But, did he escape?

After the encirclement, Emperor Xuanyuan knew that there was no hope for his comeback, and he didn’t report any hope for returning to the celestial world as the leader of the God League. Only one life’s core monuments ghost spirit Nan Yu could not explain it at all!
He finally decided to escape! This is the first time in his life …
However, it doesn’t matter. As long as you don’t die, there is still hope of soaring to a higher world.
Can’t kill the northern wilderness head-on, that is to assassinate it instead.
With a fierce concentration, Emperor Xuanyuan suddenly ignored everyone’s attack, clenched his fists and crossed his arms on his chest as a Xu Li.
Just as Xiao Wen, Bai Qionghai, Hai Nong and Nan Yunqing attacked at the same time, he flung his arms together and threw them down!
As he swung his arm, he also threw out the heterogeneous energy transformed by the initial boundary element, which could freeze everything!
In an instant, his initial boundary element was much weaker, but the range of thousands of miles was almost stagnant, and everyone’s movements slowed down, just like fish frozen in water!
The only one who is not slow is himself!
But he didn’t dare to take the opportunity to attack, because Bai Qionghai and others have reached the state close to the world god, and the body is almost a world of its own, and it will not be limited by the initial boundary element for too long.
His right front is Xiao Wen, his right rear is Bai Qionghai, his right rear is life’s core monuments’s ghost spirit of Nan Yunqing, his left rear is ten tail tian hu, his left front is Hainong, and his right front is Nan Yunqing. At the moment when he froze his opponent, he still had the idea to smile sarcastically at Nan Yunqing. He knows very well that the people who ambushed him today were not from Nan Yunqing except Bai Qionghai.
Then, in this originally can’t teleport space, his body quickly blurred!
Xiao asked can feel the ubiquitous binding force will soon disappear, but before it disappears, Xuanyuan emperor must have escaped!
Bai Qionghai and Hainong all felt this way, and there was no way to stop Xuanyuan Emperor in time.
Don’t, just let xuanyuan huang escaped?
"Hum! ! !”
Nan Yunqing’s left hand suddenly burst into a golden light and instantly disappeared into her body.
The next moment, in the stagnant space, her whole person turned into a streamer and rushed forward, and the purple sword suddenly aimed at the front of Xuanyuan Huang’s heart in the blur!
"hey! ! !”
Purple sword pierces from Xuanyuan Emperor’s chest, and wears out from his back! (To be continued. . )

Chapter six hundred and ten Chuangjie
Xuanyuan emperor, who is blurring, suddenly became condensed. Obviously, his teleport was interrupted.
Not only that, but he also got a fatal sword …
Up to now, many people didn’t react. In that almost stagnant space, how did Nan Yunqing suddenly regain his freedom, and then a sword penetrated the heart of Xuanyuan Emperor!
If time almost stopped before, then this moment was completely stopped, and everyone stopped all actions, staring at Emperor Xuanyuan and Nan Yunqing.
Nan Yunqing is just a normal size, but there is a thyme-long purple sword in front of her right hand. The blade extends straight forward, stabbing into Xuanyuan Huang’s heart and popping out from her back.
Emperor Xuanyuan looked down at the purple sword that passed through his heart, but he couldn’t believe it anyway. However, he could feel his vitality passing away in absolute silence. This is definitely the closest he has ever been to death!
How could that be?
The answer lies in Nan Yunqing.
The golden brilliance of her whole body suddenly dimmed, and finally poured back into her left hand, gradually condensing into an ancient mirror full of tiny cracks.
Sealing the sky and locking the mirror just mastered the law of time. After paying a huge price, Nan Yunqing broke through the ban of Xuanyuan Emperor, which is similar to the law of time!
Xuanyuanhuang can escape at the expense of the initial boundary element. Why can’t Nan Yunqing intercept at the expense of sealing the sky and locking the ground mirror?