Coloured glaze dugu came to the gate and saw that those younger brothers who need to go out for experience need to show it before they can leave the gang.

Tiankaixuan is strictly controlled in management.
And as a junior brother, she can’t take it out
But this is not difficult. She just called abortion.
"Why do you want to go out and pick up the glass?" Ding Yunyun recently picked up another one to go out and see the glazed dugu looking in all directions outside the gate and sneering and mocking.
Dugu Liuli smiled. "I have a lot of money and I am not short of money. I think Miss Ding is crazy for lack of money."
The reward for going out is quite rich and there is a lot of money.
Ding Yunyun saw that Dugu Liuli actually humiliated himself in public. "Dugu Liuli, no one knows what you did!"
Everyone looked at her when they heard it.
Dugu Liuli is very famous in the lower grades, but not in the higher grades. Everyone is not interested in her. Seeing Ding Yunyun demeaning herself and scolding a junior school sister feels that she is stupid.
But when they saw the glass in the dugu, they thought she was very amazing.
That is an excessively beautiful little girl.
They have never seen anyone so stunning.
Seeing the little girl in a white dress is full of aura and extraordinary beauty, which makes men want to rush to care.
"The school sisters are gone. Don’t argue with the little girl."
"Yes, let’s go, Younger. It’s envy that we can go out to play."
"Younger will be promoted quickly and take you out to do it tomorrow."
Several men persuaded Ding Yunyun.
There are also a few men who blow kisses to Dugu coloured glaze with a smile.
I went to the Cyclops area with Ding Yunyun to frame the glazed dugu. Several people have long hated Ding Yunyun, because several people are poor now, and when this matter came back, the wind didn’t compensate them, but blamed them for doing things badly.
Ding Yunyun bitterly stared at the glazed dugu and left.
Dugu coloured glaze is still calmly smiling freely there.
A gust of wind blew her white skirt like a fairy. Every senior brother saw it and drooled. He secretly vowed to chase this Younger in the lower grades when he came back.
And after everyone left, glass dugu quickly summoned abortion.
Hearing the call of glazed dugu, Abortion ran excitedly from the nearby forest.
Abortion is so fast that even the gatekeeper doesn’t know what’s going on with Warcraft.
At that time, the gate made a chicken fly and a dog jump!
"I saw a wolf coming in."
"Impossible, are you dazzled?"
"How can you not telepathize?"
"If there is, what is the Wolf dare to break into the day triumph? Is it specially to give the brothers a toothache? "
"looking for"
Abortion intruded and alarmed several people, while the perpetrator, Gu Liuli, calmly left.
Just as the abortion broke into that instant, she waved her hands and opened it with her, and she was happy lying in it, absorbing the spirit. Chapter 34 Envy, jealousy and hatred
Go here day by day.
Every day, they spend their time in the practice of glass alone.
It’s even more gratifying that she is used to it. She has been promoted again in these five days.
Now she is a level 4 fighter.
Dugu coloured glaze is very excited because promotion represents that it is easier for her to practice other magic.
On this day, Guo Feilong followed the wind and carefully came to the elite garden to bring the glass to the top of the mountain.
It started in the lower grades and everyone was envious.
The top of the mountain, that’s their dream place! I don’t know how lucky it is to get to the top of the mountain once. Some brothers have been here for decades and can’t get halfway up the mountain, let alone the top of the mountain
The mountaintop fighters are detached in their eyes.
Although Liuli Dugu was invited by the young Wang to visit the Tibetan Jiange, it was enough to stimulate the junior, middle and senior teachers and brothers.
And it was at this time that the name glass dugu began to enter the ears of middle and senior students.
"Who is Dugu Liuli?"
"It is said that a beautiful little girl was favored by the young gang leader before she was lucky enough to visit the Zang Jian Pavilion."
"Being beautiful is also a kind of endowment."
"No, as far as I know, this little girl is very powerful. As soon as she joined the gang, she made a name for herself all the way. It is said that she beat the first place, Shen Jiaping, and was called big sister by the lower grades."
Middle-grade people are talking about glazed dugu.
"Look, that’s the glass in the dugu."
"There is no spiritual force."
"Such people can really beat Shen Jiaping? It won’t be a hidden rule? "
"She looks amazing, but it makes me sick to think that she is a hidden rule."
"I don’t know what little Wang saw in her."
Middle-grade people talk a lot.
Halfway up the mountain, you are in the field of senior grades.
The original Guo Feilong Gu Liuli needed his help to continue walking, but she didn’t need his help when she saw her face relaxed.
On the other hand, the wind turned horribly pale.
There is a reason why Tian Kaixuan divides the lower, middle and higher grades like this. Because the more you go up the mountain, the more spiritual power you have. If you can’t keep up with practice, you can’t absorb strong spiritual power, but you will be hurt by it.
Although the wind stays in the mountains all the time, it takes constant cultivation to digest the excessive spiritual force inhaled by the body every day.
Of course, the more spiritual things, the better, but the opposite is true.
The original wind carefully wanted to laugh at the glazed dugu, but never thought he was defeated first.
Dugu coloured glaze this guy is too simple!
While the senior guy is a kind of magical eyes look at the glass dugu.
Because of their strong nature, they can see that there is no discomfort in glass dugu.
"You see, that’s the little girl that Wang took to see Zang Jiange."