Yu Long continued with a big grin. "Whatever you say, you know I just need an excuse."

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Long Yuwei raised his right hand to signal the other party to continue talking.
As soon as the dish battle was over, the eyebrows relaxed and said lightly, "Are you shooting or the goddess of fate?"
Long Yu smiled, "Who do you want to shoot?"
Pan Zhan gave him a look, wondering if he said it meant something, and then said, "I hope for peace."
Yu Long shook his head and whispered, "If you want to be here, you won’t be peaceful now."
Pan Zhan looked him in the eye and said, "What if I don’t give you an excuse?"
Yu Long sighed at the bottom of his heart, looked at the battle and said, "I feel your fear. To be honest, your performance has disappointed me a little."
Pan Zhan shook his head. "Yu Long doesn’t tell me the truth. I’m not afraid at all. I feel a little sad. We Pangu people are active after all."
He went on to say that if the wind changed, there would be no space without our Pangu roots. Now it is prosperous, and maybe everything is still chaotic. "
Yu Long was silent. There is a little truth in Pangu dialect.
However, he still shook his head firmly. "You can’t change the destroyed field by talking so much about the battle."
Plate war sighed.
"You’ve made up your mind, and I won’t be forced to change anyone’s mind." Pan Zhan seemed to be able to guess what he was thinking.
The battle slowly said, "Yu Long, in fact, I have long expected that I will have such a day. Do it."
Yu Long was silent. He didn’t think that the dish war was still an acute one.
Yu Long smiled in his mind and explained that "it is not necessarily me."
But the battle got serious and said, "I would like to fight you." He asked curiously, "Has the goddess recovered from her injuries?"
Yu Long should way "yes-"
"Ah, she still walked in front of me." Pan Zhan sighed and then said, "Did you help her? I’m curious how you did it. "He looked at the dragon’s eyes carefully." According to my estimation, she has been injured for thousands of years at least. "
"Ha ha things absolutely-"Yu Long said.
Seeing his smiling face gradually sinking, he said, "You are really lucky. Yes, I almost forgot that it is the goddess of fate. This time she is really lucky."
Yu Long stopped laughing and looked at the battle and said, "Whether it’s luck or anything, the power of the goddess of total destiny has been restored."
Pan Zhan nodded and added, "You are just from yourselves, and you will win in the end, right?"
Long Yu was quiet for a while and then said softly, "We just benefited the whole life."
Dish war some don’t understand.
"If you die, it is a blessing in life-"he said cheerfully, "So you must die." Long Yuyue said more and more cheerfully, "In fact, it is enough to pick up the hands."
He smiled and said, "Where’s the goddess of fate? Come out and eavesdrop in the dark. Since the law avoids it, fight."
Long Yu smiled and said, "Your opinion is the same as mine."
Pan Zhan still doesn’t agree with his point of view, "You are wrong, I am totally different from your point of view." He waved his hand with some difficulty and said, "We want to punish a person who has made meritorious service to Yu."
Talk. Destiny finally came out.
Destiny’s cold face was expressionless. It was in her hands that God decided to change the attack range of the light force and instantly covered the surrounding area.
In the battle of the plate, he secretly builds a defense around him, and at the same time, he is prepared to take precautions against the fate goddess. She can’t take the battle of the plate and knows that the light is powerful.
"I didn’t expect the light statue of God Yuan God to be refined by you." Pan Zhan sneered and said, "I told you, how could you be so seriously injured?"
Destiny smiled and said, "It’s sad to honor God. It’s a pity that you misled him when he didn’t die."
A smile appeared at the corners of the mouth of the dish war, and the accumulated strength was instantly shot at the goddess of fate.
"Boom-"Just then, the God of Destiny made a move to block the attack on the plate war with the Force, and at the same time, the goddess of Destiny burst out with a holy light. After a while, the light was scattered all over her body, and a white armor was added. It should be the condensation of the Force.
"Pan Zhan didn’t expect that the heads of Pangu clan in Tangtang had fallen into such a state that he actually used such a three-flood sneak attack." The goddess of life seemed a little disappointed in her tone and had a pity expression on her face.
"This sword of fate has never existed since we fought to the death. Today, I want to be heavy, and the sword of fate is a tactic for life and death with you." The goddess of life pinched the sword and the sword of fate shot a sword.
"Die in battle," said the goddess of fate. "I have recovered from my injury, and your roots are not my opponents." I glared at the goddess of fate. "I may not be able to beat you in strength." When I fought in battle, I was a arrogant person, which would make the goddess of fate humiliate her and arouse her fighting spirit.
"Why do you fight with me when your strength has not returned to the peak?" Goddess of life asked coldly.
Dish war proudly said, "Let me see how powerful you really are." Just after the end of the dish war, I hit a few strange tactics. After a while, a dark golden light broke out in my hand. An ancient and strange axe was suspended in front of the dish war, and its blade was engraved with some crude patterns. The axe had a faucet and it was strong when it appeared around.
"Heavenly Axe-"Destiny seems to know this axe. It was Pangu, a warrior of Pangu clan, that was the axe. It is said that this axe disappeared completely after Pangu was exhausted. I didn’t expect to see Destiny’s face suddenly become serious today.
"I advise you not to untie the axe easily, otherwise the consequences will not be yours to bear." Destiny Shen drinks a way.
I smiled confidently. "This axe has been refined by me, and it won’t do me any harm." Then I printed the formula and lifted the seal of the axe. The axe was stronger in fighting spirit and stronger in fighting spirit. The destiny sword in the hands of the goddess of fate felt the breath of the axe shaking violently.
The goddess of fate gently stroked a destiny sword. "Let me see how powerful the axe is today." The voice just fell. The destiny sword stopped shaking, which made the body shine more brightly.
Yu Long’s expression is that he doesn’t know how powerful the axe is when he has the axe in the resumption battle, and he knows it very well.
It is said that the axe can float and fall in the universe.
It can also make Yu return to chaos.