger generation. If you talk to us in this tone, you are disobedient!"
Chen Hanku smiled and shook his head, looked at him and said slowly, "I don’t care who you are, now listen to me clearly." I am Chen Han, the elder of the cyclops clan. The cyclops clan may not be able to compete with the whole world of Chinese people, but its strength is ten times stronger than that of Duanmu clan. As an elder, you don’t think I have enough status to be an equal with you? Or do you want to talk to me on the ground? !”
"This is Yanhuang, not Europe. Do you dare to bring the cyclops?"
"Why don’t I dare?"
Chen Han burst out laughing, turned to Duanmu Ting and asked, "Grandpa, now I’m back in the family. If I hire the cyclops as the guest of Duanmu’s family, should it be okay?" If it’s a big deal, I pay them a dollar a day and hire them as the nurse of Duanmu family. Will others have opinions? "
Duan Muting was stunned for a moment, and then he laughed: "No problem! Of course, it’s no problem, whether it’s the guest or the guardian, that’s the man of Duanmu family, and no one is qualified to say anything. "
"So, if I, as a descendant of Duanmu aristocratic family, see who is not pleasing to the eye, it’s okay for these nurses to beat people?"
"Theoretically … it’s really not a problem."
"Thank you, Grandpa."
Once again, he turned his eyes to the rebels, stared at them with ugly faces, and said indifferently, "So, you’d better not provoke me, otherwise … Hehe, the relatives who separated more than 2,000 years ago, God knows how many blood ties there are, and if I get angry, I don’t want to hit people. What is killing?"
The purple-robed old man’s eyes were shining brightly, and he sneered, "Fortunately, the cyclops have not come to Yanhuang for the time being, otherwise it would really catch your way. Now that we’ve talked about this, do you think you can wait until they come? Today, you will die! "
Cyclops don’t have the energy, and they are not good at hiding stealth. No matter where they go, they will be discovered for the first time. With Duanmu Family’s intelligence network, they can be sure that those big men with terror didn’t appear on the Chinese land.
"What do you want?"
Duanmu Dome looked sullenly at both sides of the confrontation and shouted, "Do you still care about me as a householder? Chen Han, don’t disrespect the family elders, even if there is not much blood relationship between the two sides, but in this troubled times, since they are Duanmu’s people, they must unite to fight against external forces. "
After that, he turned to the purple-robed old man and said in a heavy voice, "Similarly, please stop targeting Chen Han. After all, he is still the elder of the cyclops."
"You will die if you are cold today!" The purple-robed old man never gave in.
The other three clan elders also took a step forward and showed a firm attitude. They knew very well that if Chen Han survived, they would never have a chance to be superior in Duanmu Family.
Although Duan Muting was regarded as a successor before, the resolution was not passed. There are only two factions directly under the house owner, but there are four factions over there. These four factions are not a unified alliance, but in the face of the same opponent, they naturally formed a community of interests temporarily.
As long as they huddle together, Duanmu Ting will never be the next householder.
However, the emergence of Chen Han completely disrupted the balance of power. With his intervention and relying on the powerful cyclops, the power of the four factions was a joke.
The strength of Cyclops is almost equal to a global super power, and Duanmu Family is just a part of the Chinese people’s power to fix the truth, and it is a relatively weak one, so there is no comparability between them. To put it bluntly, without external intervention, the cyclops can destroy the whole Duanmu family in five minutes at most!
If we don’t kill Chen Han now, they will be completely hopeless. On the other hand, even if we kill him, the cyclops may not dare to take revenge on the Chinese people.
After all, the power of the Chinese people who fix the truth is not the Ise Shrine. Even if the internal forces are too powerful, it has a great impact on the overall strength and is much stronger than the Ise Shrine.
"Do you want to rebel? !” Duanmu dome suddenly flew into a rage.
"Master if let’s kill Chen cold, everything to say, otherwise … hum, also need not scruple so much …"
"That’s right! Everyone knows that it is not necessary to say so clearly. One of Chen Han and us must disappear. "
"It’s better for the master not to stop it, and we don’t want to make a fuss. There is no need to split the Duanmu family in two."
"You …"
The words of a few old men made Duanmu Dome look terrible. He snapped, "Are you really going to rebel? Do you really want to stand on your own feet? Really must kill Chen Han? "
Four people noncommittally looked at him, did not give an accurate answer, after all, if you can kill Chen Han, they don’t have to rebel or stand on their own feet.
The psychology of Duanmu Dome at this moment is also very complicated, and this choice is not as easy as imagined.
Let them kill Chen Han, it will certainly cool some people’s hearts, and even cause revenge from the cyclops. In addition, Chen Han has a terrible talent, and to what extent will he be strong in the future, which is beyond everyone’s expectation and is likely to bring an unprecedented situation to Duanmu family.
On the other hand, if these people are prevented from killing Chen Han, the Duanmu family is bound to split into two parts, and he still remembers what Chen Han said before.
Relatives separated more than 2,000 years ago, God knows how many blood ties there are. If I get angry, I don’t want to hit people. What is killing people?
Since he has this idea, will he use the power of the cyclops to forcibly seize his position?